A great stack if you can find it w/ Sprint S7 Edge, 25K AA

Reader Clint emailed us about a great promotion running right now between American Airlines and Sprint whereby you can earn 25,000 American Airlines miles for opening a new sprint account (and 417 miles per month that your account is open and in good standing, good for another 5,004 miles per year). That’s a great deal in and of itself as it should stack with other Sprint deals (apart from corporate discounts). If you can furthermore find a unicorn deal at Sam’s Club on a Samsung S7 Edge, you might just make out like a bandit if it stacks.

The Deal

  • Get 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles when you activate a new Sprint Account
  • Get 417 miles per month that your phone line is in good standing (5,004 miles per year)
  • Direct link to the promotion page (register here)

Key Terms

  • Ends 12/31/17
  • Members can earn one 25,000 miles award with a new Sprint account with 1 new phone line activation (a new account, not just adding a line) when line remains active for 30 days. (both new and existing accounts can earn the monthly 417 miles, but only new accounts can earn the 25K miles)
  • Excludes SWP and CL accounts, upgrades, replacements and new line activations from Sprint entities or providers associated with Sprint (i.e. Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, Sprint Prepaid and Assurance).

Quick Thoughts

This is a nice promo for opening a new account and it looks like you could stack it with whatever offers they have out for different phone deals. I’ve seen conflicting reports as to whether or not you can mix this with Free Sprint cell service for 1 year, but the FAQ page says it can’t be stacked with a 1-year BYOD plan. Assuming you can’t, this is still probably a very good deal. Even if you paid for 2 months of service on Sprint’s cheapest plan (I believe it’s $40/mo for 2GB of data), you can probably snag 25,000 miles for less than $100. If American really does follow through on the rumors of increased AAdvantage availability, this would be a good deal. You can first pre-register for this deal at the Sprint site linked to in “The Deal” above (your pre-registration is good for 90 days).

Maybe a fantastic stack w/ S7 Edge deal

I’m not positive if this can be stacked, and it’s going to take some luck, but I think this might work. Sam’s Club has been clearing out stock the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge — just the S7 Edgenot the S7. If you sign up in-store at a Sam’s Club that has stock, they should have the S7 Edge available on the Sprint 24-month payment plan for $11.98 per month (~$287.50 total) plus $25 activation fee (I think I read that they were waiving the activation fee over the weekend, not sure if that’s still on). The bonus is that when you buy and activate it on the payment plan, it comes with a $450 Sam’s Club gift card (remember that this can also be used at Walmart). You could buy it on the payment plan and then pay it off in full later. In fact, at least one person in the relevant Slickdeals thread reports having picked up the phone at a Sam’s Club on Monday and then paying it off in full later the same night. Reports have been that Sprint then automatically unlocks the phone (which may take a day or two), enabling you to bring it to another carrier if/when you want.

Finding a Sam’s Club that still has stock is probably only slightly more likely than getting an upgrade on a transcontinental flight, but people have reported success still in the past few days. If you can stack that deal with the 25K AA miles deal (and assuming you value the Sam’s Club gift card at face value), you should come out pretty close to an even-money wash….You’ll essentially pay somewhere around $450 with taxes for 25K miles, an S7 Edge, 2 months of cell service, and a $450 Sam’s Club gift card. That’s a deal.

I’m not absolutely positive that this stacks with the AAdvantage offer, but I don’t see why not. In fact, from the FAQ section of the Sprint/AA offer, it indicates that you only have to register for the miles within 30 days of activating your new Sprint account:

Join Sprint and add a new line of service. As American Airlines AAdvantage® member, you’ll earn:

  • A one-time mileage award of 20,000 AAdvantage® miles.
  • Loyalty miles of up to 5,000 AAdvantage® miles every year, awarded in increments of 417 miles/mo. when your Sprint account remains active and in good standing.

Simply register at sprint.com/AAdvantage within 30 days of activating your new Sprint account and phone to earn your miles. You’ll see the 20,000 miles as a single deposit and then as you earn monthly loyalty miles, you will see 417 miles deposited monthly for as long as your Sprint account remains active and in good standing.

As a new customer, you can also take advantage of other promotional offers when you activate a new account and non-discounted phone line, including our 50% Off or Better Choice plans.

think that means you should be able to activate at Sam’s Club and then register online. I’m not sure whether it makes more sense to pre-register or register after the fact if this is your plan.

Other phone deals?

I’m sure that Sprint has some other great phone deals going on. I didn’t look at what other “best” options there may be — this one stuck out at me because of the gift card included that is worth more than the cost of the phone + service. If you find other great deals to stack, let us know in the comments.

Bottom line

If you’re planning to switch to Sprint, grab yourself 25K AA miles while you’re at it. If you have a Sam’s Club nearby, you might want to try stacking these deals (though I can’t say for certain that they will stack as I’m not near a Sam’s Club and thus haven’t tried it).

H/T: Reader Clint, Slickdeals 25K AA miles thread & S7 Edge thread.

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    • The idea is that you:

      Part 1: Get 25K AA miles for opening a new Sprint account. Miles won’t post until you’ve been active for 30 days, so it’s possible you may have to pay for 2 months of service. Based on our Reasonable Redemption Values, AA miles are worth around 1.4 cents each — making this essentially a signup bonus worth around $350 (though you obviously may get more or less value depending on how you use the miles).

      Part 2: Find a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in stock at Sam’s Club. This is an independent deal, but it’s a fantastic deal for a new S7 Edge. Assuming you are new to Sprint, I believe you’ll qualify for Part 1 of the stack even if you buy this phone at Sam’s Club. I don’t see anything in the terms of Part 1 that say you must buy your phone from Sprint.com to activate, so I believe that activating at Sam’s Club should be OK. You have 30 days from the date you join Sprint to register for the 25K miles, so you could actually do Part 2 first and then register for the miles when you get home from Sam’s Club.

      As a reminder, in the Sam’s Club deal, you get:

      1) Phone for ~$288 plus cost of activation/a month of service/tax (sign up for the $11.98/mo installment plan, but you can go home and pay it off in full later that same day).
      2) $450 Sam’s Club gift card

      At that point, you’re already ahead even if you didn’t get the AA miles — the phone + tax + 1 month of service should cost you somewhere around $350 and you’re getting a $450 Sam’s Club gift card. This is the hard part of the deal — these are not widely available in stock at Sam’s Club, but you might get lucky.

      So if you are able to get and activate the S7 Edge at Sam’s Club, you will pay:

      $288 for the phone (plus tax)
      ~$100 for 2 months of service (in case it takes a while for your miles to post…I believe the cheapest plan is $40/mo, so this might be less)
      $25 activation fee (possibly waived, I’m not sure if that’s still on)

      In total, that’s somewhere $413 out of your pocket. In return, you’ll get the $450 Sam’s Club gift card and I believe you’ll get the 25K miles. Essentially, you’re coming out with a free phone + free 2 months of service + free 25K miles + maybe a little profit depending on how you value the Sam’s Club gift card.

      That ain’t bad. The phone is worth around $400 new and around $300 on the used market. If we give that a cash value of $300 and your miles a cash value of even $300, this is a $600 win….that might be worth more to you depending on how you value those things.

      Does that make sense?

      • Hey nick, is this deal still on? Also do you need to be a Sams club member to get the phone/sprint deal? Or does sprint have its own independent booth/sales associates that sell independently of Sams club membership – but just target & capitalize on the foot traffic that’s already present at the clubs?

        Asking cause I don’t have membership & would hate to drive 40mins out one way just to be turned away.

  1. I’m looking and a bit confused…if you already have a sprint-capable phone, can you just sign up using that? The terms are a little confusing to me and I don’t have a Sam’s Club nearby to even check out the offer.

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