[Dead] Awesome: Google Home for $16.99

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Update: This deal is dead. The New York Times modified the deal terms to require full payment for an annual subscription (terms were different at the time of posting). Congrats to those who got in before the change.

A Slickdeals user has reported an awesome promotion that will not last. This is an act first and ask questions later deal. The New York Times is running a promo whereby you can subscribe to digital access for $16.99/mo (cancelable anytime) and receive a code for a free Google Home (normally $129). The code for the free Google Home arrives within minutes — in the last twenty minutes, I’ve subscribed, received my code, and ordered my free Google Home.

Update: Someone created a key generator and apparently has stolen some of the key codes for a free Google Home. If you get an error that your key code has already been used, you may have to call the New York Times to cancel and get a refund and/or file a chargeback. I used my code without issue, but I suggest using it immediately if you go after this deal.

The Deal

  • Buy an All Access or Home Delivery subscription to the New York Times and get a free google Home
  • Subscriptions start at $16.99/mo, cancel at any time
  • Direct link to this deal Update: Deal is now dead (requires a full payment for annual subscription)

Quick Info

Run, don’t walk. Choose All-Access or Home Delivery + All Access as shown below:

As you can see, it clearly says that the subscription will be billed once every 30 days Update: They modified this and it now says it is billed as one year up front..

You’ll see confirmation of the deal as you’re checking out:

At the bottom of the promotion page, you can see in the frequently asked questions that cancellation is possible at any time according to the Frequently Asked Questions on this deal.

While a few Slickdeals users have reported being charged for a full year, I was only charged $16.99, just as it says on my order confirmation page at the New York Times website, of which I took a screen shot. Also note that it says you’ll receive a code for Google Home within 3-5 days. It came within 3-5 minutes.

Here’s my pending charge for $16.99:

Within minutes, I received the email from the New York Times with my code for a free Google Home. Note that the expiration on the code is next March — so even if Google runs out of stock today, your code should be good for six months:

Note also that the Google website is getting hammered. It may initially show that the Google Home is unavailable. Keep refreshing. It may give an error on your cart. Keep refreshing. It may loop when you hit checkout. Keep hitting checkout. It eventually worked. You’ll see the buy button to add it to your cart:

And then you’ll have a heck of a time getting to your cart and checking out, but it should eventually work. Don’t forget to add your promo code:

Bottom line

Whether you intend to keep it, gift it, or sell it, this is a terrific deal. If you end up loving your digital subscription to the New York Times, great. If not, cancel after a month and enjoy your Google Home.


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    • Person who posted it on Slickdeals chatted with support to confirm you can cancel at any time. You can certainly do the same if it makes you more comfortable. It says you can cancel at any time if you read the FAQs.

      • Looks like they changed the offer already —
        All Access
        $26.99 $16.99/month*
        Billed as one annual payment
        or pay month-to-month for digital-only access ONLY AVAILABLE WITH ANNUAL
        Included with All Access:
        Google Home with an annual subscription. LIMITED TIME
        ($129 value)†

        • Huh. I don’ see that. I see this:

          *Billed as $16.99 every 30 days for one year and $26.99 every 30 days thereafter.

          That’s weird. Have you tried a different browser or incognito? I can’t seem to replicate what you’re seeing…


    2.1. Cancellation and Refunds of Digital Subscriptions
    Digital products sold as part of a promotion, subject to an annual commitment or as an add-on to your home delivery subscription, such as Times Insider, may have different cancellation or refund policies that will be made clear at the time of purchase.

    2.2. Cancellation During Promotional Periods

    Certain promotions may not permit cancellation during the promotional period. You agree to the cancellation and refund terms stated at the time of purchase.

    And on the checkout screen:
    Some friendly reminders:
    Your payment method will be charged $17.97 per month for the first 12 months.

    • Where did you find that, Bob? It says this on the promotion page:

      “What is the cancellation and refund policy?
      You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, we will stop charging your account the following billing cycle. Your unlimited access will continue for the remainder of the current billing period.
      View the full cancellation and refund policy.”

      That’s directly from the Google Home promotion page. I’ve taken a screen shot. Like I said, you could also chat with New York Times support and screen shot that to be on the safe side. When I click the link for the full cancellation policy, I don’t see what you’ve copied and the promotion page terms are pretty concrete I think.

      That said, I guess we won’t know until it comes time to cancel it…but I’d certainly keep the screen shots in case and I’d think you’d have a decent argument on cancelling at the very least.

      • Yeah, I think you’re right, you have a decent argument, but it’d be a bit of a pain to argue with them, so gonna pass… thanks for posting though!

        • The link below shows up below where you enter your credit card information on the checkout screen. Nick, I did see the policy you posted, but once you click through, this new cancellation page shows up as a link. Get to the checkout screen again and see if you see the same thing we’re seeing.



          2.1. Cancellation and Refunds of Digital Subscriptions

          When you cancel a subscription, you cancel only future charges associated with your subscription. You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time, but the cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period.

          Except in the case of certain promotions, you can change or cancel your digital subscription at any time. If you are in the U.S., please call Customer Care at (800) 591-9233. If you are outside of the U.S., click here for your regional phone number. You can also email us here. Group Subscription billing cycles and terms of cancellations may differ and are governed by the terms set forth in the Group Subscription Purchase Order.

          Digital products sold as part of a promotion, subject to an annual commitment or as an add-on to your home delivery subscription, such as Times Insider, may have different cancellation or refund policies that will be made clear at the time of purchase.

          Cancellations are effective the following billing cycle. You will not receive a refund for the current billing cycle. You will continue to have the same access and benefits of your product for the remainder of the current billing period.

          We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion. If we issue a refund or credit, we are under no obligation to issue the same or similar refund in the future.

    • Code is theoretically good through 3/4/18, though with thieves stealing codes it’s up in the air.
      Actually, I just went to Google and added one to my cart. You might have to keep refreshing?

    • Bob’s obviously seeing the same as you….but odd, I’m still seeing the same terms I copied above when I open in a new incognito window (to be sure it’s not showing me a cached version). Can you help point me to where you’re seeing different terms?

  2. I decided to jump on it — Got code via e-mail. However, clicking checkout in cart (promotion applied message at the bottom) just reverts back to the cart, over and over, tried via incognito and another browser. Anyone able to actually checkout in the past 10 minutes?

  3. well – I did the deal a little while ago, but can’t get the google home ordered. Every time I click “Check out”, it just refreshes the screen. It said it was out of stock, but then it showed back up. I will likely try again tomorrow. I might just call the NY times and try to cancel the whole thing. Anyone else having problems?

    All Access + Google Home
    Unlimited access to all NYTimes.com content, The New York Times Crossword, NYT Cooking, one shareable bonus subscription, and one Google Store redemption code for a Google Home on us.

    Sales tax may apply.
    Total$26.99 $16.99
    Some friendly reminders:
    Your payment method will be charged $16.99 per month for the first 12 months.
    It will then be charged $26.99 per month thereafter, starting on September 29, 2018.
    Your subscription will continue until you cancel.

  5. Someone commented on Slickdeals at 3:29pm Eastern that they got checkout through 1 minute ago. Another user also reported getting a stolen code replaced via Google Chat.

    Also, someone mentioned being able to cancel the New York Times subscription via chat if you’re looking to cancel it and give up on the deal.

  6. Success! It took a few tries to buy the Google Home (it kept saying sold out or wouldn’t work), but eventually went through. I took screenshots on NYT: clearly says you can cancel at any time, which will stop only future charges. Nothing about an annual subscription when I got it (15 minutes ago), it just says the price goes up in 12 months.

  7. I just picked one up under the Monthly Subscription which I plan on killing off in under 30 days to only pay the $16.99 but now I see the deal is dead because only Annual Subscriptions are working to get the Google Home.

  8. I tried to follow this deal but the Google Home freebie is only available with the annual payment option. It specifically says on the website that the Google Home product is only available for the annual payment option. When I hover the mouse over the Monthly Payment option, it locks out the Google Home product and displays the message “Only Available with Annual”. I just tried it now (3:43pm EST).

    • Yup, it’s deader than a doornail 🙁 Hovering over “or pay month-to-month” brings up a popup over the Google Home device that says “Only available with annual.”

      Serves me right for not checking SD for a few hours, lol!

  9. They sure did change the terms. Now I see the change on the main promotion page. Updating the post — this one looks dead for those who didn’t get in before the change.

    • Nick – I got in on the $16.99/month deal like you, but I was told all NYT monthly subscribers will now be required to pay off the full amount of the annual subscription for the deal to be honored. Apparently they are reaching out to Google, so those who redeemed codes may also be affected. She did offer to cancel if I did not want to go through with it.

        • I would be interested to learn more as I got in on the $16.99 Deal and the Google Home Order was processed for free already shipping next week. I saw nothing that said you were required to keep the subscription for longer than 30 days as it said cancel anytime and nowhere on the email about the Google Home did it state they can claw it back.

  10. was able to just get in on this. monthly rate of 16.99 and can cancel at anytime….

    code came through within 5 minutes. took 5-10 minutes to check out but was able to make it work.

    thanks for sending this out!

  11. When’s everyone planning on cancelling? Figure it wouldn’t be a good look to do it today. Will wait until I actually get the unit before cancelling

    • Try contacting Google. As I noted in a comment above, someone on Slickdeals said they were able to get a replacement code from Google. Otherwise, as noted at the top of the deal, you may be stuck trying to cancel for a refund if you can. Sorry!

  12. I got in quick on the $16.99 deal, receiving confirmation of my NY Times order at 3:15pm (Eastern). They sent the email to order from Google in just a few minutes, and it took me until 4:26pm to Checkout at Google. Success.

  13. I got in before the change, wasn’t able to add one in the cart so decided to wait a bit. Checked back just a little bit ago (5pm Pacific Time) and the Home’s are sold out and I’ve been added to a waitlist. My issue is that when looking back at my email from NYTimes, the code has been removed! Even the link to redeeming the code has been removed! Am I out of luck or will I ever get a google home??

    • Same here. I copied my code out and stored it just in case this happened. If you actually clicked the link in the email, you can browse your web history and find the code at the end of the URL.

      • Awesome advice, crazy that people are still able to checkout at this time. Called Google about the waitlist and they literally said, “don’t hold your breath” lol. I’ll update when I get an email saying they’re stocked again and am finally able to checkout. Thanks HawaiiDreaming!

    • I got in on the $16.99 deal early, just after 3pm. Hours later, a few minutes ago, in my email from the NYTimes, the link LOOKED LIKE it had been removed, having changed from a “Redeem” box to just a square green box. But I clicked on it, and it led me to Google Store, and I was able to Buy the item and check out successfully.

      • They had no security in their links, the so called ‘stolen’ codes were merely people changing the end of the fetch image URL embedded in the e-mail HTML. They figured it out, after many hours, and finally stopped the link from working — as far as how you’ll get your code, a new code, or what to do from here, sorry I’m unsure.

        Bad coding on their part…. I could easily see multiple codes, and could have abused it, if I wanted to have Google made at me, Nope. Lol.

  14. I got in on this while the terms were still monthly for $16.99, but I did not get it ordered before it went OOS. Now it is back in stock, but I do not see my promo code in the email. The “Order Details” section seems to be a blank (white?) clickable link that takes me to the product page, or I can click on the green rectangle under “How to redeem your code”. But I do not see a code anywhere, and when I click through it is not auto-populated. Did this somehow get shut down after the fact by NYT, or does this mean my code was compromised?

  15. Received the back in-stock email. Clicked through my original confirmation email that had code but is now blank. Clicked the blank green box that took me to Google store. Clicked buy item. Automatically gave me the $129.99 discount. Received confirmation from Google store and will let me know when order ships. Will wait to receive item before cancelling NYT subscription. Worked for me.

  16. Ugh — yes, they did pull the promo code out. As you’re now noticing, they didn’t send the promo code actually in the text of the email — it was in an HTML image that they could easily turn off on their end. I took a screen shot of the email just in case. Didn’t think to post that here. I’m not sure there is any recourse for those who didn’t save the code (nor am I sure that it would even work still if they intended to pull it on you). Looks like your best bet might be asking NYT for a full refund and filing a chargeback if not (since you aren’t getting what was advertised). That really stinks. Sorry for those that didn’t get the Google Home before it went out of stock.

    • I didn’t save the code, but the blank green box on the original “how to redeem your code” worked for me and should work for others. When you click the blank green box, you are taken to the Google Home page. Click buy and click checkout. It will show the NYT promo discount of $129.99 w/ $0 due. Click confirm purchase. I received an email immediately from Google store order confirmation. Total was $0.

  17. So I was able to get the deal for the $16.99, and received the Google Home yesterday.

    What’s the procedure in regards to canceling? Any penalties that I should be aware of?


  18. I never got the code to work so I contacted NYT asking for a refund and cancelation. They gave me the cancelation but not a refund. I have disputed the transaction with the credit card, still waiting to hear their response.

  19. I was able to get the original deal but my promo code didn’t work and it said already used by someone. Upon contacting NYT several times they keep on saying they are working on it and never sent me the new code as yet. anybody else having the same issue??

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