[Expired] $109 for Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise-cancelling headphones

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We recently posted a popular deal for Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. By stacking an Amex Offer on top of a good deal, you could have gotten them as cheaply as $154 before considering portal rewards. Today, with 25% cash back stacked with the Amex Offer (or Chase Offer), you might be able to get these as cheaply as $109.

The Deal

  • Stack 25% cash back (from TopCashBack) + Amex Offer for $25 back on $125 or more for nice savings on these already-discounted headphones

More Info

The last time I posted these headphones, I said that I was unsure as to whether or not portals would pay out rewards since most portals exclude electronics in the terms. Several readers reported that they received portal rewards (airline miles) when I last posted these. In fact, readers pointed out that there was a mention of Bose headphones in the coupons section of the portal. That made sense — if the portal was listing a coupon for and “shop now” button next to info on the Bose headphones, it would make sense that they do not consider headphones to be electronics.

Based on that theory, it would seem to hold true that TopCashBack likely also pays out on Bose headphones. In fact, when I looked through the expired coupons section for eBags on TopCashBack:

I think it would therefore stand to reason that they would pay out cash back on those headphones. Of course, YMMV because it could be debatable as to whether or not Bose headphones are electronics. I guess I’d wait it out to make sure you get the cash back before using the headphones (and since Amex has 90-day return protection).

Update: I bought a pair yesterday to get in on the deal with those of you who decided to give it a go. As others have noted, the cash back is already pending in my TopCashBack account. We’ll see if it goes through, but I suspect it will.

Amex Offer & Final Math

The Amex Offer was targeted, but I did have it on a couple of cards:

Assuming the cash back goes through, here’s the math:

$179.00 (purchase price)
–  44.75 (25% cash back from TopCashBack)
–  25.00 (Amex Offer)
$109.25 net price

If you’re in the market for noise cancelling headphones and you like Bose products, $109.25 looks like a steal. If the cash back does not track, you’re looking at a net cost of $154 after the Amex Offer — which is still a much better deal than paying $279. Alternatively, if you only get the cash back and don’t have the Amex Offer, you may either have a Chase Offer for $20 back on $100 — or if you find yourself paying $134.25, that’s not horrible either. I think the full stack would work here, but one way or another it should be a very good deal.

Update: After I posted this, I saw that Dustin at Running with Miles also wrote up this deal a bit before me. He used Ebates as his portal of choice with the opinion that it’ll be more likely to pay out. It’s worth reading his thoughts on this as well to decide which portal to use.

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  1. I bought these from eBags in March and it did post in TCB. I don’t remember if these was an exclusion listed back then. I might buy another one for a gift or resale. This price is too good.

  2. On the Top Cash Back offer page it states the 25% is not eligible for electronics. Scroll down to terms and conditions. I’ve have shopped thru e bates with e bags and have received my cash back in the past on Bose. FYI

    • The “More info” section of this post is about why I think it will pay out despite that exclusion. I could be wrong, but I explained why I think it’ll work. The report from the reader who commented above you is also encouraging.

  3. Amazing gift idea, thank you again Nick…on order (but played it safe with ebates as this purchase triggers another Big Fat Check!).

  4. anyone know the return policy on ebags for headphones?? i wont open it until i def get the payout from topcashback. wondering if anyone knows for sure if i can return it for free. thanks in advance!

  5. Thanks, got the 44.75 cashback in pending state from topcashback.
    By the way, I also got cashback on Bose from Alaska shopping portal last month, based on a similar logic to yours.

  6. Rookie question… what happens if your eBags account was already signed in, but you clicked through the Top Cash Back portal to get to eBags? Does it default to the eBags cash back (5%)? Or maybe a better question is do you need to check out as a guest?

    • I don’t think that will matter. I’ve always checked out signed in. You should get both eBags rewards and portal cash back as long as you start your shopping trip through the portal (i.e. go to Top Cash Back, click the eBags link, go to the item page, put the item in your cart and check out without clicking off to some other site along the way).

      • Nick this is my first time to use ebags, how have you used their earned points & are they easy to use? Thank you p.s. my $21.48 in ebates rewards posted with no issue

        • I’ve just used the points on other things I want. They are easy to use. The laptop bag I carry was paid for with eBags rewards points. There is just a check box during the checkout process to click in order to redeem eBags rewards. I can’t recall the expiration policy off the top of my head…but they do accumulate, so you don’t need to keep track of separate certificates or anything. I’m also not sure off the top of my head if they invalidate portal earnings — I haven’t used them on a big purchase where I was very concerned about the portal payout.

  7. Pretty pissed off, I got denied a missing cashback claim from TopCashback. So my $109 headphones cost me $154. I sold them for $150 so a $4 loss. smh

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