30K Membership Rewards w/ new Yelp offer

When I was checking Amex Offers this morning, I noticed that American Express is out with a great new Amex Offer this morning for 30,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend $300 or more in one or more transactions for Yelp Ads.

The Deal

  • Spend $300 or more in one or more transactions with Yelp Ads, get 30,000 Membership Rewards points

Key Terms

  • Expires 4/9/18
  • Not valid on EAT24. Yelp Deals, Yelp Wi-Fi, or Yelp Reservations
  • Not valid on gift cards
  • Valid for Full Service Package, Self Service Program, Cost Per Click, and Call to Action

Quick Thoughts

The terms state this one is valid at biz.yelp.com/amex and the Yelp Business Owners mobile app (though I suspect you don’t need the /amex part of the URL). A few months ago, this offer came out as a coupon good for $300 off $300. Personally, I’m thrilled to have a chance to earn Membership Rewards points instead of a coupon. At a penny each and in this quantity, this offer might be worth it even if you have no use for the Yelp ads. If you can use the ads at all it gets even better. With an expiration date in April, that should give plenty of time for a small businessperson to spread this one out if you don’t need to spend that much in advertising all at once. My wife and I each got this on our Business Platinum cards, though I didn’t have it on my Blue Business Plus. I definitely plan to take advantage of this one before it’s over.

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  1. Thanks, Nick!
    I looked at this one when it was the $300, and it looked as easy money, but… As they say, if it looks too good to be true…
    Look at the reviews for Yelp as an advertising service. Over and over, there is an undertone that they seems to retaliate if you cancel the service by inserting negative comments into your reviews, fabricate obstacles to cancellation, etc.
    It could be sour grapes.
    Has anybody out there had any experience advertising (and cancelling) yelp services?

  2. To each their own, I wouldn’t buy points. Sure there are great programs out there for redemptions, but paying $300 for 30k points and having to tip-toe around YQ, no availability, etc. Not even worth it IMO.

  3. I got the offer on my Amex Business Gold Rewards.

    I haven’t used Yelp, but have also noticed many people critical of Yelp Advertising. It seems few businesses benefit from Yelp Ads, and their ad platform isn’t optimized to save you money. Here’s a good article that mentions some tips to get the most ad benefit: https://www.motava.com/blog/the-yelp-advertising-expose/

    And this one implies you can negotiate for a better ad pricing: https://www.reich-consulting.net/2017/02/01/initial-opinion-yelp-paid-advertising/

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