[Expired] Best deal on Bose QuietComfort 25: $154 w/ targeted offer

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Today there has been a nice sale on the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones at Amazon.com and BestBuy.com. The sale puts these headphones at $179.00 — $100 off of the regular price. I first saw this sale at Running with Miles this morning. A member of our Frequent Miler Insiders posted to ask if these were good for a resale opportunity. I responded that I didn’t think so for a number of reasons. However, another member of our Frequent Miler Insiders group pointed out an even better opportunity with a new Amex Offer that I hadn’t seen today — though it turned out I had it on my SPG Business card:

Ebags: Spend $125 or more, get $25 back (Expires 1/8/18)

This offer seems highly targeted as I only had it on my SPG Business card (as did Mona in our Frequent Miler Insiders group). As Mona pointed out, that’s great because eBags also has the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones in sale for $179.99 today. That drops the net cost to $154.99 before tax (though I think eBags doesn’t collect tax in most states). That would bring these into a range where resale may be possible (though somewhat risky) — and it’s a very good deal if you’re looking to own a pair of these.

Click the image to go to eBags, though don’t forget to try going through a portal before buying.

Most portal terms exclude electronics from eBags in their terms, though some readers have reported success in the past on certain electronics items. I haven’t had success with any electronics from eBags — but there are some attractive payouts today, so it may be worth a shot (please comment if you have made any recent electronics purchases from eBags and successfully earned portal rewards).

And it looks like the claim of these being “$100 off” isn’t just marketing hype. According to camelcamelcamel, this is $100 off of the regular price:

As you can see, the lowest “new” price through Amazon since last June has been about $270.

Bottom line

Thanks to the members of our Facebook group for pointing this one out. It was already a pretty good deal. If you have this Amex Offer, it could be a great deal if you’re looking for a pair of these headphones.

H/T: Frequent Miler Insiders (Thanks to Adam for pointing out the deal and Mona for pointing out the Amex Offer / eBags)

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  1. Awesome post! Had the offer on two of my cards. Thoughts on the following?

    My item comes out to $192.88 with tax here in San Diego, so debating buying a $125 gift card on each Amex and using that to purchase this item. If my math is correct, I’d have the headphones and a $57.12 gift card for future use (to go along with the $8.95 in eBags rewards) for $200 out the door vs. $167.88 for just the headphones. Essentially I’d be buying a $57.12 gift card for $32.12, so almost half price. Seems like a decent deal.

    I’m not sure how the portal payout would work with the gift card, so I’d likely buy a $67.88 gift card so the $125 would go through on my card via the portal, so the most I’d be losing is $13.58 (20% of $67.88). But perhaps I’d get paid the 20% on the entire purchase?

    Maybe I should just purchase two of them and resell one. 🙂

    • There was a time when I used to have success with an eBags double dip. That hasn’t been the case now for a long time. eBags gift cards arrive instantly in my experience. At some point (last year? the year before?) ShopAtHome was offering 36% cash back. I bought several thousand in gift cards and then several thousand in Tumi bags. Initially, both purchases tracked (for 72% back total). Eventually, the gift card order got clawed back. My experiments since then have all been failures on GC purchases. The only advantage on GC purchases for me has been to combine Amex Offers. I believe you may be able to combine GCs via chat if I remember correctly (but I could be wrong — it’s been a while).

      I used to buy a fair amount through eBags for resale (bags, camping equipment, bluetooth speakers, etc). I stopped getting portal payouts on electronics at some point. I wouldn’t count on getting a portal payout on electronics unless someone chimes in with a recent success story.

      • 0:14 PMJason
        Hello, this is Jason, and I will be assisting you today.
        10:15 PMMatthew
        Hi, Jason. Is it possible to use multiple gift cards on one order or combine the gift cards into one?
        10:15 PMJason
        Hi Matthew!
        10:15 PMJason
        Yes, may I have the codes please?
        10:16 PMMatthew
        I don’t have them yet. It’s not possible to buy one $125 gift card, right? I would have to buy a $100 one and a $25 one, right?
        10:17 PMJason
        Yes, you are right.
        10:17 PMJason
        Is there anything else that I may help you with?
        10:17 PMMatthew
        That’s it, will chat back when I have the gift card numbers, thank you!
        10:18 PMJason
        You are welcome.
        Thank you for visiting eBags. It has been a pleasure assisting you and please remember Live Chat support is available 24 hours on all days to assist you.

        • 10:31 PMKeith
          Hello, this is Keith, and I will be assisting you today.
          10:31 PMMatthew
          Hi, Keith! Can you tell me how long it will take for my gift cards to be delivered? Usually the electronic ones have been almost instantly in the past. Thanks!
          10:33 PMKeith
          You will receive the gift certificate via email in 12 hours.
          10:33 PMKeith
          Is there anything else I can assist you with?
          10:33 PMMatthew
          That’s it, thanks
          10:33 PMKeith
          You are welcome!

    • Keep in mind that the Alaska shopping portal excludes electronics purchases (most of the portals do). If you do get the miles (not just tracked, but deposited into your account), please update us so we can include it in the Laboratory. Thanks!

  2. Any info on using the american airlines cash back portal, thats what i used, but it says no electronics, if i cancel the order will i still be able to use my amex offer?

  3. product-wise these suck. Bose has top of the line noise cancellation, but these have the microphone that picks up the noise to be canceled placed in a bad spot. When you lean back against the headrest it picks up all the vibration noise, horrible design flaw. I used them as headphones at the resort with no problems. I could not get them to work worth a darn on the plane unless I leaned forward…which made it impossible for me to sleep…so I returned them and went back to my cheapo Sony headphones for the plane.

    • The site doesn’t allow this, but you can call ebags first and get multiple GCs combined into one. Did this a year ago with no problem.

  4. Just purchased on BestBuy.com for $179, redeeming a 2x Membership Rewards points offer loaded onto my AMEX card, while earning 1 point per dollar spent through the American Airlines rewards portal. Not too shabby 🙂

  5. It’s going to be really cheeky for eBags to deny miles when UA/AA/AS advertise on their site:

    Shop all wireless headphones today. Receive free shipping on all orders over $49.
    Free expedited shipping on Bose.

    The fact that Bose isn’t on the exclusion list of brands is a good sign, I hope.

    • You’re right that it isn’t on the list of excluded brands, though “not valid on electronics” appears in the terms on all of them. But I’d take a screen shot of the bit about the wireless headphones — you’re right that part is there. I’d hang onto that and certainly try to make the argument later that if wireless headphones were advertised, wired should surely work. If you can get the miles also, it’s a fantastic deal.

      • As @Matthew notes, there is not just an offer for wireless headphones (and these aren’t wireless), but a separate one specifically for Bose products with free expedited shipping. I used that offer link to link to ebags, so claiming it was ineligible would be pretty shady. I did take screenshots of course.

  6. Well, expedited shipping is slower apparently… Weird!

    Value Shipping –
    Expected Arrival Tue. 11/14/2017
    Free shipping!

    Ground Shipping –
    Expected Arrival Fri. 11/10/2017
    Free shipping!

    Expedited Shipping –
    Expected Arrival Mon. 11/13/2017
    Free 2 day shipping!

  7. Deal was still live this morning. Used Ebates 6% and amex offer for $25 off. I also received $8.95 of ebags rewards. I’m 2/2 with deals you’ve posted. Thanks again!

  8. United Mileage Shopping portal tracked the order.
    2,500 MR (Amex offer) + 3,580 United Miles (+holiday bonus) + great price to begin with. Sweet deal!
    Thanks for the info!

  9. I went through the United portal for 20x miles and my mileage did track and post to my United account. 3,580 miles on the purchase + the future 500 bonus miles for spending $150 during the Holiday Bonus period. And I was able to stack that with the $25 off at Ebags AMEX Offer. Also had a few Ebags reward dollars to use on the purchase so my final price will be $157.37 without taking into account the value of the miles earned, nor the approximately $8 in Ebags rewards earned from this purchase.

  10. I had the offer on 4 of my cards, used all 4, received e-mails for all 4, but only 2 have posted.

    Not that familiar with Amex offers not working. Do I just need to be patient or is this cause for concern?

    TIA 🙂

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