Almost unlimited 3X if you can find it: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge drops to $199

We’ve recently posted a number of great clearance deals on Samsung phones at Walmart. Yesterday, we posted about the Samsung Galaxy S6 available at $149 at some stores. A few days before we had posted about the Galaxy Note 5 for $199 and the Galaxy S7 Edge for $399. All of these phones qualify for Samsung Pay, which is a mobile wallet that works with the vast majority of payment terminals (even at places that don’t say that they accept mobile wallets) — meaning that you can get 3X almost everywhere with the US Bank Altitude Reserve. Well, thanks to reader Chris for bringing it to our attention that the price on the Galaxy S7 Edge has dropped to just $199.

While many stores are sold out, I did find availability in a number of places with a quick search:

See our previous posts linked at the top for more information on finding these clearance deals and on understanding the Brickseek links below (in summary: the stock numbers aren’t always accurate and some stores may not be willing to sell the phones or unsure of how to ring them up — it’s not worth a trip out of your way to find these, but if you’re near a store it may be worth popping in to see if they have the stock it shows).

Links to check the inventory at your local stores:

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935V Black $199…=178779831

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935A 32GB Black $199…=106810943

A couple of readers have reported difficulty in getting the Galaxy S6 phones at stores with inventory — others have been able to get them successfully. Again, YMMV. Thanks again to Chris for the heads up!

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  1. Bad reports on the Altitude card and people getting shut down (all their US Bank cards because of the overzealous department going after those they think are buying a few gift cards even with normal shopping. They sure are killing their new card and all their marketing. They’re hurting their reputation and some are now not using any of their cards for normal spending. DOC has a write up on the bad effects. This was not the card people were hoping for. High fee and high spend limit just to get the smaller bonus compared to fee.

  2. Walmart does not accept Samsung Pay…at least my Walmart. They told me Walmart Pay only. Is there a way around this that you know of?

    • They dont use nfc but MST might work haven’t tried that. Walmart pay is qr code but works pretty well.

    • I don’t (yet) have a Samsung phone, so I’m not positive, but I suspect Samsung Pay will work. Essentially, the technology it uses (MST) works with most swipe terminals — you put your phone next to the swipe area and it essentially fools the terminal into thinking a card was swiped. That’s what makes Samsung Pay interesting. Whereas Apple Pay and Android Pay require the store terminal to be upgraded to something new, Samsung Pay will work with many older terminals (from what I’ve read).

      • It doesn’t. Well, technically it does at first. Their card reader reads it and approves your card. However, then Wal-Mart’s system declines it. I spent an hour trying to get it to work last week. The management says there is nothing they can do and the credit card companies show a charge that was approved and then declined.

    • I got SP to work on my WM after 3 tries.

      Everytime I use it at WM, its at least 2 or 3 times before it gets accepted.

  3. how are you making your search pick up walmarts so far away 58m etc.? My search doesn’t go any further than 3 walmarts that are closest to me.

    • I’m not sure exactly why some zips show more stores than others, but my guess is this: This is a clearance item. I bet that some stores have probably just deleted the item from inventory completely after it sold out. Some stores are probably more on top of that than others, which is why some show low stock / no stock and some stores just don’t show up. I assume this to be the case because, for example, I’d previously searched these deals in zip code 90210 and there were more stores in the results before than now.

      If you have the Walmart SKU or UPC code from a common product that you know will be in stock everywhere, you could test my theory. Put in that item and see how many stores show up around you. I’m guessing that if it’s only showing you 3 stores, that’s because none of the other stores within 50-60 miles have the item anymore. But you could always try some zip codes from 30-40 miles away to see if they show anything different.

  4. So after searching the Walmarts in the Chicago area found one that had inventory about 30 minutes away. Called first, they had the Edge 7 in inventory. Great. Drove down, ask the clerk for the phone. He has them, he said, but can’t sell them. Apparently Walmarts need a special computer system to sell non prepaid phones and this Walmart didn’t have it. Nothing he could do. He actually showed me the phone.

    So be careful when checking inventory online. The stores that show they have it in stock may not be able to sell it.

    • Also found some inventory in a store nearby. I called to confirm availability and was told that they can not sell the phone at this time (at any price) because the $199 price was a mistake made a corporate.

      • There are also reports on Slickdeals from some people who have struck out. On the flip side, if you check the last couple pages of Slickdeals you’ll see that there are several people that have gotten them from stores today and yesterday that showed the $399 price for $199 – according to reports there, it’s ringing up at 199 everywhere now (I can’t confirm).

        I think you’ll hear different things at different stores (based on whatever is the easiest answer to give you and get off the phone). This is certainly a YMMV situation where you may well strike out at the store, but I wouldn’t expect the manager to explain over the phone that they can sell it but the checkout process is kind of a pain to do when it’s a lot easier to just give you a reason why it can’t be done. I’ve read people who were told there is a recall, people who were told they are all going back to the Walmart warehouse, people whose stores have said that they can’t sell phones off contract, and now your report of a manager who said it’s a price mistake. Hard to know if there is a firm answer as to whether any of them are true, but some people are still reporting buying them successfully.

        Either way, that’s why we don’t normally post clearance deals. There can be a lot of variance that is based more on customer service than anything else. These phone deals just seemed timely with the access to Samsung Pay. Sorry to those who haven’t been able to get one – and congrats to those who have.

        • It’s all good… but before I drive two hours to BFE to *hopefully* find a phone in stock at a too good to be true price, you can bet I am going to call first. I am no stranger to social engineering. I don’t think the person I spoke with was even a manager. When I called, I played dumb and I was vague about my request, that I was looking for a Galaxy phone without providing an expected price. I was obviously not the first to call, as the answer was as a previously stated. I explained that I was calling about *any* Galaxy phone at *any* price. The employee then explained that no Galaxy phones could be sold until the price issue was resolved. So, yes, clearly the register would ring it up at $199, if you could get that far, but the store level employee had already been instructed to not even pull the item from the locked display. Sounds like others were able to bypass the memo that put this procedure in place. Good for them.

        • @too_good_to_be_true – Just know that you will almost never score a price mistake deal if you call first. If it was me I wouldn’t even bother with a store that’s a 2 hour drive each way. Even if they said they’d sell it to you over the phone a lot can happen in 2 hours.

  5. Rule #1 of price mistakes is DON’T CALL. You alert the employee to the deal and they will almost 100% of the time either tell you they don’t have any or make up some story of why they cannot sell it because they are going to buy it themselves once their shift is over.

  6. So this is a pricing issue that likely wil be fixed? Can anybody verify? I’m travling tmw and will be near a store.that says it has stock. I’m guessing I should try and buy one?
    If it comes up full price just say” I thought it was cheaper than that and no thank you”?

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