CVS stops selling PayPal My Cash cards

Overnight, it seems that CVS pharmacies have stopped selling PayPal My Cash cards. Points, Miles and Martinis posted about this change this morning and Stefan of Rapid Travel Chai has since reported a Flyertalk thread with further data points.


While there was one commenter at Flyertalk reporting success in buying a card today, all other reports indicate that the register will not ring up the PayPal My Cash card, suggesting that this is something hard-coded into the register system. Several people have also called the number on the back of a PayPal My Cash card and been told that CVS has stopped selling the cards overnight.

Final Word

This is a disappointing development as it was one of the easy ways to increase credit card spend and get most of it back. It seems that this is a firm decision by CVS to stop selling these particular cards. As Stefan suggests, that move is more likely the result of security concerns with the cards rather than a larger policy shift with regard to gift cards. Still, we will continue to monitor this situation for any further updates.

H/T: Points, Miles, and Martinis and Rapid Travel Chai

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  1. There weren’t any when I went in a couple of weeks ago and I thought that was odd but just bad timing. This is a blow. Anywhere else sale these with CC?

  2. Okay, I just got off the phone with Paypal. They are ending the Paypal MyCash cards effective immediately. There is now an updated way to get money onto your Paypal account: Paypal Cash.

    Basically, log in to your Paypal account, look on the left hand menu where you see your balance, and you should see “Add Money”. Click that. Now, you’ll see the option to add from your bank account, or Paypal Cash. Click that. You’ll be presented with options for stores that will do this for you, choose one and you’ll be presented with a barcode. Take that barcode to the store, they’ll scan it and you pay. The money should be added to your Paypal account instantly. There is still a $3.95 fee. The lady I talked to suggested that we have the barcode on our phones.

    Also, in order to do this, you’ll need to have your Paypal account associated with your social security number.

    Anyone want to be the Guinea Pig? :-p

    • That’s a cash only option. Churning has been phased out. Shame on anyone who bilked the system, then encouraged others to ruin it by doing same. I only used it to fund legitimate spending on my paypal account. The chase category bonus was worth $25. For incremental $25 per credit card holder, you sold your souls.

      • 1) The Freedom bonus is worth $75 per card per quarter. For those like me with multiple cards, the money easily adds up to hundreds a year.
        2) If you think people were only using PPMCs for the relatively paltry Freedom bonus, you’ve no idea how MS really works. Like, lol.

  3. Has anyone else confirmed paypal my cash is done everywhere? Does anyone know if walgreens reloads the used ones? I know they used to sell them but I havent seen them in a while there. Not sure if they reload like used ones like cvs did…

    • I pretty much confirmed it. I went to my local CVS and saw a lot of PayPal cash cards. When a cashier tried to ring it up the register displayed a message saying that this Item cannot be sold.

  4. Wow very odd. Just bought reloaded 2 of these at CVS yesterday, liquidated w/ PPDBC today. Very sad they changed this! Will try again tomorrow to see for myself. Hopefully CVS will continue their ways and allow CC for the new “cash only” purchase. (PPMC was supposed to be cash only too but many CVS still allowed CC purchase)

  5. My cvs couldn’t get the OVGC’s to work either today. Froze each time we tried after swiping my ID. Never had a problem before. Clerk mentioned the same issue with the PayPal cards earlier in the day.

  6. Have no clue how to reload paypal cash card (tried once at cvs last year and didn’t work. the cashier swiped the card just like new papypal cash card, maybe she did wrong?) so i always buy the new ppcc. But about 3 months ago i noticed the stores quit restocking the cards. A store AM at walgreens told me that paypal has stopped issuing new cards. He said instead paypal will be issuing permanent card like debit card that has one’s name on it. At the time I wasn’t sure if i should believe him or not.

    • Dp: In NYC all cvs took down PP cash cards in overnight, no reload or sell as of 5/12. RiteAid at some locations allowing up to $50 on debit cards. :((

  7. I’ll add this DP for any military churners. It looks like AAFES is no longer selling these either. I see the post above about the new way to load so I will try that in the next few days and see how that works with AAFES.

    • Any luck with AAFES?

      Note that the post above says “presented with options for stores that will do this for you”, for me, there are only three retailers in the drop-down (7-11, CVS, RiteAid), is this region specific? anybody get any other retailers?

  8. I have been to several wal greens in the florida area, CVS, Gas stations, If I did find them they cannot be ringed up. they kept saying expired.

  9. I found all the above to be true here in the SF bay area. Can not find or reload ppmc any where. Had to purchase green all I can say wish they bring back ppmc SO MUCH BETTER.

  10. I found all the above to be true here in the SF bay area. Can not find or reload ppmc any where. Had to purchase green dot.BAAAD is all I can say wish they bring back ppmc SO MUCH BETTER.

  11. Do you absolutely need to enter your social security number to add money with Green Dot? Do you absolutely not recommend? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Angie only in the beginning when you initially registering your card. The down side is you can only load 6 moneypaks a month and a total of $1000.00. The monthly fee is higher and to me paypal has more options. Check into it, I don’t like it and I would not recommend it.

  12. Agreed with D.Davus, but PPMC is only loadable with cash now which I can confirm as of two days ago at CVS (anyone has success with CC purchase?).

    • Thanks for the answers guys! So if I understand correctly, I can load PayPal cash card at a CVS with cash only? We only have one family credit card and DH doesn’t want more cards or me to share my social or his so the Green Dot would not be an option for me. Can I print a bar code, present it to the cashier and the cashier would know what to do? Would I do it from​ PayPal? I’m so confused! I don’t have data plan on my phone so I can’t really use my phone for the bar code.

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