10K Membership Rewards, Free Hulu, more Amex Offers [Targeted]

A few new Amex Offers have come out over the past several days – some of which offer a lot of value (up to 10,000 Membership Rewards Points). Each of these appears targeted. Here is a sampling of a few I found today and over the past week that might be of interest:

Amex Travel: Spend $500, get 10,000 Membership Rewards points

Note: The terms state that this is valid for a prepaid hotel booking at AmexTravel, and it excludes Fine Hotels & Resorts.

Hulu: Spend $50, get a $50 statement credit

Note: There was previously an offer valid through February 2018, but this new offer is valid through May 23, 2018.

Etsy: Spend $50, get $15 back

Note: I saw this one last week and didn’t post it. However, several members of the Frequent Miler Insiders expressed enthusiasm for it, so I am including it here for anyone who hasn’t yet noticed it.

Hilton: Spend $300, get 3,500 Membership Rewards points

Note: The terms state that advance purchase rates do not qualify. However, I think it’s possible that this could stack with the Amex Offer we included in this post as that offer is a promo code — I think you might be able to book with that code and pay with a card showing this offer at checkout and stack both discounts. Double check the terms of both offers.

Bottom line

These are just a few of the new Amex Offers that have come out that might be of particular interest. Check your account for these and more. While I rarely consider a prepaid hotel booking, it’s hard to ignore the value of the rebate on the Amex Travel offer – especially as my wife received the offer and she has a card that is still eligible for the higher Business Platinum pay-with-points rebate. Even without that, 10K points is a nice return on $500 spend.

Have you seen any other interesting offers lately? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Any clue what cards are eligible? Delta Platinum and Optima Platinum don’t appear to offer the Hulu promo.

    • Yes, all of these appear to be targeted — I should have included that in the post originally (have updated).

      I found:

      Amex Travel on an Everyday Preferred
      Hulu: One Business Platinum (an AU on a card of mine, but didn’t get it on the primary)
      Etsy on all of my Amex cards, business and personal, Membership Rewards and hotel points cards
      Hilton: Amex Business Platinums & Everyday Preferred

      I don’t imagine they are limited to those kinds of cards, but that’s where I found them.

  2. That Amextravel offer being only for hotels is a turn off. I mean it’s already a turn off that you don’t earn hotel points.
    If they want me to book my flights with them, then they should include flights. Cheapest Business class ticket YYZ-SFO on google flights for 10/21 is $417. That flight is not even available on Amex travel, and cheapest there is $497. KOA-SFO economy on 10/21 – google has the cheapest at $330 but Amex’s cheapest flight is $402.

    • Agreed that I wish it would work towards flights (and then Amex Travel listed more flights). On the other hand, I value 10K MR (+ points earned on the EDP used to pay) at well beyond what I’d earn on $500 spend in most hotel chains. Even with Hilton’s Go More Get More giving 30X for Diamond Members + 12X for using the Hilton CC, that’s about 21,000 Hilton points. I’d take the Membership Rewards points over that.

      Of course, the bummer is losing elite benefits. I wouldn’t normally consider booking prepaid through Amex Travel. 10K MR might be enough to tempt me.

  3. My Personal Plat had the Amex Travel offer as 7500 pts for $500 spend, same restrictions prepaid hotel only. No Hulu. Boooo

  4. I have 3 different Hilton offers on my everyday card; 300+ spend 3500pts, 5000pts for weekend stay, and spend 500+ get $100 back @ UK pproperties. I have a stay coming up for the London Bankside in August. Do you think all three offers will stack? I would have to use the everyday card and pay those foreign transaction fees if not.

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