Plastiq no longer allows Amex mortgage payments

Plastiq mortgage visa

The Plastiq bill payment service offers a convenient way to pay bills with a credit card for a 2.5% fee.  Unfortunately, there are a few restrictions.  In June of this year, Visa stopped allowing Plastiq to accept Visa cards for mortgage payments.  And now Amex has done the same.

After I received a reader tip (thanks Tom), I reached out to Plastiq and they confirmed: customers will have to “use a Mastercard or Discover to pay mortgage.”

I’ve updated our Complete Guide to Plastiq and Manufactured Spending Complete Guide accordingly.

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  1. What about if current scheduled payments? I have my Amex Blue Biz set to make recurring monthly mortgage payments till end of year. Are you saying Amex will decline the payment?

      • One of my scheduled payments that used to work just got denied this morning. I tried scheduling a one-time payment, but Plastiq showed a banner saying that Amex cards are not accepted for this payee at the moment due to technical reasons.

        Looks like Plastiq started cracking down even on scheduled payments.

  2. Well crap. Just signed up for the BRG card too. Seems their business model is falling flat on its face when it’s denying half of the cards they accept now.

    Will have to find $5k spend another way…

  3. After I saw this post, I went out and made my payment with an AMEX and it went through fine. I got the approval from Plastiq and received notification of approval from AMEX for the charge as well. We’ll see if it gets bounced.

  4. “Unfortunately, American Express cards cannot be used to pay this recipient. To submit your payment, we recommend using a MasterCard (check out our current promotion).

    Don’t have a MasterCard? Sign up for one of our favorites, including: the Citi Double Cash, Barclays Arrivals Plus, or the Citi Prestige.”

    They have a link to each of those cards, wonder if they’re referral links.

  5. Just talked to a Plastiq rep:

    – You can still use AMEX cards to make RENT payments (whew!)
    – A banner will pop-up if you try to use AMEX or VISA for mortgage payments (so you can’t accidentally use the wrong card)
    – If you try to use VISA for rent/mortgage, it will be coded as cash advance (so don’t do it!)

    • I thought there have been reports that the ink business preferred visa is going through for mortgage payments, paying 3x and not charging cash advance? no?

      • I don’t know about it being used for mortgage payments (I haven’t heard that), but yes to using it without a cash advance and yes to 3X. Cash advances are only charged when you add a brand new payee. If you first pay them with Mastercard or Amex then you can do subsequent payments with Visa.

  6. To what extent will AMEX/Plastiq allow the existing scheduled payment to go through? I had an existing scheduled monthly payment until end of this year and i went ahead and scheduled for another year just now and it has no problem letting me do that. Am i going to get alert in the future when Plastiq can no longer accept AMEX payment for the scheduled one?

  7. I just tested my home equity line of credit which is paid to the same bank as my mortgage. It appears to have gone through fine with a Visa.

    One could use a line of credit to pay the mortgage, then pay the line of credit with Plastiq if trying to meet a minimum spend.

  8. As a follow-up to my post yesterday, Plastiq sent an email that the check has been sent to my bank for my mortgage. This is working just like it always has for me.

  9. I am unable to schedule new payments or extend my old schedule with an Amex card. It errors me out and tells me to choose a Mastercard.

  10. You should be able to pay for your bills with your credit card as long as you pay your credit card bill. I know people are using it to increase their point but some of us like one bill once a month. I think an algorithm can figure that out, since it’s not rocket science.

  11. I know Visa cards are no longer working to pay mortgage in plastiq. Anyone know if you can use visa gift cards for mortgage payments in plastiq?

  12. As of 10/20/2017, Plastiq is not accepting Amex credit cards for ANY payments (regardless of whether it’s mortgage related or not). Here’s the message I got from Plastiq’s CSR:

    I do apologize that we are having to temporarily stop processing American Express payments. This has affected our system greatly and we are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible with American Express directly. In the meantime, other card brands can be used to make payments.

    We currently do not have an ETA on when this will be resolved but we will make sure to alert all customers when this issue is resolved.

    Thank you for your patience while we correct this issue and will make sure you know the moment it has been resolved.

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