How to count your 5/24 status from your smart phone

With the introduction of its unofficial 5/24 Rule, Chase has made life much harder for those who like to frequently sign up for credit cards to get the signup bonuses.  With the 5/24 Rule, Chase denies most application in which the applicant has opened 5 or more cards in the past 24 months.

And we’re not just talking about Chase cards here.  All issuers count.  If you’ve never opened a Chase card in your life, but you opened 3 Amex cards and 3 Citi cards in the last 24 months you may be out of luck.

Even authorized user cards count.  If you opened 3 of your own cards and were added as an authorized user to 3 other accounts in the past 24 months, you may be out of luck.  [Note that it is possible to remove authorized user accounts from your credit report]

Fortunately, not all cards count towards the 5/24 Rule.  Many business cards do not appear on personal credit reports and therefore do not count towards 5/24.  See: Business card advantages (and a straw man plan).

How to count your 5/24 status from your smart phone

Chase bases its count on info found in your personal credit report.  There are many ways to get your credit report for free so that you can count your 5/24 status yourself.

See: Complete Guide to FREE Credit Scores, Reports, and Monitoring… for credit card bonus hunting.

Unfortunately, Credit Karma is no longer a useful way to get this information since they no longer show account open dates.  Instead, one easy way is through an app…

Here’s one way to count your 5/24 status… step by step.  A similar process should work with just about any tool or report that shows you your full credit report details.

1. Install the Experian app on your smart phone

On an iPhone, open the App Store and search for Experian.  On an Android phone, the Google Play Store and search for Experian.

Look for the app titled “Experian – Free Credit Report“.

Install the app and register or log in if you already have an Experian account.

2. Select “Credit Reports”

Click the app menu (it looks like three horizontal bars) and click “Credit Reports”

3. Click “Accounts”

4. Sort New to Old

Click ViewsDate Opened (New to Old).

3. Count

Scroll down and count all accounts until you get one month past 24 months ago.  For example, in June 2017 you would count all accounts until you find those that were opened prior to June 2015.

Closed cards count.  Authorized user cards count.

If you’ve signed up for new cards in the past 30 days or so, they may not be reflected in your Experian report yet.  Be sure to add these to your count.

If you count 5 or more, then you are over 5/24.  My current count is 22.  Yeah, I’m over.

Do Chase Business cards add to your 5/24 total?

Chase business cards do not appear on personal credit reports, but obviously Chase knows if you have opened those cards in the past 24 months.  The question is whether Chase includes those cards in the total for 5/24 Rule purposes?  Readers have reported convincing evidence in both directions.  Until we know for sure, the conservative approach is to count your Chase business cards.  But, personally, if I was under 5/24 without counting Chase business cards, I’d take a risk and try to get additional Chase cards.  It’s not the end of the world if you’re denied due to 5/24, but you could be leaving excellent opportunities on the table if you don’t try.

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  1. Hi Greg, quick note, you can still find that info on Credit Karma, you just have to navigate differently with the new interface. We actually wrote about it recently…you have to go to “view score details”, then “credit age” and it organizes by date opened.

    That being said, this app option is very nice…

      • Yup, that’s it! The info was just kind of buried in the overall post. With the new interface I should’ve considered highlighting it more.

    • I tried your suggestion on Credit Karma. I get to a list of OPEN accounts, sorted by age (oldest at the top). But sometimes I will close an account (rather than pay the annual fee, for example). So from the Open Accounts screen, I tried clicking “View All Accounts.” Now the closed accounts are listed separately, but I don’t find the display on this page nearly so easy to interpret or useful as the old Credit Karma interface.

      I have also tried Chase Credit Journey, but I know that the number I see there for my 5/24 status is wrong when compared to my own records. (Too bad, because I would be at 4/24 if Credit Journey is correct).

      • Ed, you’re definitely right – it doesn’t show closed accounts until you dig into “view all accounts” and then you have to click on each closed account to see the open date. It’s certainly not as easy if you need to factor in closed accounts, but still doable.

  2. If I’ve opened 4 in the last 24 months, can I expect to be rejected since an application with Chase would be my 5th, or is it only if I already have 5?

  3. Awesome article – just discovered I can apply for 4 chase cards. Is your best offers page updated with prior best offers because I typically like to sign up when it’s at or around the best ever listed offers (like the recent 100k sapphire reserve)

    • Yes, the Best Offers page always includes recent better offers if there have been any so you can know how the current offer stacks up. If there isn’t a previous better offer listed, that’s usually because there hasn’t been one or it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen one to expect that it’s not likely to be seen again.

    • Thanks. Yes, if the best offers page lists a recent best offer or explicitly says “Recent better offer: None” , then that should be up to date. If there are cards that don’t list it at all, but you want to know, let us know and we’ll do our best to add that info.

      • I want to get the ihg and Hyatt for the free nights but I should probably get 4 other chase cards whilst I am under 5/24 because those don’t go by the 5/24 according to best offers page – is that still current?

  4. I disagree that you should count brand new accounts. If they haven’t hit the report yet, Chase can’t count them either (unless they are Chase cards).

    • OK, that’s a good point. It depends on what you’re doing. If you’re planning for a future application then you should count them. If you’re planning to apply today, then you shouldn’t. I’ll update the post

    • One additional point to consider is to remember that you’re only looking at the Experian report here. While Chase usually pulls Experian for me, they pulled TransUnion the first time I applied for a card. It’s possible for a new account to have hit that report and not updated on Experian yet.

      Again, you are probably right that if they aren’t showing in this app and aren’t Chase cards, Chase probably won’t yet see them. But it’s important to at least be aware of that. And as Greg said, if you’re considering a future app, you’ll want to take those new accounts into consideration.

  5. My 25 year old daughter just applied yesterday for the 60,000 point Southwest Premier card. After getting a pending status online, she called reconsideration. She had no luck with the first rep, who told her she was at 6/24 and couldn’t be approved. She called back and spoke to a different rep, and explained that 2 of the 6 cards were Authorized User cards. The rep agreed to take her “reconsideration” app over the phone and “see what he could do.” After placing her on hold for several minutes, he came back with an approval. I congratulated her and told her she’s one of the few people who have successfully overcome 5/24.

  6. I’m almost finished with refinancing my rental properties and will be getting back into getting some new cards.  I’ll totally need this because I think I’m getting close to being under!

  7. Hi,

    So closed accounts count toward Chase’s 5/24? If I opened 4 accounts in the last 24 months and also closed 2 account in the last 24 months, then I’m over Chase’s 5/24?


    • Closed accounts don’t matter / don’t count separately.

      In other words, it doesn’t matter whether or not the accounts are still open — all that matters is how many you have opened.

      In other words, if you opened 5 cards in January and all of those cards are still open, you’ve opened 5 cards. If you opened 5 cards in January and you closed 3 of them in March, you’ve still opened 5 cards. The number that matters is just how many you’ve opened — whether they are still open or not.

  8. Does department store cards like Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenny count? Those card can only be use at the individual stores.

  9. What are my chances at the Ink Cash $500/$3000 in branch with BRM with the following history?

    11/15: CSP -closed
    6/16: Ink Plus
    11/16: Amex BCP
    3/17: CSR
    5/17: Ink Preferred
    5/17: Amex Bus Plat
    6/17: Amex Blue Bus Plus

    Technically at 3/24 without my Chase Bus cards, however 5/24 if we’re counting them. Anyone recently in a similar situation?

  10. Are you confident that any card approvals in June 2015 do not count towards 5/24?
    I assumed I had to wait until July 2017. Thanks!

  11. On that app how can you see if the authorized users are being counted I only see 3 cards but no mention of the AU which would put me at 5/24?

  12. You’ve opened 22 credit cards in the last 24 months? Did I read that right? If you don’t mind it’s obvious you have excellent credit but may I ask you with 22 new credit cards what your AAoA is?

  13. 5/24 is not accurate. It’s really 5/24<25 or 5/24+. For example, if your fifth application was on June 19, 2015, people may think that you're in the clear as of today. You are not. Chase will count that fifth application for the entire month of June. You will have to wait until July 1, 2017, to be in the clear. How do I know this? I asked a Chase recon reps.

  14. So of course I download the app, fill in all the info, get to the final screen and… Something Unexpected Happened and kicks me back out.

    • Okay, got it working eventually. As expected I’m way over, just wanted to see it in writing since I’m working on getting the SO into range. I will note that in my case a car loan showed up in the list of pulls. I assume it wouldn’t be counted, but you might want to look and make sure all the “cards” in your count are actual credit cards.

    • It is possible with Android. I tested that before Greg posted it. If you’re at the top of the “Accounts” page, you’ll see a purple eyeball on the bottom right corner. Touch that. That’s the “views” button. You won’t see that button unless you’re at the very top of the list if your accounts.

  15. Any data points on whether a product change counts against 5/24 when a new CC number is issued? Experian shows my ATT card opened at the time of the Premier card closed – on its face, it looks like I’m at 5/24 since it is showing two accounts opened on that same date. Any info on how Chase might see that? And if recon might be a viable option if they count it?

    • I don’t fully understand. Why does your report show two accounts opened on the same date? If it was due to a product change to a new account number I would have expected at worst to see one new account and one old account closed.

      • It shows them both open, and the Premier card is definitely closed. Doesn’t make much sense. Either way, it certainly doesn’t look helpful for my status.

  16. “Scroll down and count all accounts until you get one month past 24 months ago. For example, in June 2017 you would count all accounts until you find those that were opened prior to June 2015.”

    It’s not all accounts, just the credit card accounts right? I have a car loan that shows up within the 24 month window, but chase is not going to count that, yes?

    • I’m not sure. My guess is that Chase counts everything in the list, including the car loan, but that you may be able to get around it by calling recon (same with authorized user cards). That’s just a guess though.

      • Hm, interesting. Moot I guess as I’ll be under 5/24 including the car loan I n September. I’ll just wait.

        Good question though if there is a difference in 5/24 accounting between revolving and installment credit.

  17. Hi I am confused. You said: Scroll down and count all accounts until you get one month past 24 months ago. For example, in June 2017 you would count all accounts until you find those that were opened prior to June 2015.

    Why those that prior to June 2015? Shouldn’t accounts opened IN june 2015 count as well? Please clarify. 24 months would be June 2015 – June 2017, no?

    • Yes, all accounts opened in June 2015 count. That’s why he said to go until you get to the month before. Right now, all of your new accounts from June 1, 2015 up to now count. Starting on July 1st, the accounts from June 2015 should no longer count — then all accounts from July 2015 until July 2017 will count until August 1st. Does that make more sense?

    • Well, first, while he’s under 5/24 he should consider Chase business cards. The Chase Ink Business Preferred (80K offer) and Ink Cash (30K offer) are well worth getting. He can get them while he’s under 5/24, but they most likely won’t add to his 5/24 count for getting other cards.

      Next (or if he doesn’t want to go for business cards):
      -Then wait until late Nov or December to apply for two 50K or 60K Southwest offers on the same day. Make sure not to finish minimum spend requirements until after December statement closes so that points are awarded in January. This way, he’ll get a companion pass good for the rest of 2018 and all of 2019.

      He’ll then be over 5/24 so can’t get the Marriott card (but could get the Marriott business card).

      Finally, get Discover It once over 5/24.

  18. I just logged into Credit Karma today and found the account info as it use to be. Credit Reports -> TransUnion or Equifax -> Accounts; then filter for CC accounts only and sort by open date. Showed up just fine and shows open and closed accounts. Perhaps it was a temporary change that removed this view?

  19. Do store charge cards like Banana Republic, Kay Jewelers and Kohl’s count as 5/24? What about personal or auto loan/lease?

    • Seems to be different opinions on this. I read a couple places that no they don’t count especially if no MC OR VISA logo. But then others say yes this do count. Seems only way to find out is perhaps just give it a try…ymmv

      • I keep reading the same thing about if there’s no MC or VISA logo and if they can only be used in that specific store they do not count.

        I am hoping they don’t count but I am having a hard time getting confirmation.

        • I’m due to be 5/24 in August. But I’m just going to give it a try in April.Can’t hurt. And if it does go through it will be just in time for our overseas trip.

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