Update: 12% back on iPads, Macbooks, DSLRs, more at Walmart

Several shopping portals have increased rates this evening at Walmart. The highest is BeFrugal at 11% cash back. TopCashBack and Ebates are offering 10% cash back each as well.

Update: TopCashBack is now offering 12% cash back at Walmart.


The Deal

  • 11% cash back at Walmart.com via BeFrugal.com 12% cash back at Walmart.com via TopCashBack

Key Terms

TopCashBack Terms:

BeFrugal Terms

  • 11% Cash Back offered on total sales up to $10,000.00. Sales above $10,000.00 will earn 10% Cash Back
  • No cash back on gift cards, air-time cards, Sam’s Club, Pharmacy, Travel, Financial Services, tires, optical and Wal-Mart Connect Internet Service.
  • Products on the Walmart Cash Back Exclusion list are not eligible for Cash Back. The list can be found at http://www.befrugal.com/articles/cash-back-exclusions/walmart-cash-back-product-exclusion-list/ (note that there are some really random exclusions — like one specific Sony TV model, a boys’ size Minnesota Vikings t-shirt, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (PS3)….weird exclusions — check the list before you buy)
  • Grocery items not eligible for cash back.

Quick Thoughts

Walmart does not often reach double digits. At 11% cash back 12% cash back, this is the second-highest highest rate in the past 15 months according to CashBackMonitor.

With the wide range of products available at Walmart.com, there should be several opportunities for a deal. For example, Walmart sells iPads, Macbooks, DSLRs, etc. There are many products available that do not normally qualify for cash back.

As noted, check the exclusion list (if you buy through BeFrugal) as it includes some really random items. However, there are some good opportunities for a deal depending on your sales tax situation. Let us know if you find any great deals in the comments!

H/T: Doctor of Credit and Trevor

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  1. I plan on buying an iPad. By signing up on be fregal, I received a $10 sign up on first purchase. So, if the purchase price is $288, I should get the $10 plus 11% off? It doesn’t show that on check out.

    • It won’t show anything on check out. The cash back comes from BeFrugal, not from Walmart — so you won’t see anything in the Walmart checkout. You have to click through BeFrugal’s link. Your purchase will earn 11% cash back and the $10 BeFrugal sign up bonus. It takes a while for that to pay out, but that money will be in your BeFrugal account (it takes at least a few days to show up pending and a month or two to move from pending to payable).

  2. Stay away from Befrugal they’re crooks! I had a lot of pending cashback on my account and before it was ready to payout they closed my account and won’t pay me

    Topcashback has a better 12% rate too!

    • Hi Mike,

      Very sorry to hear you’ve had a negative experience with BeFrugal. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been paid out thousands of dollars from BeFrugal over the years without issue. But if you’ve had a problem with them, I can understand wanting to steer clear.

      TopCashBack was at 10% last night when I posted this. Thanks for the tip that they increased today — will update!

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