Confirmed: Plastiq no longer accepts Visa for mortgage payments

Yesterday, a Reddit poster shared the news that Plastiq would no longer support mortgage payments paid with Visa credit cards.  MasterCard, Amex, Discover and even Visa debit card payments are still fine.  Further, Redbluefire shared the following from Plastiq’s customer service: “We are complying with recent directives from VISA regarding not allowing mortgage payments via use of a VISA card with Plastiq.”

I reached out to a contact at Plastiq to see if the information was correct.  Yes, she confirmed it, as written.

Interesting.  I don’t know why Visa doesn’t want their cards to be used to pay mortgages, but I’d guess this is an extension of the rule in which they (and the other payment networks) also ban the use of credit cards for paying credit card bills.  Is Visa being overcautious, or is it just a matter of time before MasterCard, Amex, and Discover add similar rules?  I don’t know.

For now, if you have repeating payments setup, they should still work as long as you don’t change the credit card assigned to those payments.  Otherwise you’ll have to use non-Visa credit cards when paying your mortgage.

I’ve updated the Complete Guide to Plastiq with this new information.

Hat Tip: Miles to Memories

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  1. Just got an email from Citi saying I will only get 1 point per dollar on rental and real estate payments with me ATT Access More Card starting July 22. Thats a huge blow, I will still let though payments go through that month to make sure its true but it doesn’t look good.

  2. Yesterday, June 12, paid platinum to pay my mortgage, it went through as set to pay next week!! I set payment date.

  3. I suspect there is some regulation somewhere that CC provides are not allowed to knowingly allow their product to be used to pay debt, as CC debt is almost always the worst kind. What has gone under the radar so far has likely gained too much visibility.

  4. Can confirm same. Tried to pay my mortgage today with my CSR and got message can no longer use any VISA. Spoke to representative and she confirmed this so I paid with MC. Told he they were going to lose a lot of business by losing VISA and if MC, AMEX and Discover follow suit they are out of business. She agreed with me. She seemed just as down as I was. I have no other card that makes it worth using Plastiq anymore. At 2.5% only made sense getting 3X. I guess I’m done with them.

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