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Ink Cash and Ink PlusTo celebrate Memorial Day, here’s a quick and easy post (easy to write and, hopefully easy to read).  If you have the Ink Business Preferred or Ink Plus card and no longer want to pay the $95 annual fee, you can change to the no-fee Ink Cash card simply by sending Chase a secure message online.

Full details about the Ink Cash Business Card can be found here.  The short version is that the card has no annual fee, and it offers great 5X Ultimate Rewards category bonuses (office supply purchases, phone, TV, and internet), up to $25K spend per year.  Remember that you can get better value from those points by freely moving the points to a premium card account such as the Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Business Preferred, or Ink Plus.

My wife recently received a her Ink Plus credit card bill with the latest $95 annual fee, so we decided to switch to the Ink Cash in order to get the annual fee removed.  She could have called, but she preferred that I do it for her, so I made the change online.  I logged onto her account (with her permission, of course) and sent secure messages, as follows:

On my wife’s behalf, I wrote:

I would like to product change my Ink card ending in XXXX to an Ink Cash card in order to save on the annual fee. Please make that change if possible. Thank you.

Less than two hours later, Chase wrote:


I am writing in response to requesting to switch your INKPLUS Visa Signature Business.

Let me share that you can convert to the to INK CASH Visa Signature Business with no annual fee. Please review the following information before we process your request.

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on purchases. You earn an additional… [truncated]

I responded:

Yes, I agree to the terms. Please make the product change.

And, three hours later, Chase wrote:

We appreciate your confirmation email about changing your account.

I’ve changed your account to a INK Cash Visa Signature as you requested.

Here’s what you need to know: … [truncated]

That was it.  Soon enough, the Ink Plus $95 annual fee was reversed, and we received the new Ink Cash card in the mail.  Done.

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  1. I still have a Chase Ink Bold card. Would this also be considered a “premium card”such as you mentioned? In short, if I keep the Ink Bold and transfer all UR points to that account, can I still get the better value for my points. I am particularly interested in retaining the ability to transfer UR points to travel partners (i.e. Hyatt, etc.)

    Thanks for the great tip.

    • You’re talking about the Ink Business Preferred, Scott. That’s a different product — Greg was talking about product changing to the Ink Cash. There are several different Ink products out there — some of which are no longer available for new applications.

      In this case, Greg was talking about product changing the Ink Plus (no longer available for new applicants; earns 5X on the first $50K in purchases at office supply stores, Internet/cable/phone, etc) to the Ink Cash (still available for new applicants, same bonus categories as Ink Plus but capped at $25K in purchases for 5X). The advantage of the Ink Cash is that it has no annual fee. However, you can’t transfer to partners if you only have an Ink Cash. You need one of the following cards open in order to transfer to partners like airlines and hotels: Ink Plus, Ink Business Preferred, Ink Bold, Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred.

      The 3X you’re talking about is the earning structure on the bonus categories of the Ink Business Preferred. Most people would be better off product changing an Ink Plus to an Ink Cash than changing the Ink Plus to an Ink Business Preferred. First, you keep your access to the same 5X categories with the Ink Cash. Second, you pay no annual fee.

      By the way, the Ink Business Preferred doesn’t earn 3X at office supply stores — it earns 3X on travel, shipping, Internet/cable/phone, and advertising with social media sites and search engines. If you want to keep office supply stores as a bonus category, you need the Ink Plus or Ink Cash.

  2. Great advice, Greg. Did the same with my spouse this past month, via secure messaging. Process was quite professional, helpful, expeditious — and executed flawlessly. (even using the old card while awaiting the new one)

    As she already has the Chase Sapphire Reserve (and plan to keep one for the long haul) — with it’s extraordinary travel discounts, didn’t make as much sense any more to pay the $95 a/f on the Ink. With the product change to Ink-Cash, she still gets the same 5% (not 3) category bonuses — just linked to 25K per year. (not an issue for her)

  3. I believe you also eliminated her ability to procure the $300 bonus for new sign up on this Ink cash card anytime soon.

    Is the reasoning that you aren’t interested in the $300???

    • As exoticfusion says, reasons for a product change instead of a new sign up might include the fact that you’re over 5/24 and won’t get approved or that you have opened an Ink Cash and received the sign up bonus within the past 24 months. Certainly if you’re eligible for the sign up bonus, you could definitely consider signing up rather than product changing. However, if you’re eligible (i.e. under 5/24), it might make more sense to open an Ink Business Preferred with an 80K sign up bonus and still downgrade that Ink Plus to Ink Cash if you don’t intend to spend much more than $25K per year in the 5X bonus categories. There are a lot of variables for each person that might make one option better than the others — this post is pointing out that the product change can be quick and painless and done online if that appeals to you.

    • Unlike Amex, a Chase product change doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a future sign up bonus. If she gets under 5/24 in the future we can simply cancel her ink cash and apply. That said, we would more likely apply for her to get the Ink Business Preferred 80K or 100K offer (depending upon what’s available at the time)

      • Do you mean that if I downgrade to Ink Cash, then I can still sign up for a new Ink cash with a sign up bonus (while I still have the downgraded Ink cash) if I have not received a bonus in the last 24 months? I have the bold and the Ink preferred and want to get the sign up bonus for the Ink cash. Wondering if its possible to get a 3rd Ink or not? Or should I cancel/downgrade to avoid the annual fee. Thanks.

        • You have two separate questions here:

          1) Can you get a signup bonus on a card you already have? (e.g., you downgraded an Ink Plus to an Ink Cash before. Now you want to apply for the Ink Cash to get the signup bonus)
          A: No, I don’t think that works. I think you would need to close/product change the Ink Cash you have before applying for a new one.
          On the other hand, if you opened an Ink Cash first and then later downgraded your Ink Plus to a second Ink Cash, I’m not sure. I know people who were able to do this in the past with Freedom cards and end up with multiple Freedom cards, but I thought I read that this isn’t happening anymore. I’m not positive. Someone else may be able to weigh in here.

          2) I have the Ink Bold and Ink Business Preferred. It is possible to get a 3rd Ink card (the Ink Cash)?
          A: Yes, that’s possible — if your’e under 5/24. Those are 3 separate products.

  4. Some advice needed…
    I have the Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus and Freedom
    My wife has the Reserve and Freedom

    If I cancel my Preferred AND down grade the the Plus to Cash do you see anything that will limit me from moving points back and forth between my wife’s accounts and mine?

    Does the Cash give you that ability to move points or do I need to keep either the Preferred or Plus so I can keep the ability to transfer points?

    • In the interest of avoiding confusion, let’s say that “transfer” means to move your points to a partner like a hotel or airline and “combine” means to put your points together with your wife.

      You can “combine” points with your spouse. You don’t need a premium card for that.

      However, if you want to “transfer” points to your loyalty program account, you will either need to keep a premium card open (the Ink Cash is NOT a premium card) or your wife needs to keep one open.

      A couple of other thoughts:

      1) Have you considered product changing your Sapphire Preferred to a Freedom Unlimited? Then you’d like 1.5X everywhere in addition to the 5X rotating categories on the Freedom and 5X categories on the Ink Cash.

      2) If you decide to cancel your Sapphire Preferred, be sure to move your Ultimate Rewards points out of that account before you do so. Whether you transfer to a partner, move them to your Ink Cash, or combine them with your wife, make sure you do something with them before you close the account.

    • Also, I should have noted that you will need to be an AU on your wife’s Reserve if you want to transfer points to your loyalty program account. Keep in mind that the AU fee on the CSR is $75 — if you’re not yet an AU on that card, your net savings is only $20 and you lose a lot of 5X bandwidth. That said, might be a great trade if you can use the 3X travel and other CSR benefits. No one-size-fits-all solution here, but realized I shouldn’t leave that cost consideration out.

  5. Greg, Did you move any points your wife had on the Ink card with the $95 fee to her Reserve card before you began the downgrade process? Thanks and happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

  6. If I downgrade my Ink Plus to an Ink Cash will I forfeit the referral bonuses I have pending for the Ink Preferred (generated from my Ink Plus)?

    • Good question. I have no idea. If I were guessing, I’d guess that you wouldn’t forfeit bonuses that are already pending (i.e. someone has already applied through your link and been approved). But despite that guess, I probably wouldn’t mess with my account before those bonuses posted (too valuable to risk being wrong).

      • Thanks for the quick reply, Nick. Just checked and my anniversary date isn’t until the last week of June, so hopefully I can get all the referral bonuses to post before downgrading.

  7. @Nick / Greg – So there is nothing “magical” about any of the premium cards then? Even without one I can combine / send points over to my wife’s Reserve card and she could, if she wanted to, do the same thing to one of my cards? The “magic” of the premium cards let you tranfer to loyalty programs?

    Let me layout what I may do.
    Downgrade the Preferred to Freedom Unlimited (move points before doing that)
    Downgrade the Ink Plus to Ink Cash. I’ll still get the 5x points on Office Spend?
    After doing both of these downgrades, I won’t lose the ability to combine points with my wife’s account? (and vice versa?)
    And as long as my wife has the Reserve card we can transfer points to the various loyalty programs? (Hyatt, Southwest, etc)

    • You are correct — the magic power of a premium card is to transfer points to airline and hotel partners and you can keep that magic as long as you have one premium card between you and your wife.

      Yes, your plan sounds good. The Ink Cash still earns 5X office supply stores — the difference is in the cap. The Ink Cash earns 5X on up to $25K in combined 5X purchases annually. (The Ink Plus earns 5X on up to $50K in combined 5X purchases).

      Keep in mind that (as I just added in a response above) if you want to transfer points to your loyalty account, you’ll need to either keep a premium card in your name or be an AU on your wife’s account. If the CSR is the premium card your wife has, it’ll cost $75 to add you as an AU. That may or may not matter depending on whether either of you has any status with various programs.

  8. Greg/Nick,

    Any long term concerns that 5x could one day be discontinued from INK Cash? Seems to be no indication of this, but I’d hate to increase my chances of losing the benefit. If it did occur, could one theoretically product change back to INK Plus?

    • I was told by Chase that it would not be possible to go back to Ink Plus after converting to Ink Cash. Apparently, since they are no longer accepting applications for Ink Plus, they are also not allowing product changes to Ink Plus.

    • My assumption is that it won’t last forever, but I have no crystal ball view into that one. As Mike said here in response, I don’t believe it’s possible to PC to the Ink Plus (or the Ink Bold for that matter). My guess is that if 5X gets axed from the Ink Cash, it’ll also get axed from the Ink Plus. I don’t think you’re at any greater risk having one or the other. Like I said, I assume that’ll happen someday — but I’m not terribly concerned about this happening soon. Chase has offered this spend bonus category for years and I trust that they’ve done the math on their spend caps. If they wanted to get rid of 5X, I think they’d have gotten rid of the Ink Cash when they introduced the Ink Business Preferred. Just my $0.02, which is worth 1X at best.

  9. This was such a PITA for me. I asked when I could cancel and receive the full AF refunded and they assured me over and over again that the full AF would be refunded. So after about a week of PITA back and forth they finally converted the card. But they only refunded a prorated AF of $91.xx instead of $95. I got hit with a non-payment fee plus interest fees. They did remove them, but man was it a PITA arguing with the wall that is sometimes Chase. Sometimes they are quick and helpful and other times it’s a royal PITA to get simple things accomplished.

  10. What are your recommendations for people planning on downgrading the reserve prior to the annual fee in July/August? I have 80k UR and don’t want to lose them.

    • You have several options. If you’re not at 5/24 yet, then your best bet is to apply new for an Ultimate Rewards card, such as the Sapphire Preferred, in order to get the signup bonus. Once the card is opened, you can move your Reserve points to the Preferred card.

      Another option is to downgrade to a no fee card. If MH is right that product changing to the Sapphire Preferred is the only option, then you should be able to do that and then immediately after product change to the no-fee Sapphire card.

  11. You can’t product-change a card until you’ve had it for a full year, right? And since the Ink Preferred is less than a year old (if I recall correctly), that’s not going to be an option for anyone, right?

    • That’s not true for all cards. Chase will let you product change from the Sapphire Preferred in less than a year to the Sapphire, for example. I don’t know if a similar option is available for the Ink Business Preferred (but I hope to find out)

  12. also…I assume Chase is OK with someone having multiple Ink Cash cards – right?

    (I currently have three different Ink cards, but all three are different products.)

  13. @Nick

    Thanks for your thoughts. Assuming 5x is maintained on INK Cash, the only other potential pitfall would be Chase rescinding the ability to move UR points between accounts. Any long term concern on this?

    • Are you Debbie Downer’s brother, David Downer?

      There is no pitfall here, No long term concern to your question of that either.

  14. Same unanswered question as above. I have a Ink Preferred card I received in a December of 2016 with a 75K point balance.

    1- can I product change this early ?

    2- can I first transfer my ink preferred points to my CSR without worries ?

  15. 1 – Call and ask. But what’s the rush? Wait until your AF posts and see what they might give you.
    2 – Yes

  16. Thanks for the info. The annual fee on my Ink Bold was coming due and I was really hesitant about calling to do a product change. With two secure messages, I was able to change to the “Chase Ink Cash 5-2-1” as they are calling it. No AF and still 5X on Cable, Phone, Internet and Office Supply up to 25K. I don’t MS so I’m not going to hit anywhere near that and we still have Sapphire Premier. It was summer shape up of the CC’s today and I finally got approved for a Sapphire Reserve as well so might try to change Sapphire Premier to a Freedom card in the near future.

  17. I just fell out of 5/24 a couple of weeks ago. Since Kates and Serve/Bluebird have gone away I have no time nor interest in trying to convert $300 VGCs into money orders, so I am never at the $25,000 cap. Would a good strategy be to downgrade to Ink Cash and then open up a Ink Preferred, or should I go for CSR even though the bonus is at 50k? And should I wait for the annual fee to post (mine is in July) or do it before the AF posts? Thanks.

    • I don’t think it matters whether you downgrade now or when the annual fee hits.
      As to whether to get the CSR or Ink Preferred, it depends on your goals. If all you care about is the signup bonus, then the business card is better. If you want a good travel card that offers 3X for travel & dining and a few other travel perks, CSR is better.

  18. So, it appears I signed up for the wrong card – got the Ink Business Preferred, not the Ink Cash (I really wanted the 5x points on office supplies). My question – I just hit the bonus point threshold (in 30 days) for the offer on the Business Preferred. If I try to change the card online to the Ink Cash, will I lose the bonus points now? If so, how long do I wait before changing and be able to hold on to the bonus points?

    • I don’t know for certain what would happen, but I’d recommend waiting until your signup bonus points post before product changing. Another option, if you are under 5/24, is to sign up new for the Ink Cash in order to get another 30,000 points. You can merge points together into your Ink Cash account and then cancel the Preferred card when the annual fee comes due next year.

      • A 5/24 question in reply. If I do what you suggest (apply for the Ink Cash and then cancel the Ink Preferred), will cancellation of the Preferred card offset the additional card (i.e., Cash) in Chase’s 5/24 calculation? Or does 5/24 only work in addition (not subtraction) mode?

        • Closing a card does not subtract from your 5/24 count. That said, the jury is out about whether or not Chase business cards count at all towards 5/24. If they do, I’m willing to bet it is only for open cards. So, I think this approach won’t hurt you, but I can’t give you a 100% guarantee.

  19. FYI I product changed from my Ink Preferred card to the Ink Cash card 5 months after opening the Ink Pref account. I transferred my 80K points to my CSR before the change. I just checked and Chase just issued a pro-rated refund of the annual fee for the Ink Pref and I still kept the points.

  20. I’ve tried twice now to product change via secure message. Once before I read this post, and once after. Both times I have received the same response (below):


    I’m writing in response to your inquiry about switching
    your card.

    I have reviewed your account again and see that
    the option to switch your current Ink Plus card to a Ink
    cash is not available. I regret any inconvenience this may

    You may choose to apply for a new Ink Cash card. New
    applications are available online at our secure website.
    Please visit our website for the most current offers and
    terms available:

    We appreciate your business and thank you for being a
    Chase customer.”

    I don’t know why I am getting this response. Has anyone recently attempted to PC their Ink Plus to Ink Cash? Were you successful?

    • Jason, do you have a Visa or MasterCard Ink Plus? The Ink Plus was originally a MasterCard and then later a Visa card. If you have a MasterCard, it makes sense to me that they wouldn’t allow a product change to an Ink Cash Visa. Can you confirm?

      • Hi Greg,

        Thanks for the reply. I have an Ink Plus Visa. Chase is giving me mixed messages via SM. First they said it wasn’t possible. Then they said it could be done only in branch. Being that this is my wife’s card I’m trying to avoid having her go. I’ll give it one more try via SM.

        • Yes, she’s had the card for a few years now. I’m hoping the agent(s) is/are just misinformed.

        • Well, I got shot down yet again:


          Thank you for contacting Chase to convert your account.

          At this time, I’m unable to change your account to a
          different product. As an alternative, you may apply for a
          new Ink cash product. New applications are available
          online at our secure website. Please visit our website for
          the most current offers and terms available:

          When selecting the credit card that best meets
          your needs, please remember that our policy no longer
          allows for customers to have more than one credit card in
          the same product. Applications for a card product you
          already have may not be eligible for approval.

          We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing

          She doesn’t already have an Ink Cash card, so that’s not an issue. Looks like we’ll try our luck over the phone or in branch.

          Has anyone had any recent success?

    • Thanks MH. The annual fee just came due thus the impetus for downgrading. Hoping a phone call can get it done.

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