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Wyndham Rewards has a new terrific promotion whereby you can earn enough points for a free night at any property in the world for just 2 paid stays with Masterpass. Note that you don’t have to pay with a Mastercard, just with Masterpass, the digital wallet.

Tell ’em Mance Rayder sent ya.

The Deal

Key Details

  • Stays must be completed by October 31, 2017 (meaning you must check out of your stay no later than November 1st)
  • Must be a member of Wyndham Rewards
  • Consecutive nights at a single hotel count as 1 stay even if made on separate reservations
  • Only available “while supplies last
  • See full terms on the promotion page linked above

Taking advantage of it

This promotion looks great — two paid stays will get you 15,000 points, which is enough for a free night at any Wyndham property in the world since all properties cost the same 15K points per night. It’s easy to take advantage of this one — just book a stay and pay with Masterpass. Note that Masterpass is just a digital wallet like PayPal or Visa Checkout — you can use Visa, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, etc as your chosen payment method.

It would be easy to pick up a couple of really cheap stays or mattress runs, as Wyndham properties can be dirt cheap in some cities. Here’s a random Tuesday night next month in Albuquerque:

On the flip side, you can get pretty big value out of the points. Here are paid rates on the same night in New York:

And I did verify that both were available on points. In fact, the Hotel Henri even has a junior suite available for 15K…..

Combined with the increased 45K/18K signup bonuses on the Wyndham Rewards credit cards, you could get a really nice value out of your points. Wyndham has plenty of properties worldwide where you could easily get more than 1 cent per night in value. And every now and then they run a great promotion. You might remember that back in February, I booked a 9 bedroom, 6 bathroom “cottage” in the English countryside (See: Smoking Deal: 9 bedroom villa for 15K points per night). Soon thereafter, Greg booked a place that looks even better (See: Finding gold in old Wyndam points). All-in, I spent 30K points on two nights for my reservation. The booking confirmation I received shows the cash rate as though I had paid the cash price.

That promotion only lasted for a few days — now you would need 15K points per bedroom to rent those properties — but picking up points in promotions like this provides the flexibility to take advantage of promotions like that. Note that I did call to see if families could pool points (i.e. 9 people with 15K each book that property). I was told that this isn’t possible to do and points can not be transferred between accounts.

One key note: the terms state “while supplies last“. That phrase doesn’t exactly inspire confidence after the big Wyndham/SPG points donation debacle (See: Wyndham killed the deal! Don’t donate your SPG points (unless you want to).) That said, I will still try to take advantage of this promotion as I’d like to be prepared for the next big thing.

H/T: View from the Wing

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    • I believe so. This promotion should be in addition to whatever you would normally earn. I don’t remember the terms of that one off the top of my head, but as long as you can pay with Masterpass I don’t see why not.

        • When you pay with Masterpass the Mr. Rebates would not apply. I cannot comment on the Visa savings part but I assume it would not as well.

      • If the 10K promo and this one stack – YES.
        This promo alone is also good to me. Apart from the cc and buying 5K points there are very few options to accrue Wyndham points

  1. Why wouldn’t mr. rebates apply? Has that been established? Or are you assuming? I am pretty sure visa savingsedge would apply as that applies to what gets posted to the credit card account you have linked in savings edge account. You can use the same visa credit card in masterpass and checkout with that.

  2. Do we actually have to complete the stay? I’m assuming you pay for the stay ahead of time with the promotion. So could we just find a super cheap stay and then not show up? How long does it take for points to post?also how do we combine the promo for 10k points?

    • I’ve found, personally, that you do have to show up to earn points for a stay. I’ve no-showed at SPG and Hilton before and never earned stay credit or points for what I spent.

  3. When booking online, it is not possible to use Masterpass to actually pay for the room, only to guarantee the payment. The T&Cs state that it’s not necessary to present the credit card associated with Masterpass when checking in. Is this to say that you can hold the booking with the Masterpass card, and then pay with whatever card you like?

    Although I used Masterpass when booking, but the payment was not deducted from my card, so I called hotel and was told the card is for guarantee only and I have to pay at check in. Will paying at check-in trigger this promotion? Thanks!

    • That is exactly what is happening. Used Citi Premier in Masterpass and gave CSR at the time of check in (assuming for incidentals). Got charged for the room rates on CSR & Nothing on Premier.
      Masterpass promo points (7500×2) posted 3 days after checkout.

      • Awesome! Thank you for the dp! Seems that this promotion does not limit to Wyndham hotels in U.S. only, so I assume hotels overseas should also work, correct ?

      • That’s great that your promo points already posted. In my case, the 10K points posted right away, but I’m still waiting for the 7,500 from Masterpass. The promo fine print says to “allow four to six weeks” for points to post so I’ll wait it out.

        • Same for me. I just caught wind of these deals about 2 weeks ago and promptly booked a few stays at a local ~$40/night location. 10k posted almost immediately, but am still waiting on the 7,500 from Masterpass promo (going on about 12 days now).

  4. As an aside, according to front desk at one property and well as the fine print in the T&C booking discount rates such as AAA or AARP will result in not earning points or bonus points( ie. not considered a qualified stay) ? Any DPs?

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