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Nick Reyes is a (fairly) regular guy with an animalistic passion for maximizing the value of miles and money to travel the world in comfort and style. There is little in life that he loves more than finding a fantastic deal and helping you shop smarter & harder to achieve your travel dreams.

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  1. I’m confused. I have a 2.625 percent B of A travel rewards cash back card for all spend. This is by virtue of my long standing banking relationship.
    Other than the modest sign-up bonus, is there any reason for me to get this card?
    Thank you, K

    • It depends on what you need. I have two 2.625 % boa travel. I have Chase ink bold, I have old Amex cash. I still apply for this card. I try to charge evenly on each card to fly under the radar. I will control my monthly charge each card to be less than 10k per month.

  2. Yes I still have an old blue Amex too. Am trying to work out the 6500 spend at 0.5 percent aspect to see if this card still works now that I’m not doing 15 to 20k per month in Visa cards at safeway any more. Rewards year end coming next month.

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