[Expired] Stack Chase Offer + Prime discount on turkey at Whole Foods

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Amazon has announced a promotion in conjunction with Whole Foods for Amazon Prime members to save 20% on certain whole turkeys through 11:59pm PST on 11/26/17. That should stack nicely with the Chase Offer for $10 back on $25 at Whole Foods if you have a Chase Marriott Rewards or Slate card.

The Deal

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I have no frame of reference as to how much turkey normally costs per pound. Truth be told, I’m not much on turkey (maybe it’s because my Detroit Lions always give me indigestion), so I only buy it once a year at most and don’t generally think too much about the price. Here are Amazon’s discounts for Whole Foods whole turkeys:

According to the Internet, the rule of thumb is about 1 pound of turkey per person. Let’s say you’ve got a baker’s dozen coming for the big day. The regular Whole Turkey would come to $25.87 for a thirteen-pounder. Match that with the Chase Offer for $10 back on $25 at Whole Foods and you’re down to $15.87 for 13 pounds (about $1.22/lb).

Again, I don’t know if that’s a competitive price for turkey — but it will surely appeal to those who are already shopping at Whole Foods. Of course, the low price assumes you both need a 13-pound turkey exactly and that you have the Chase Marriott or Slate card to be eligible for the offer. If that fits your situation, this looks like a decent deal.

According to the promotion page, your turkey can even be ordered online and picked up in-store, though note that this deal is only valid on “select turkeys”, so be sure to check the terms and website to be sure you choose the ones on sale. It says that the discount will not show up online (and the code on the promotion page won’t change that) — you don’t pay for the turkey until you arrive at the store. At that point, you’ll need the coupon from the promo page to get your discount).

I’m not one to generally use my Chase Marriott card at the grocery store, but with this combo of deals, I’d be tempted.

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  1. Several regular grocery stores by me have turkeys for $0.99/lb, so unless you really want to spend more for a turkey at WFs there’s I don’t see a reason to jump through all these hoops just to pay more.

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