Not targeted: 10X at Walmart on Freedom & Sapphire cards

Last week, it was reported that some people were receiving an email from Chase promoting the chance to earn 10X or 10% cash back on purchases at made through Chase Pay with certain Chase credit cards. Doctor of Credit has reported that it has been confirmed by the Chase media team that this offer is not targeted and is open to all Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, and Sapphire Reserve cardholders.

The Deal

  • Either 10X or 10% cash back (depending on your card earning structure) on up to $250 in purchases between August 1st-31st, 2017 when you use Chase Pay and a Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, or Sapphire Reserve card.

Key Terms

  • Must check out using Chase Pay
  • Only valid at

Quick Thoughts

This promotion came out last week, but we were unable to confirm whether or not it was targeted at the time. Now that we know it is not targeted, I will definitely be utilizing this offer to the fullest. There is nothing to add or sync — just check out via Chase Pay at and it should automatically work. While it is limited to just $250 in purchases, that’s still 2500 Ultimate Rewards points — not a bad bonus for shopping on Furthermore, you could shop through the Chase shopping portal and pick up a couple more points-per-dollar. We aren’t 100% sure, but believe that the cap will be $250 per card if you have more than one Freedom/Sapphire product. You could test this by maxing out one card at $250 in purchases and then making a small test purchase with your second card. Your purchases should show up in the Ultimate Rewards portal under the rewards you are earning on your next statement, where you should be able to see whether it will earn 1 point only or 1 point + 9 bonus points. Note that if you plan to buy gift cards, Doctor of Credit has some tips for ensuring that your gift card orders don’t get cancelled as Walmart does tend to cancel gift card orders at random. Also see the comments there for other additions from readers.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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    • As I said in the post, I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but if you follow the suggestion I gave to make sure it works on your second card, you can know before you go all out on all of your cards.

    • Could be that or Walmart gift cards or whatever other kinds of gift cards Walmart sells, like prepaid cell phone cards. Walmart has a tendency to cancel orders that have those now and then. Doesn’t mean you can’t get an order in for gift cards, but that’s why I linked to the Doctor of Credit article about it.

    • Brian, a couple of comments above you, says Chase told him yes via secure message. That’s the first I’ve heard of it for an Ink card. I would suggest sending a secure message if you plan to use an Ink card to double confirm that and have it in writing.

      • I’m not really sure how Brian answered the question…

        I have several Ink business cards – Ink Business Bold, Ink Business Plus, and Ink Business – does CIP refer to one of those?

        • I’m sorry — you asked if it included Ink cards and I referred you to Brian’s comment because he said that Chase confirmed it works for a CIP. I’m not sure whether he meant Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Business Preferred, but he was referring to an Ink card, so I thought that info would be helpful for you. Like I said, his comment is the first I’ve heard of it working for a business card (see comments below from users who report not being able to take advantage because they have personal & business cards on the same Chase login ID). However, I still think your best bet is to send Chase a secure message to ask as I’ve not seen anyone else report on it working for business cards.

  1. Chase online info said not good for business cards. However, BIG problem is that doesn’t ACCEPT Chase pay!!! Great promo!! No option at checkout to use chase pay. Chat help said they don’t accept.

    • Option IS available at checkout, however, it reads “CHASE PAY isn’t available for you yet”

      Promotion may not be targeted, but it isn’t available to everyone either……

      • Apparently its not available if you have business and personal cards linked to the same account… not sure why that is though.

        • I hadn’t logged in yet… how would it know. I have Biz cards on my account, wife does not.

    • Do they offer Chase Pay as a payment option at checkout?

      I haven’t used, but if the checkout process is the same as the rest of, I would guess that it would work. That said, I’m not sure. If you try it and it works, let us know!

  2. @THEsocalledfan – didn’t want to risk them canceling my GC order.

    @Nick – I don’t see it as a checkout option 🙁

    Thanks for the quick response everyone!

    • @Alex, I had great success buying physical gift cards with the last Amex deal. DOC has that as one of his recommended strategies that may help. YMMV, but that is my plan. Wally gift cards are worth the weight as they are about one of the only merchant gift cards nearly as good as cash.

      • I see$220 for $250 Wal GC. not sure what you see,’ $30 expense to a $25 savings doesnt look so good regardless of how you value UR points unless critical for upcoming trip. but maybe you Beebe a different source and lower walmart gift card puchase than $220?

  3. Had absolutely no problem using Chase Pay. Went through UR portal spending $250 which gives 4X for a total of 14X per $ = 3500 UR using Freedom Unlimited. Once the GC’s ship and confirm I received the expected points, I’ll repeat using Sapphire and Wife’s Freedom Unlimited.

    • T&C through UR portal states “Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.”

      Unless i am missing some trick here. I guess that is always the language printed on the site. But hey…we still have the 10%!

  4. @David – did you happen to notice on the summary page right before you click to make the purchase and it shows you your “info”. Card being used, your address, etc. It shows the card that I was using as the last 4 numbers being 1234. Except the card I was using the last 4 numbers were 5678.
    Very strange. The purchase showed up on my carding ending 5678 so everything worked the way it was supposed to. I wonder where it came up the the numbers it showed me.

  5. Ahh… I got it. A bit confusing at first. I’m wondering what card is that? I don’t have a card ending with those 4 numbers.

  6. Just got off the phone with Chase, as they called me re: Fraud Prevention when buying a VGC at Walmart. They cleared and reset my account now, and confirmed that the $250 limit is PER ACCOUNT, not per user. Rock and roll!

  7. What a nightmare! At the Walmart check-out, I clicked on Chase Pay and proceeded to use my Sapphire Reserve card. It not only wouldn’t go through, but Chase suspended my card due to suspicious behavior. I’m traveling and found out the hard way when I went to pay my restaurant bill.

    Chase customer service was horrible. I didn’t get an email, text or phone call from Chase.
    When this happened with my AMEX last year, I received all 3. It took an hour and 4 different Chase employees to speak with. Employee #3 told me she couldn’t access my account and it would take 24-48 hours for someone to contact me. After demanding a supervisor, it only took 20 more minutes to get this fixed. And I’m told that activating Chase Pay when doing the Walmart checkout was the culprit.

    Wow – who would have thought that simply using a Chase feature would create enough suspicion to freeze a credit card. For a $450/year card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve customer service team are rank amateurs. This is not a premium experience. At least not for me.

  8. I get an error when trying to use chase pay at in google chrome from my android phone:

    “We’re temporarily unable to complete your request. Please try again later. (Code 2002)”

    Am I doing something wrong?

  9. I got the same account freeze issue when trying chase pay at Walmart. I spent two hours to sort out the issue and had to work with chase internet account team to change my online account login user name to gain back online access to my account. It’s ridiculous. Chase system assumes that my email is hacked and someone else gained access to my online account and request me change my email account password first before they restore my account access.

  10. 10X tracked and showing on my FU account. Will now repeat Sapphire and Wife’s FU. Probably won’t get 4X from portal but 10X is great.

  11. Just got locked out of web access and the card I used was temporarily frozen. Called Chase – they told me they think my account got compromised and confirmed the Chase Pay triggered the lock. Spent 30 minutes on the phone with Chase to validate transactions on all my cards and bank accounts. In the end they wanted me to reset my username and password, I said no. My account was obviously not compromised and the password is unique for my chase account. After arguing with them and holding my ground, and a few holds for the security rep to talk to a supervisor – they unlocked my account and let me continue using my username and password. What a pain in the ass to use Chase Pay.

      • So did you attempt this again after your account was frozen then unlocked? I just went through the call with Chase to unfreeze my account, but I don’t want the same thing to happen again. They assured me I could use Chase Pay, but I’m a little leary of getting my account frozen again.

        • I just got around to trying this a second time tonight with my second Chase Freedom card. I guess we’ll see if it locks me up again. The things we go through for points…

  12. Finally got email from Chase about this offer, can this be combined with cashback portal?
    I assume it can. Topcashback offering 7% at Walmart right now.


    • Read their T&C.

      What could stop me from getting cash back?
      Purchase of gift cards, cellular purchases, prepaid phone cards, Sam’s Club, pharmacy, travel, financial services, tires, optical and Wal-Mart Connect Internet Service.

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