New IHG 80K Offer, AF waived 1st year

Chase has a new public offer today on the IHG Rewards Mastercard, good for 80,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first three months. The annual fee is waived for the first year.

The sign up offer

  • 80,000 IHG Rewards Club points after spending $1,000 in the first three months
  • 5,000 points for adding an authorized user and making a purchase
  • Annual fee is waived the first year ($49 thereafter)

Key card benefits

  • 5X at IHG hotels
  • 2X at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants
  • 1X everywhere else
  • Platinum Elite status (this includes 10% back on point redemptions up to 100K points back each year)
  • One free night at any IHG hotel on each anniversary date
  • No foreign transaction fees

Quick Thoughts

This offer is about as good as it gets. The only better offer I remember was one triggered by a dummy booking for 80K + a $50 statement credit (presumably plus the 5K AU points). I tried to make a dummy booking several times just now and the offer I saw was for 50K + $100 statement credit, which is not as good as the 80K offer. According to our Reasonable Redemption Values, IHG points are typically worth about $0.0054 per point — though we have occasionally posted about opportunities to buy them for closer to half a cent each. That makes the 85K signup bonus worth at least $425 — though you can certainly do better when strategically redeeming IHG points at peak times and locations.

Furthermore, the ongoing value of this card makes it an absolute keeper in my book. The annual free night in exchange for a $49 annual fee makes this card a great value as the free night can be used at any IHG hotel in the world. I used my last two at the Intercontinental Barclay in New York City and the Intercontinental Sydney. Both times, rates were well over $50 a night (in fact, rates at the Barclay were starting at $552.53 the night that I used my free cert there). I’m happy to keep this one year after year. As a couple, I suggest timing apps so that both partners get the free certificate around the same time — thus enabling you to book back-to-back nights for a free weekend stay.

A link to this offer has been added to our Best Offers page, where you can find the best public offers on a wide assortment of cards.

H/T: reddit/r/churning

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  1. I’ve had mine for 2+ years and recently paid the AF. If I cancel/reapply will I loose my free night cert?

  2. Can you apply and get a second credit card with the bonus if you are under 5/24 and haven’t gotten the bonus in 2 years? I will be finally under 5/24 later this year and would love to get more points in my IHG account.

  3. Great news about the 5/24 rule and getting a second card. Did you have to close your first account before re-applying? Also, does one have to wait 2 years since getting the first bonus?

  4. I believe IHG and Kimpton Karma were scheduled to merge sometime in 2017. Any news about possible integration and ability to use IHG points and annual free night at a Kimpton hotel?

  5. Should we clarify that it’s exempt from 5/24 – but still counts as 5/24 for other Chase card applications?

  6. If I apply for a second card 2 years after received a sign on bonus, how long do I wait after closing my first card? In other words, could I close IHG card 1 on Monday and apply for IHG card 2 on Tuesday?

    • I’m not aware of concrete data on this. General wisdom is that you should wait at least 1-2 weeks between closing one and opening the next to make sure you are out of the system and they don’t just re-open your old account. That said, a reader reported closing a Fairmont card and opening a new one the same day and getting the bonus (after an agent telling that reader that it could be done). So it may be possible to do the Monday-Tuesday plan, but YMMV.

  7. Can’t find a link for the 80k bonus, only 60k. How do I sign up for the better offer. Tried a dummy booking but that only offered a 50k bonus. Thanks

    • Try our Best Offers page (linked to in the post). We also have a new post out this morning on the targeted 100K offer. Even if you’re not targeted for that, you might be able to match to it.

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