Citi AT&T nixes 3X manufactured spend

“A change to your ThankYou® Points.” That was the subject heading of an email sent today to AT&T Access More credit card holders.  The email goes on to state that, as of July 22, 2017, the card will no longer earn 3 points per dollar for “the purchase or reloading of gift cards or on rental and real estate payments.”

The full text of the email reads, as follows:

Hi, Greg. The categories eligible to earn 3x ThankYou Points for purchases made with your AT&T Access More card are being updated. Beginning July 22, 2017, you’ll only receive 1 point, not 3x points, for every $1 spent online on the purchase or reloading of gift cards or on rental and real estate payments.

Please note, you’ll still earn 3x points on every $1 spent on purchases made online at eligible retail and travel websites, including department and warehouse websites, online travel agencies and airline websites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-855-488-6642 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-325-2865).

Ever since Chase stopped giving 3X for mortgage and rent payments through Plastiq (See: Is Plastiq 3X Dead?), I’ve been wondering whether those payments made with the AT&T Access More card would still work for 3X.  This email seems to indicate that payments made prior to July 22nd will offer 3X, but later payments will offer just 1X.  Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if even the earlier payments don’t earn 3X.  We’ll see.

And, for those who found designed a way to still get $500 cards from GiftCardMall, or those who still have Buxx-like reloadable cards, this seems like a “last call” announcement.

Interesting that the July 22nd date matches the date that our Citi Prestige cards turn into turkeys.

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  1. How do you suggest going forward if you have been using the ATT Card to pay rent? Which cards are still good to use instead of the ATT Card? Also can you product change that ATT Card since that basically what I have been you that card for?

    • It’s unclear if any cards consistently offer great rewards when paying rent. Best options are to use cards where you need to meet min spend requirements, or a great everyday value card like the Amex Blue Business Plus

  2. Not unexpected but this will certainly make me evaluate whether I will review my Access More card next year and pushes me closer towards downgrading my Citi Prestige when it comes up for renewal in October.

  3. So do you go hard before the last call and risk the complete shutdown or do think they’ll be lenient since they know this is only for one month?

  4. Assuming this plays out the way it would seem to and I don’t find another angle, this for sure will get me reevaluating my entire Citi relationship. MR and UR are more valuable to me and easier to earn (certainly after these changes) which means if I dump this I’d likely dump the Prestige and possibly even the Premier (which is going through its own mini-deval on 7/22). I like the Premier for its broad definition of travel expenses but if I am not earning TYP via other methods I’d probably not earn enough here to be worth the hassle/AF of another card.

  5. Since the AT&T Access More card is technically a TYP-earning card, does anyone know if downgrading or canceling this card resets the 24-month clock on all of the other TYP card signup bonuses? I’m hoping the answer is no, since it’s a co-brand card, but you never know with Citi…

  6. Does anyone know if the Access More card earns 3x on Kiva? If it does, then in theory, 3x = ~4% minimum, invest in 6 to 8 month loans, that gives you an annualized rate of return of about 8% … I’m going to guess that it won’t code as 3x, because that seems too good to be true. If nobody has any data points I’ll do a test payment, but I was wondering if anyone already knows… Thanks.

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