Spend $300 on wine, get 9000 points; Spend $200, get 6000 w/ new offers [Targeted?]

A couple of new Amex Offers popped up on all of my cards today to earn a bunch of Membership Rewards points (or a statement credit depending on the card) with wine purchases from a couple of vineyards. These aren’t as hot as the Martha Stewart offer of a few months ago (See: Rocking the Amex wine deal) in terms of cost-per-bottle, but they would be a nice return if you happen to like these vineyards. Here are the offers:

Beringer: Spend $300, get 9,000 Membership Rewards points or $90 (see your offer)

Expires: 2/20/18

Sterling Vineyards: Spend $200, get 6,000 Membership Rewards points or $60 back (see your offer)

Expires: 2/20/18

Bottom line

These are just a couple of new Amex Offers that have popped up this week, but the value on these seemed quite strong. It’s great to see Amex continue to roll out strong offers for earning large numbers of Membership Rewards points while also offering statement credits for those without Membership-Rewards earning cards. If you value Membership Rewards around our Reasonable Redemption Value of 1.82 cents each, these offers are worth nearly a 50% return on spend. If you prefer the statement credit, it’s still a pretty sizable credit back — assuming you have interest in these wines. See our Complete Guide to Amex Offers for more information on how to sync offers.

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    • Points from Amex Offers (and statement credits) usually post within a day or two of the day the charge posts. If you purchase today, the charge would likely post tomorrow or the next day. Usually, the points will post within a few days after that.

  1. I got the beringer and sterling offers on almost all my cards, even my blue business plus. However, strangely the bb+ Offer is not for MR, but for cash, like the offers on the co-branded cards. I hope this doesn’t signal the nerfing of the bb+ Into something less than a real MR card.

    • I haven’t seen any offers on the Blue Business Plus to earn Membership Rewards points apart from being able to add the extra 1x merchants. All of the offers I’ve gotten that have a cash / Membership Rewards version have shown up as the cash version on the BB+ (if they’ve shown up at all).

  2. Eh, but question is would have I bought THESE wines absent the points? Because if not the wine probably isn’t that great of a deal. There are tons of wines at these price points (with or without the effective points back) and I’d have a difficult time you’d actually decide these are the best for the price.

    This is closer to coupon clipping at the very least, with special offers shifting your preferences.

    Also, where are you getting 1.82 cents from MR? United??

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