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Nick Reyes is a (fairly) regular guy with an animalistic passion for maximizing the value of miles and money to travel the world in comfort and style. There is little in life that he loves more than finding a fantastic deal and helping you shop smarter & harder to achieve your travel dreams.

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  1. I’m seeing an increased referral on the Everyday card. Just to make sure, the MR points with this card are REAL MR points correct? Not the fake MR points like from the green Amex?

  2. 20K + 10K = 30K.
    Exactly the same as the 30k sign up I got in incognito for the EDP. Granted there was no referral bonus, but why offer someone your referral so they can get a lower bonus just so you can get the referral bonus when they could potentially sign up for a higher bonus by trying incognito?

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