11X AA miles spending offer [Targeted]

I received a targeted spending offer in the mail today on a Barclaycard AA Aviator Card: Spend $500 per month in August, September, and October and receive 15,000 bonus AA miles for a total of 16,500 miles for $1500 spend. This looked like a great offer to me — don’t throw away your mailer.

The Offer

  • Spend $500 each month in August, September, and October and receive 15,000 bonus miles

Key Details

  • This offer is targeted
  • You must spend $500 or more in each of the three calendar months (if you spend $499 one month, you get 0 miles)
  • Account must remain in good standing

Quick Thoughts

This offer is obviously targeted, but I know that my these mailers tend to be thrown out before I see them if I’m not careful. Luckily, in this case, I knew it was coming. I previously signed up for Informed Delivery from the USPS, so I receive scans each morning of the mail. I didn’t know for sure what this one would be, but I saw this in my email this morning and knew I wanted to be sure to check it before it got thrown away:

So if you see that mailer, open it up!

It’s worth noting that my anniversary date is coming up next month and I haven’t been using this card and intended to cancel it (or at least call for a retention offer). They beat me to the punch as I think this spending offer more than mitigates the annual fee. My wife also recently opened this card since it is the easiest 50K miles possible (just make a single purchase and pay the AF). Hopefully she can look forward to a similar offer when her anniversary comes around next year. Either way, I’ll certainly be putting $500 a month on this card in August, September, and October. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re a cardholder.

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  1. My wife and I were both targeted for this and finished the required spend for April, May, and June but have yet to receive the points. 2 billing cycles have since passed but still nothing…

    • The mailer says bonus miles will be awarded within six to eight weeks after the close of the promotion. It sounds like your promotional period ended June 30th. That means it hasn’t even been four weeks since your promotion ended. I would expect that you’ll probably see the miles sometime in mid or late August.

      • Thanks Nick for your quick reply and excellent posts! I’ll sit tight and see if they deposit the miles by end of august.

        If I remember, I’ll post an update here when I get the miles.

        Actually I did this for 4 people including my parents, we were all targeted so I’m looking forward to 40k AA miles. We all didn’t have much spend (or any at all after the first purchase) on the card, that definitely appears to be the trigger to get targeted.

    • Wife got this exact offer (April/May/June) and we completed the spend. Points posted on next statement. You need to call

  2. I received that offer for the past 2 years close to my renewal date but this year for me it was upped to $1,000 a month for three months for the same 15,000 AA miles. They also would not budge on any retention offer so after 2 attempts I went through with the cancel. I only used/had the card for these offers and the AA benefits.

  3. Any way to trigger the targeted offer? I just signed up for the card at the end of June so my AF won’t even be due until July 2018.
    BTW, when do my 50k miles post? Paid my AF 3 weeks ago and no miles yet.

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