Great deal: Go to the movies every day for $10 a month

Update 8/27/17: I have received my Movie Pass, activated it, and bought a ticket. Everything went smoothly and easily and nearly every theater within a 40 mile radius came up in the app. Note that you can also view theaters on the home page now (scroll to the bottom). I pulled up the app on my phone, checked in for the movie, and then bought my ticket at the window. The cost of the movie was $13.50, meaning that I’m already $3.50 ahead for the month. Note that Movie Pass has reached out to say that they are behind on printing cards and that they are currently projecting deliveries between September 6th-10th, with people who signed up on August 15th or 16th possibly receiving them sooner.

MoviePass is an interesting service that offers “unlimited” movie theater movies each month for one price. My wife and I subscribed in the past and loved it, but stopped when the price went up to $40 a month. Today, it caught my eye when I saw that they are running a deal for just $9.95 per month per person for unlimited movies in the movie theater. There are a few catches — but this is a great deal if you enjoy going to the theater. This isn’t a travel-related deal, but it’s a money-saving deal if you enjoy the movies and could be a big win if you go often. It works nationwide, meaning you can see movies at home or when you roam. See your movie Saturday and his/her movie Sunday. Never compromise again.

Update: There is a new link that looks like it provides a free one-month trial. There are also some media outlets claiming that AMC is trying to block Movie Pass from working (despite their former partnership and the fact that Movie Pass has worked at AMC since 2011). Read media reports at Variety and the Los Angeles Times for more info. As someone who subscribed for about 20 months from 2012-2014, I’m not too concerned about those reports — read on for my experience and see those articles for more info.

The Deal

Update 8/16 9:54am: The links above no longer appear to provide a free trial. I think they have killed the free trial and are now charging immediately and starting your service the day you activate your card (I suggest waiting to activate it until you’re going to go to the movies). This link will bring you to to sign up, but there is no trial. The links above redirect to that same page. (Thanks Brendan)

Key things to know

  • Doesn’t work on IMAX, 3D, etc.
  • Link to full FAQs
  • 1 pass per person — it’s nontransferable (you’ll need one Movie Pass account for each member of your family)

My experience and how it works

My wife and I joined movie pass back in late 2012 and had it into 2014. As early adopters, we locked in a rate of $19.99 per month (each) with a one-year commitment. We cancelled in 2014 when the rate went up to $39.99. At $9.95 per month with cancellation possible at any time, I think it’s a no-brainer for movie lovers. I have chatted with support to verify as much as I can about how the service today compares to several years ago, and I believe it is basically the same service with a couple of improvements and a few losses from my experience. Here’s how it worked/works.

When you sign up, Movie Pass will mail you a plastic card in the mail that looks like a debit card (though it’s not exactly a debit card and isn’t a credit card — there is no personal information required apart from your billing information so you can pay the $10 a month subscription fee). This was my last one back in 2014:

You would then need to download the Movie Pass app on your smart phone. You must have a smartphone for this to work. You would then need to physically go the movie theater to “check in” and choose a movie (the app needs to use your GPS to verify that you are at the theater). Once you do that, it automatically loads your card with the money to buy the ticket. You can then just swipe it like a credit card at the theater. Back in the day, I got a lot of suspicious looks from cashiers, but I would point out to them that there was a Discover logo on the back (at the time, Movie Pass worked on Discover’s payment network).

Today, they also have e-ticketing at some theaters where you can get your e-ticket right in the app and show a code at the movie theater to receive your ticket. This option didn’t exist when I had Movie Pass, so I don’t yet have personal experience with it.

What theaters does it work with?

This is the tricky part. Back in the day, it used to work nearly anywhere that took Discover. Today, it seems they have partnerships with some theaters/chains. Chat support tells me that they are working on a theater locator / map, but for now your only way to find theaters that work is to chat with support or open the app and search once you have the service. The good news is that the link above gives you a free 2-week trial to check it out and see what works.

Chat support was slow in responding to me earlier and for a couple of hours afterward, I was refreshing the site and it kept saying they were “away”. The site also crashed a few times, so be patient if it doesn’t work right away. However, what I determined is that most AMC, Regal and Cinemark theaters should work and there are likely several other chains. I had the chat agent report back theaters based on several zip codes and here I’m providing a few examples: Albany, NY; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Myrtle Beach, SC; and a Manhattan zip code (10010). I chose Albany and Myrtle Beach zip codes specifically because I had used Movie Pass in those cities before, so I could compare against the theaters that were available then and now, and the list was mostly identical, with one indie theater in Albany now gone from the list (the Spectrum 8, a theater that plays indies — sad to see it gone from the list!). Here were the results they gave me for those cities:

Albany, NY area

Regal Crossgates Stadium 18
Regal East Greenbush 8
Madison Theater
Bowtie Movieland
Regal Colonie Center Stadium 13
Rotterdam Square Cinema

Ann Arbor, MI Area

Ann Arbor 20
Michigan Theater
State Theater
Goodrich Quality 16 Ann Arbor

Myrtle Beach, SC

Carmike Broadway 17
Cinemark at Myrle Beach
Carmilke Colonial Twelve
Rivertown Stadium 12
Grand 14 at Market Commons

Manhattan (zip code 10010)

I’m going to paste a screen shot here as I don’t know the theater names and can’t easily tell where one name ends and the next begins from the chat transcript. If you live in Manhattan, you know better than I:

As you can see, Movie Pass works at a good range of theaters. Excluded theaters are usually places that serve dinner with the movie or are otherwise branded as “luxury” theaters. That said, one theater I used with MoviePass has power recliner seats and is still on the list, so I don’t know what defines a theater as “luxury”.

Can you…….?

I’m sure some readers will have questions about what you can do. The short version of the story is that most ways to game the system are explicitly against the terms. You might get away with some temporarily, but you risk getting your account banned. For example, you aren’t supposed to buy a ticket for a movie other than the one for which you checked in, you aren’t supposed to use your card to buy candy/soda/snacks/etc, it’s non-transferable. If you come up with a way to “beat the system” on this, I suggest keeping it to yourself lest it die a quick death and get your account shut down.


The key drawbacks for Movie Pass from my perspective are:

A) You can’t see 3D/IMAX movies

This never bothered me, but it might bother you.

B) The GPS could be glitchy at times

At roll-out, the GPS was very glitchy. At first, the app didn’t have our local theater in the right place, so the app wouldn’t recognize us at the theater. After about six months, things became smooth and we were using it twice a week, often in different locations, without much of a problem (the occasional GPS hangup on our phone might require a reboot at worst). I would imagine this has been worked out over the past 3 years to the point where the experience is smooth, but if you happen to live in an area where there haven’t been many members, it may require some chatting with support. At the time, when the GPS wasn’t working, chat support would sometimes manually load my card without a check in. They were always very helpful.

The other two drawbacks were fixed. They used to limit you to seeing one movie per rolling 24-hour period. They removed that restriction — you can now see 1 movie every calendar day (this is the way it worked at launch, just including this information for those who may have been familiar with Movie Pass over the years since). The other drawback was that you used to only be able to see each movie 1 time. Now you can see each movie as many times as you want, but only 1 movie per calendar day.

Stack it

I’m not sure how this works with the new in-app e-ticketing, but with theaters where they load the card and you pay at the theater, this always stacked with theater loyalty programs. My wife and I racked up free snacks and sodas and movie tickets and sometimes brought along friends or gave  away those free tickets earned from the theater loyalty program.

Bottom line

At $9.95 per month (less than twenty bucks for a couple), this is pretty cheap entertainment. If you go to the movies just twice a month, you’re ahead of the game. If you go more often, you can get a nice value out of this.

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  1. […] Great deal: Go to the movies every day for $10 a month: I’m listing this deal here one more time because I have received my Movie Pass, activated it, and bought a ticket. The experience was very smooth: I went to the theater, pulled up the app, clicked the showing I wanted to see, and bought my ticket right at the window. The ticket price was $13.50 — meaning that MoviePass is already a win this month – after just one movie. They have sent out an email saying that they are backlogged on printing the cards (and my wife’s hasn’t yet arrived), so you may have to be patient with regard to receiving it, but this is a great deal. […]


    • Bummer. I’m not sure if the $9.95 is a new pricing model or a one-day thing or what. Back when they first launched at $19.99 a month back in ’12, the website got hammered that day and was similarly up and down all day, but I eventually got it through twice for my wife and I. Actually, I think I had more than 2 orders go through successfully, and they helped me sort it out afterwards. I would imagine it’ll come back in. This morning, I signed myself up. Then, I wrote the post while the site was down. It came back up and I got my wife signed up just before I posted it, so I know it’s been off and on. Checkout errored out on me twice for her, but the second time she got the email and it actually went through, so I’d check your email / card. Hopefully, they’ll get it fixed up!

  1. Couldn’t get website to work, so downloaded app to see if I could sign up that way. Put in my Chicago address and got back “service unavailable.” Guess they’re not here in the Midwest yet.

  2. Why are my comments getting deleted? I tried to post that link twice to help everyone and I’ve been posting under this email address for years….

      • The one that had a link in it for people to check for a nearby theatre before purchasing. Seems the system is flagging me that’s the only thing I can think of.

        • Thanks for the great resource. Comments with links in them require manual approval in order to avoid spammers posting harmful links. I’m at the grocery store, so it took me a few minutes to approve, that’s all.

  3. Updated the post with the 1-month free trial (Thanks, Rye!). Also updated it with some news articles about AMC “discussing with lawyers how they can block Movie Pass”. Not sure how that would work since it apparently now works as debit on the Mastercard network…..but it’s in the news, so I added the links. If you read the reports, you’ll also notice that AMC and Movie Pass had a partnership in 2015. They’ve also been taking Movie Pass since I subscribed between 2012-2014. It sounds like AMC doesn’t like the idea that Movie Pass is lowering the perceived value of Movie Tickets, but AMC is still getting paid, so I am personally taking those media reports with a grain of salt at this point, but our mileage may vary.

    • I’m not seeing the 1 month free trial anywhere. And towards the end of the process it comes up with this message:

      “Your credit card will be charged $9.95 today, and your first month of service will officially begin when you receive your MoviePass card in the mail.”

      Is the 1 month free trial dead?

      • It appears that maybe both the one month and 2 week free trials are dead. I’m trying a couple of other links now in incognito mode, and they all seem to default to a no free trial version. I’m going to try a few more things and then I’ll update the post. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Site seems to be back up now. I just signed up. Pages loaded quickly. 10 minutes ago, I kept getting an ‘application error’

  5. For those interested in more on this deal, here’s an article from Bloomberg yesterday. The initial video is Yahoo news and kind of fluffy, but afterwards an interview plays from Fox Business News where they interviewed the CEO of MoviePass and the investment company that bought a stake in them yesterday if you’re interested in seeing a bit more about what they’re doing.

    Definitely sounds like they intend to keep this price around for a while, so if you’re on the fence or didn’t get in yet, I don’t think it’s going away soon.

  6. Just a comment that I could not sign up through the app yesterday and today, but Nick’s link above worked great.

    • I expect that the Citi Prestige will earn 3X as “entertainment”. The AT&T Access More card might earn 3X as an “online purchase”. At 30 points a month, it won’t get you far…but every little bit counts, right?

      I actually put mine on a card II’m spending at a bonus on to automate ten bucks of that, so I didn’t actually put it on a card with a category bonus. I doubt you’ll get any other category bonuses.

  7. I just sent this request to customer service…
    This process totally sucks. First I have to sign up and pay to even see if there’s theaters near me in the program. Then I have to have a totally separate login to your support site? With even more restrictive password requirements than the site that has my CC information. Really? Then your support site tells me to chat. But I can’t find a link to chat anywhere. All the theaters anywhere near me (80401) are not on the map of theaters. Unless you can show me otherwise, I’d like to delete my membership and NOT be charged.

    Additional info – only 11 theaters included in the program in all of metro Denver and suburbs.

  8. Update:

    I received my Movie Pass on Friday and went to the theater that evening. It worked perfectly. More info added at the top of the post. Also note that you can now view a theater map if you go to and scroll to the bottom. The card has a Mastercard logo on it.

  9. Wew ordered 3 on August 16 and just received them yesterday. I’m sure an afternoon matinee will happen today! 🙂 Kansas City is the home of AMC theaters—I sure hope that moviepass relationship does not go the way of the Dodo bird

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