Gift of College gift cards appearing in more stores

For those saving for college, helping others save for college, or paying off student loans, Gift of College gift cards are a way to do so with a rewards earning credit card.  If you load the card with the maximum $500, the $5.95 purchase fee amounts to 1.19%.  Since many credit cards offer substantially larger rewards, this can be a great way to earn points, miles, or cash back.  Full details can be found here: Pay student loans or 529 plans with a credit card!

Now Available

Gift of College gift cards have been available at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores since November 2016.  Now they are starting to appear in other stores:

Coming Soon

Gift of College gift cards are expected to appear nationwide in Best Buy stores this summer.

Why this Matters

There are a few reasons that I’m excited about Gift of College gift cards appearing in more locations:

  • Availability: Not everyone has Toys R Us stores nearby
  • Category Bonuses: I’m not aware of any credit cards that offer bonus points for toy stores as a standard perk, but grocery store bonuses are common.  Pharmacy bonuses are common with cards that offer rotating category bonuses (e.g. Chase Freedom and Discover It).  See: Best Card for Grocery, Gas, Drugstores, Travel, Dining, More…
  • Store Rewards: Most stores do not give rewards when buying gift cards, but some do.  We don’t yet know if any of the stores listed here will offer such rewards, but we can hope!
  • Linked Rewards: Some rewards programs link to credit cards and automatically offer rewards when purchases are made at certain locations.  We’ll keep an eye out for these opportunities going forward.

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Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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  1. My wife is finishing her undergrad now and then off to grad school starting next summer. I have no experience with 529 plans. Would I be able to buy these, load to account and then immediately pay the college? Thanks

  2. If BBY gets them, may be worth grabbing a Best Buy card with 5-6% rewards towards tech items. Also good for Amex Offers in-store (unfortunately my current 2X MR is for online only)

  3. You can not only buy these, and deposit the money into a 529 plan, but you can immediately withdraw the money without any tax penalties.

    Only 529 earnings are taxable, with a penalty, when withdrawn for something other than college expenses. If you happen to withdraw principle, there are no taxes on that principle or penalties.

    Essentially, you can use this to manufacture spend. Here is where we have our college savings plans at, with very low minimums and very user friendly.

    I am not an Iowa resident, you can choose any state’s plan. I chose Iowa since it’s linked to upromise and the state I live in, TN, has no state income tax, so there is no state income tax deduction for contributions.

  4. I just product changed my old worthless rewards US Bank credit card to the Cash+ card with 2x and 5x categories. Educating myself on the different bonus categories I see that Best Buy is listed as a merchant under the Electronics Store 5x category. It has a quarterly maximum of $2000, but this is great for paying down debt or investing in your own or someone else’s education with a 529.

    I REALLY hope US Bank doesn’t see this as abuse and shut down any accounts over it.

  5. If I buy a $500 card and only have 1 student loan account, does it all have to be applied to the loan at the same time?
    Basically, can I use a $500 card to pay $200 per month?

  6. If I were to buy a Gift of College card to pay for my girlfriend’s student loans (and she pays me back) with my credit card, are there any problems with doing that?

        • I would check with my attorney as you could get into some serious trouble if you play a game with this. There are several articles out there for gifting “529” money. Gift tax hits youeven when you do a generational wealth transfer from person to grandchild. After reading this, there is no way I would fund an account that is not in my name or in the name of one of my immediate family members. Definitely not for a “girlfriend”.

  7. For a data point. I tried to purchase a Gift Of College gift card at Fred’s in Hoover, AL. These cards were new to them so there was some concern ab out letting me out $500 on 2 cards but eventually let me try. The cash register was to be hard-wired to let cash only sales. I doubt if they will get many sales that way!

  8. I purchased gift cards at Toys R Us last month and just tried to redeem them online. I’m getting an “Invalid Giftcard or Balance is $0.00” error for both cards.

    I have the TRU receipt, that clearly shows that the cards were activated.

    There are several groups of numbers above and below the bar code on the back. Is the gift card number the 19 digits above the bar code, the 30 digits below the bar code, or the 10 digits at the very bottom right corner? (I want to make sure I’m not entering the wrong digits, but have tried several combinations with no luck). The TRU receipt lists the last four digits below the bar code (with the preceeding numbers xxxxxx’d out).

    It’s also frustrating that there is no number to call in and check balance, activity, etc.


      • Thank you so much Nadine! I really appreciate you and Christine getting things straightened out and for your fast, responsive customer service!

        Just to explain for everyone else…the Gift of College gift card system had a temporary glitch yesterday which gave errors when attempting to redeem. By this morning, everything was fixed and my card redeemed for the correct amount with no issues.

        Also, the gift card number is the standard 19 digits above the bar code (next to the scratch off pin).


  9. Hi Mike,

    I’m sorry to hear about your difficulty to redeem the cards. Please call our support line 877-244-6630 and leave a brief message with a call back number. I will shoot Christine (in support) an email tonight to let her know you’ll be calling.

    Thank you for your patience,

  10. Thanks for adding this post. I have loans already that I want to pay off with these gift cards. I bought a $25 digital gift card initially just to see if it works and if it was coded as a purchase with Chase’s Sapphire card. It was!

    I just have a question — is there any limit to how many gift cards you can redeem? For example, if I wanted to make a payment fo 2500, can I get 5 gift cards of 500 from Toys R Us and redeem them all at once?

    Thanks for all your help!

  11. @Nadine, when will Gift of College gift cards be available for purchase at H-E-B Texas Grocery? It has not yet available at our local HEB in Pearland, Texas. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Katie,
      Only 40% of the stores in Texas have received shipments. I am told that all the stores should be stocked by the end of the month.

      Thanks for your patience and have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hi Nadine,

    Thanks so much for your prompt response. Would you please also check the status for HEB store in Friendswood, Texas? Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

  13. Glad to report the Gift of College technique is working perfectly for me! I am now able to hit my minimum spend to get the 50k miles on my new Chase Sapphire Preferred card (I probably should have gotten the Reserve card instead).

    But moving forward, I have a question which requires some financial savviness. I have been able to save up (and some family helped) around 25k to pay off my student loans. After using my CSP card to pay 4k of that, I now need to spend the remainder 21k to pay down the rest.

    SOO what should my strategy be? Take out one more card and hit a the minimum spend to get the bonus points? Do that a few times? Don’t take out another new card? Help?

    – E.S.

    • thank you for your fast reply Nadine. can you tell me how much the fee would be? i see that the maximum amount we can get from the website is only $200

    • I am from California. I have not gone to a store to check if you have them yet but I was looking at the online and see that you only have up to $200

  14. Hi Vanessa
    The $500 gift cards are in all the ToysRus and BabiesRUs retail stores in California. They are the cobranded version w/ ScholarShare 529 BUT you can use them for any 529 plan or student loan account.
    Hope that helps,


    • Hello Nadine,
      Do you happen to know where the cards are stocked in Arkansas? I was unable to find them at babies r us.

      • Hi Ian,
        I have contacted our operations team to work with TRU to deliver inventory to stores that have sold out.
        In the meantime the only way to find out if a store has any in-stock is to call the store manager at the store directly and mention that they would be at the register, in the gaming area or behind the customer service desk.

        I will reply back with more information to the community when I hear back from TRU.

        • Hello,
          I checked at the financial center pkw location in little rock and the manager said she could not accept credit card.
          Do you know any other retailers in little rock that do accept credit card?

        • Hi Ian

          I haven’t heard any TRU that doesn’t accept credit cards for gift card transactions. This is a first. Let me send this ? over right away….cause this seems unreasonable. People do not walk around with hundreds in cash.


  15. Hi Nadine,
    Could you tell me where in Albany, NY I can buy physical GOC cards? I have visited Toys R us many months ago and could not find any stock. Would I be able to purchase them with credit cards as well? Thank you.

      • Hi

        I will check in with operations on locations in/near Albany and why they aren’t available.

        Back at you soon!

      • Hi
        I just spoke with Dawn at the Clifton Park ToysRUs and she confirmed that she has the Gift of College gift cards in stock!

        Address: 17 Clifton Country Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065
        Hours: Open today · 10AM–9:30PM
        Phone: (518) 383-0188

        Success 🙂

        Groovy Tuesday,

    • Hi
      I just spoke with Dawn at the Clifton Park ToysRUs and she confirmed that she has the Gift of College gift cards in stock!

      Address: 17 Clifton Country Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065
      Hours: Open today · 10AM–9:30PM
      Phone: (518) 383-0188

      Success 🙂

      Groovy Tuesday,

        • Also I should mention, each store carries appx 50 cards and could be out of them OR the store manager has put them behind the customer service counter. So there ya go.


  16. I cant find the cards in Pittsburgh (I live just north of the city). I stopped in Best Buy and also Toys “R” Us and babies R us. When I asked for the gift of college gift cards people looked at me like I had three heads! Any idea if they’re gonna be offered in my area anytime soon?

    • The cards are definitely in Pittsburgh — never seen them at Ross Park or Monroeville but have had success at Cranberry and Robinson.

      • Really? I was looking at those stores in Cranberry. Which ones did you see them at? Now that I think of it, one of the women at Toys R Us said they had them a while back and shipped them all back to the company a few months ago.

        • Interesting – it’s been a few months since I was at Cranberry but they were near the video game section in the front. I was at Robinson more recently and definitely saw them there.

        • Hi Elinor,
          They should have received a new shipment by now. It’s best to speak to the store manager and they are usually located at the register, near gaming gift cards, or at the customer service counter.

  17. Nadine was it the Toys R Us or the Babies R Us in Cranberry Township? Can you please confirm before I go up there again?

  18. Hi Elinor,
    I have contacted our operations team to work with TRU to deliver inventory to stores that have sold out.
    In the meantime the only way to find out if a store has any in-stock is to call the store manager at the store directly and mention that they would be at the register, in the gaming area or behind the customer service desk.

    I will reply back with more information to the community when I hear back from TRU.

    • Hi Nadine,
      Update on my search for the cards. I stopped at TRU this afternoon and, just like you said, the cards were sitting in the gaming area. I would suggest that you guys see if they can be more visible for folks to purchase. I would never go back to that section to look for a gift card. And when I checked out, i asked an employee if she knew about the cards and she had no idea what I was talking about….

      • Yes it’s unfortunate that TRU only has a couple of places for our card to be placed. And a lot of the employees are not clued into the gift cards for sale since that is usually something handled by the manager or assistant manager in the store.

        And we are working on brand awareness everyday. Thanks for going back to look and I am glad you found them.


  19. Nadine,
    I live in West Los Angeles and just came back from the TRU store off La Cienega where they told me they stopped selling the cards within the past two months because of some problem with them not ringing up properly on their cash registers. Do you know anything about this? Is there any place in the West LA area to purchase the cards?

  20. Hi
    In your state we see a card that has been cobranded with “California ScholarShare 529”. Although you may use the card for any 529. We also cobrand in CT, and VA now.

    A couple of months ago less than a dozen stores out of 200+ received a shipment of generic cards and had to send them back. This may be what they’re referring to.

    All the California stores are stocked with the cobranded version of the card by now. You shouldn’t have any problem finding them there.


    • Thanks for the quick response. Perhaps you need to double-check with the Toys ‘R Us/Babies ‘R Us store on La Cienega in WLA, however, because they aren’t carrying the ScholarShare card, either. I was just there yesterday. The next closest store is miles away, so there are no other outlets nearby, unless you are actually going to be able to get the Best Buy stores to stock the cards anytime soon.


      • HI Frank,
        I am passing your note along to ops. California stores carry the cards but more than likely have sold out. ScholarShare has had a huge impact with their marketing campaigns and promotions of GoC.

        And yes BestBuy is onboard and we are waiting on delivery dates.


  21. Hi Nadine,

    Any updates on availability at HEB and Toys ‘R Us/Babies ‘R Us stores in Houston, Pearland and/or Friendswood, Texas? Thank you!

  22. The best way to find out if the TRU store has the card is to ask the store manager if they have inventory. They are placed at the register, or in the gaming area, or behind the customer service desk.
    If they are sold out — they should receive a shipment in the fall.

    All H-E-B stores are expected to carry the cards, I am checking in to see what % of stores have received them to date. Those placements are at the register with special signage 🙂 /happy to say/


  23. Since this seems to be the only place around discussing GoC cards and their availability in the wild, I thought I’d add this data point:

    Stopped in to the TRU store in Bel Air, MD and looked for the cards, but couldn’t find them. Asked at customer service, but she had never heard of them. She did walk me over to the gift card rack though, and voila! there they were! I was allowed to charge the full $500 to a credit card with a current spending bonus. (It seems that any GC over $150 needs manager override, but the mgr didn’t blink at my transaction 😎 )

    Took it home and applied it to my loan about 20 minutes later. I plan to return, so please, Nadine, make sure the Bel Air store gets a shipment of cards… TIA!

  24. I noticed you mentioned TRU has hard coded their registers to not allow TRU gift cards to be used to purchase other gift cards. Is this also true for BabiesRU stores as well?

  25. Hi Shanon,
    We are not in BestBuy yet…but when we land Greg will happily shout it out to the community.
    I am not privy to the sales policies regarding card purchase yet.

    Stay tuned,


    • Hi
      So finally a list of H-E-B stores that carry the GoC gift card. Thank you so much for your patience! I do not know if any of these are branded as Central Market stores but at least you can find a store near you 🙂


      Address City
      2150 W. Washington Stephenville
      4031 East Hwy 83 Rio Grande City
      5401 South FM 1626 Kyle
      165 NW John Jones Dr. Burleson
      19337 McDonald St Lytle
      24224 Northwest Freeway Cypress
      11521 North FM 620 Bldg A Austin
      925 10th Street Floresville
      4100 South New Braunfels Ave. San Antonio
      901 W Expressway 83 San Juan
      2509 North Main St Belton
      3025 North Dowlen Road Beaumont
      3301 Sherwood Way San Angelo
      9828 Blackhawk Blvd Houston
      1145 Waldron Road Corpus Christi
      2805 Business Center Drive Pearland
      5800 W. Slaughter Lane Austin
      5313 Saratoga Corpus Christi
      1345 Barrow Abilene
      1655 Highway 46 West New Braunfels
      6818 South Zarzamora San Antonio
      10718 Potranco San Antonio
      300 Main Kerrville
      2508 East Riverside Drive Austin
      6106 N. Navarro Victoria
      2409 East Expressway 83 Mission
      1911 East Bob Bullock Laredo
      10919 Louetta Road Houston
      8503 NW Military Hwy San Antonio
      20935 US Highway 281 North San Antonio
      9710 Katy Freeway Houston
      8900 Highway 6 Missouri City
      1213 S. Commerce Harlingen
      3002 S. 31th St Temple
      9414 N. Lamar Blvd Austin
      2130 Culebra San Antonio
      11551 West Ave. San Antonio
      5808 Burnett Rd Austin
      4320 S. Alameda St Corpus Christi
      12407 Mopac Expwy. N. Austin
      1115 E. Main Alice
      7951 Guilbeau Rd San Antonio
      7010 Hwy 71 West Austin
      2110 New Slaughter Ln Austin
      14087 O ‘Connor Rd San Antonio
      641 East Hopkins Street San Marcos
      5601 Bandera Road San Antonio
      170 E. Whitestone Cedar Park
      5425 S Padre Island Dr Corpus Christi
      1503 Highway 1431 West Marble Falls
      613 S Expwy 83 Harlingen
      2700 Seventh Bay City
      6580 F.M. 78 San Antonio
      3601 Pecan McAllen
      16900 N. FM 620 Round Rock
      601 Indian Trail Harker Heights
      3325 West Wadley Midland
      6030 Montgomery Road San Antonio
      300 Olmos Dr. San Antonio
      3801 E. 42nd St Odessa
      6001 West Parmer Lane Austin
      12777 IH 10 West San Antonio
      18140 San Pedro San Antonio
      2929 Thousand Oaks San Antonio
      409 E. Kleberg Kingsville
      12400 State Hwy 71 West Austin
      219 W. Oaklawn Pleasanton
      100 East Houston St Beeville
      3133 S. Alameda Corpus Christi
      2508 S. Day St. Brenham
      17460 I.H. 35 North Schertz
      450 E. Travis La Grange
      200 Avenue F Del Rio
      1301 Wooded Acres Waco
      1000 East 41 St Austin
      800 Hwy 77 Waxahachie
      735 S.W. Military San Antonio
      6900 Brodie Lane Austin
      2700 W Freddy Gonzales Edinburg
      201 East Main Uvalde
      2155 Paredes Line Rd Brownsville
      7811 Mcpherson Rd Laredo
      7301 N FM 620 Austin
      1150 NW Loop 1604 W San Antonio
      4724 Hwy 6 Missouri City
      1080 East Hwy 290 Elgin
      500 Canyon Ridge Drive Austin
      201 N. FM 685 Pflugerville
      9900 Wurzbach San Antonio
      310 N Westgate Drive Weslaco
      4500 Williams Dr Georgetown
      1600 Wildcat Portland
      1550 Fry Road Houston
      10660 FM 471 West San Antonio
      603 Louis Henna Blvd Suite A Round Rock
      1621 Mason Katy
      7405 FM 1960 East Humble
      3111 Woodridge Ste. 500 Houston
      1900 Texas Ave South College Station
      725 East Villa Maria Bryan
      11815 Westheimer Houston
      1505 East Rio Grande Victoria
      910 Kitty Hawk Universal City
      2118 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio
      801 North IH 35 Bellmead
      407 South Adams Fredericksburg
      19900 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land
      24165 W IH 10 San Antonio
      16811 El Camino Real Houston
      14498 Bellaire Houston
      2800 East Whitestone Cedar Park
      104 Hasler Blvd Bastrop
      9100 Woodway Drive Waco
      2314 South Zapata Hwy Laredo
      4800 B Hwy 365 Port Arthur
      901 Trenton Rd McAllen
      1700 East Palm Valley Blvd. Round Rock
      651 N. US Hwy 183 Leander
      6711 South Fry Road Katy
      2121 FM 2920 Spring
      598 E. Hwy US 290 Dripping Springs
      14414 US Hwy 87 West La Vernia
      8219 Marbach San Antonio
      25675 Nelson Way Katy
      5910 Babcock Rd San Antonio
      949 William D. Fitch Parkway College Station
      420 W. Bandera Rd Boerne
      20725 Hwy 46 West Spring Branch
      9238 N Loop 1604 West San Antonio
      1095 West Business Hwy. 77 San Benito
      3804 US Hwy 377 Granbury
      3601 FM 1488 The Woodlands
      1841 Church Street Gonzales
      1300 South Cage Blvd Pharr
      4444 Kostoryz Corpus Christi
      28550 Highway 290 Cypress
      9507 Jones Rd. Houston
      14028 North US 183 Austin
      3502 Palmer Highway Texas City
      2990 East Hwy 190 Copperas Cove
      2030 N 1st Street Carrizo Springs
      1821 South Valley Mills Dr. Waco
      250 University Blvd Round Rock
      120 East Mile 3rd Palmhurst
      600 W Henderson Cleburne Cleburne
      26500 Kuykendahl Tomball
      2965 IH 35 North New Braunfels
      5000 Gattis School Rd. Hutto
      2755 East League City Parkway League City
      14100 Spring Cypress Road Houston
      200 US Expressway 83 Mc Allen
      3540 Rayford Rd. Spring
      97 Oyster Creek Dr Lake Jackson
      9722 Fry Rd. Cypress
      2501 W. University Blvd Odessa
      3501 Clearlake City Blvd (@El Dorado) Clearlake City
      2000 RM 620 South Lakeway
      4701 East Blvd. Deer Park
      1368 E. Court Seguin
      5407 Andrews Highway Midland
      1101 W. Stan Schlueter Loop Killeen
      17328 Bulverde Road San Antonio

  26. Does anyone have any information regarding whether a gift tax would be assessed on the purchase of GoC cards? I’ve been reading that the excess of any gift over $14k is subject to taxation (on an annual basis), but I’m not sure how it applies in cases like these where you are both the purchaser and beneficiary of said “gift”. Would you only be able to purchase $14k worth of gift cards each year before being subject to this tax?

    • There are special rules when it comes to paying for a child’s college that allow you to get around the annual $14K rule but I don’t recall them. And I think that would only apply if you’re actually paying for someone’s college. If you’re buying the cards for your own use, its not really a gift. Even so, the term “gift tax” is a bit of a misnomer. Its not really a tax you pay now. Its purpose is to prevent folks from giving away assets to avoid estate taxes upon their death. If you were to give away more than $14K, you would simply need to report it to the IRS. After your death they would add your reported gifts to your estate. Estate taxation only becomes an issue if a single person’s estate is over 5.5 million or $11 million for a married couple – or something close to that.

  27. There is a lot of buzz about Best Buy getting these cards but what about Kroger? Fuel points would be a great benefit.

  28. Hi Juston

    Yes all the grocery stores would be fantastic placement for our gift cards. Thanks for checking in. No firm date on BestBuy yet. Looking more like the beginning of fall unfortunately — but just in time for the holiday so that’s good.

    Happy Friday,

    • Definitely looking forward to getting gift of college gift cards at Best Buy… have $50k of student loans to pay off over a year or two 😉 Looked at a local store for these a day ago and saw nothing and just now stumbled upon this discussion.

      Please do keep us updated when this happens Nadine!

  29. Nadine,

    Any news on at H-E-B Texas Grocery in Friendswood, Houston and Pearland? None of three local stores nearby Pearland have it. Thank you!

    • Hi Katie,

      First I want to say my heart goes out to all of you who were affected by the hurricane. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

      Just received a list of the H-E-B stores that are carrying the card. Full list above and it appears 2805 Business Center Drive Pearland should have them as well as these stores in Houston:
      9828 Blackhawk Blvd
      10919 Louetta Road
      9710 Katy Freeway
      1550 Fry Road
      3111 Woodridge Ste. 500
      11815 Westheimer
      16811 El Camino Real
      14498 Bellaire
      9507 Jones Rd.
      14100 Spring Cypress Road


  30. Hi Nadine,
    Do you happen to known where in New York City the closest stores with the Gift of College gift cards are? I’m planning on stopping by the 901 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS Toys R Us later to check it out.

    • Not available in the Midtown Manhattan location! LIC, Rego Park, Yankee Stadium, and Ridgewood are your best bets close to Manhattan.

  31. Any idea where one can find these GiftofCollege Giftcards in Orange County, CA?

    Tried searching and most of the retailers said out of stock.

  32. HI
    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble finding them in stock. TRU should be restocking soon. Hang in there. The minute I hear anything I will share with the group.

    Thank you for your patience,


  33. Is there any concern about buying these GoC cards at TRU if there is a TRU bankruptcy?

    Seems safe as long as the card gets activated the money isn’t in TRUs accounts.

  34. Hey FM Team.

    Given the TRU bankruptcy, I need to get rid of TRU GCs. Does anyone know if I can use TRU GC to buy other GCs? I have tried, but cashiers always stop me. Is this hard coded? If not, I will keep trying.

    Thank you!

  35. Hi NinjaX,

    No unfortunately it’s my understanding that you cannot use TRU gift cards for other gift card purchases.


  36. Hi Lisa,
    Best Buy does not have an inventory of GoC cards yet! But SOON 🙂
    As soon as we know the dates we will shout them out.

    Happy Wednesday,

    • Nadine – May I ask, how soon??? Will they appear Nationwide, or will they slowly trickle into various markets. Many thanks!

      • Hi JP
        I’m sorry to report their is no update yet on the availability of the cards at BestBuy.

        Have a wonderful weekend,

    • Hi Hannah,

      Here is the link for locations by state


      Unfortunately I do not have access to inventory at each store. That is something we are working on so hopefully soon I will have a week-to-week status.


      • Thanks Nadine, but I did reach out to all the Toys R Us and they did not have a clue about what I was talking about. Can you verify if any of the store actually have them?

        • Be the data point. Go to the store yourself.

          You can’t expect a bunch of minimum wage workers to know about a random, little-known credit-card sized item that hangs on a rack somewhere. Also, no one here is in inventory management for Toys/Babies R Us. Why would you expect them to know stock at any given store? The volume of requests like this on this thread is silly. Save it for meaningful/helpful data points.

        • Hi
          As mentioned previously I do not have access to the stores inventory. Your best contact is the store manager, and ask if the card is either at the register or behind the customer service desk.
          Thank you for understanding

      • need to get nasty. I.m currently living overseas and do not have physical access to the Toys R US, hence the questions of availability. Have a great day, u unhappy no name man.

  37. So, what’s the drawback of using a credit card directly on the Gift of College website to make a “gift” to an account? 3% fee, I am guessing whereas TRU is less?

  38. Is there a mechanism to check why a payment is delayed? I made a $1000 payment using two GOC gift cards to Navient on 9/12. Today will be 16 full business days from my payment and my Navient account is now in “Past Due” status, as the payment has not posted yet.

    My prior Navient payments posted within two calendar weeks (10 business days) and this is the same account, so I’m not sure what the hangup could be.

  39. Hi Mike and Adam,

    My apologies for the delay in response. If you have any questions in the future please email me directly at

    Mike our operations people can look into the processing status for Navient. Give them a call at 877.244.6630 or email Lisa/Chris at Feel free to cc me on your communication.

    Adam — same process to find out why there has been an increase in processing times.

    Have a good night guys,


  40. Thanks Nadine. I spoke with Christine today and opened a case with Navient, as they apparently cashed the 1k check but didn’t credit my account. I’ll report back with an update once it (hopefully) resolves.

  41. nadine
    thanks for the list of hebs in houston region. is there a plan to increase it to more hebs (asking bcz the closest one on your list is 20 miles from my place and i have 3 hebs in 5 miles-> the woodlands).

  42. Hello Nadine,

    Is there any word on when the Gift of College cards will be available in Best Buys nationwide? I had read earlier in the thread that it would be in fall 2017.

  43. Hi Kedric,

    No I am sorry to report there isn’t any update. I should have more news next week.

    I appreciate your patience,


  44. Hi Jerry

    Did you speak with the store manager? Were they familiar with the product? They probably came in and sold out—all TRU stores stock them.

    I was told that shipments are going to each store this month to prep for the holiday.

    Hope that helps,

  45. Hi Everyone,
    First — please do not shoot the messenger. I am so sorry to say there is a delay with the BestBuy rollout and I have not been updated on the new timeline. Ss soon as the good news arrives I will give you the heads up.

  46. I would like to purchase 2 Gift of College gift cards for my niece and nephew.
    They both have NY 529 plans.
    How do I redeem them with their 529’s?
    Would it work?

    • Forgot to mentioned, I told my brother about gifting them for the 529 and he told me he has the option of setting up Ugift. Would that work with this Gift of College gift cards ?
      Just want to make sure before I go ahead and purchase them.
      Thank you

  47. Hi Annom,
    Yes we accept contributions to ALL 529 plans and Student loan accounts. Simply go to and register, hook up your NY529 (you will see it in the dropdown list), redeem your gift card, and the monies will post. As far as your uGift question, I prefer you talk to our operations team to get an accurate answer. They can be reached at or 877-244-6630.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    • Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
      I went ahead and created the account with gift of college, however is asking me for personal info such as:
      Account owners name
      beneficiary name
      account number
      My brother is hesitant with providing me this info.
      why is all this information necesary?

  48. Hi
    Have your brother create the account on the gift registry. Then friends and family can access it by simply doing a quick name search. Or he could share the profile url. The account details are not shared with gift givers.


  49. Subscribe
    I apologize for asking an unrelated question but for some reason I cant find an answer. If I signup for say Iowa 529 plan and the kid decides to go to College in Florida? Are they transferable?

    • It depends on the plan. You would need to check with the Iowa plan. For example, in Virginia, we can do the prepaid plan that can only be used in Virginia, OR we can do the plan where we dump funds into an account that can be used in any state (kinda like a Roth for education).

  50. Does anyone know of any in-store cashback offers for Toys R Us from credit-card linking apps? After a search, I didn’t find any but could have missed something.

    • This quarter Chase Freedom has 5% om mobile payments, not quite passive credit card linking but still 5X UR up to $1500, enough for 3 GoC cards. YMMV paying for more than 1 at a time, though. Sometimes CSR’s might be concerned with fraud on these and mgr apptoval required by default for $500 loads.

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