A 91K IHG Accelerate offer: What did you get?

IHG is out with their first Accelerate promotion of 2018: It’s Go Time. As has been the case with Accelerate offers for quite some time, the offers are targeted, so you’ll have to log in to see your offer. See the link below.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Offers are targeted, so yours will vary from mine – terms indicate minimum total offer is 30K points
  • Must register before you stay (so register now so you don’t forget)
  • Only paid stays count, including most paid rates booked directly
  • The terms exclude the following types of rates as “non-qualifying”: net wholesale individual and group rate, certain package rates, employee discount rate, friends and family rate, crew rate, special discounted contract rates, seasonal worker/crew rate, 50% travel club discount rate, travel industry discount rate, distressed passenger rate, IHG® Rewards Club Reward Nights/Airline Hotel Reward rate, rates booked through third party web sites, complimentary hotel Stays

My 91K offer & quick thoughts

For a couple of years, I was completing IHG offers almost every quarter because they were a super easy way to accumulate points. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten an exciting IHG Accelerate offer in quite a while now.

This time around, my offer is kind of interesting and I might complete at least some of it. It looks like it would require a minimum of 4 stays/5 nights to totally complete it as long as at least one stay is in January (and I refer one person to become a member…easy enough to do that). In total, I could earn 91,00 IHG points (on top of the points earned on the paid stays).

That said, I probably won’t complete all of the offers. The lion’s share of my points would come from staying at 4 different brands. If I complete stays at 4 brands and pay on my IHG Rewards card, I’ll earn 33,600 + 2,000 (1 stay offer) + 1500 (pay with IHG card offer) = 37,100. If one of those stays is in January and I refer someone to IHG Rewards, I’ll grab an additional 7,000 points for 44,100. If one of those stays happens to be for 2 days, I’d unlock the additional 10K and the 25K completion bonus for a total of 79,100 points. That’s a decent haul.

And in my case, I think that might be pretty doable. With a new addition to the family in tow, I imagine we’ll have some road trips to visit family by the end of the first quarter. That means at least a couple of quick overnights on the way there or back — the perfect opportunity to pick up a cheap IHG brand.

As fate would have it, I’ve already got some reservations. One of the drawbacks of living in a rural area is that the hospital where my wife will deliver our baby is about 60 miles away. We’ve had friends who, as new parents, made the mistake of going to the hospital sooner than necessary only to be told that they should go home and wait. Rather than face a solid hour’s drive each way (and the potential of heavy snow) when we hit go-time, I booked a number of cheap 1-night stays at an IHG property near the hospital. That way, we (hopefully) won’t feel any pressure to hit the road earlier than necessary and/or we can monitor the weather and respond accordingly. I imagine we’ll end up spending at least a night or two there / it might come in handy to have a room nearby for any family members who want to be close…which will likely get me partly invested in this promo.

I was definitely surprised to see an offer for so many points that didn’t require more than 5 nights to complete, as I’ve been seeing offers that would require 10-20 nights, and reward fewer points, for the past few quarters.

What about you: Did you receive a good offer this quarter? How many points can you earn, and are you going to do it?

H/T: reddit/r/churning

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Nick Reyes is a (fairly) regular guy with an animalistic passion for maximizing the value of miles and money to travel the world in comfort and style. There is little in life that he loves more than finding a fantastic deal and helping you shop smarter & harder to achieve your travel dreams.

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  1. My last Accelerate offer was 46,600
    The new one is 47,000 made up of:

    2,000 Stay Once Get 2,000 Bonus Points
    10,000 Stay More, Earn More
    9,000 Earn More, Faster
    3,600 Big City Bonus
    1,500 Spend on Your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    13,900 Your Achievement Bonus – Complete 4 of the 5 offers and earn (an additional) 13,900 bonus points. Terms
    5,000 Refer a Friend and Earn
    2,000 January Bonus Offer

  2. 70, 200 for me.
    2,000 Stay Once Get 2,000 Bonus Points
    36,000 Stay More, Earn More (18 nights)
    8,800 Stay at Holiday Inn® – Stay at 4 Holiday Inn® hotel(s)
    2,400 Big City Bonus
    1,500 Spend on Your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    1,000 Earn When You Redeem
    1,000 Dine Out and Earn
    8,000 Your Achievement Bonus – Complete 6 of the 7 offers and earn (an additional) 8,000 bonus points
    500 Registration Bonus
    5,000 Refer a Friend and Earn
    4,000 January Bonus Offer

  3. Mine is about 45 to 50k total
    18 nights
    a stay in NYC, Chicago, LA
    A stay in China or Asia
    2 night or more stay in NYC
    500 points to register
    I have about 80 nights with IHG this year and the offers on this keep getting worse each period. I need to just go away from them cold turkey for a while and reset I assume.

  4. IIRC, reservations made BEFORE signing up the Acceleration might not count. You want to make sure this by asking questions in the FT IHG forum to avoid costly mistakes.

    • Yes, found that out the hard way with one Points & Cash stay during the present Accelerate Promo. I booked it at the end of August for an overnight in early Oct. Following the stay, it posted as non-qualifying. Correspondence with IHG provided the answer that it was booked before the beginning of the promo, so it didn’t count for my P & C challenge. Each one of the challenges has a different set of T&Cs. If necessary, cancel and rebook after Jan. 1.

  5. 2,400 Book 1 stay(s) using Points & Cash and earn 2,400 bonus points.
    2,000 Stay once in January and get 2,000 bonus points.
    2,000 Stay Once Get 2,000 Bonus Points

    Could I book 1 night using Points & Cash and get all of three offer?


      • Not sure about that. I think that I previously had a Points & Cash that they claimed was a “Redemption” and did not count as a stay.

        • Actually, yes — I think Laura is right. I was thinking that you’ll trigger the first offer so it would trigger the others…….but I think Laura’s right, actually…..cash & points doesn’t count as a stay for the other too. Cash & points counts as an award stay (as far as I know). Sorry!

  6. Then, book 1 night using Points & Cash and 1 night stay will get all three, right?
    2,400 Book 1 stay(s) using Points & Cash and earn 2,400 bonus points.
    2,000 Stay once in January and get 2,000 bonus points.
    2,000 Stay Once Get 2,000 Bonus Points

  7. Finally got an easy one.
    Stay once earn 2k
    Stay 5 nights earn 10k
    Spend on IHG card earn 1.5k
    Complete 3/3 earn 26.5k bonus
    47k total !
    Hopefully my 2 stays next week count torwards my 5 nights. Thanks for the update

  8. Points with a Crew said you need to book the reservation during the 1/1/18 to 4/30/18 period as well as having the actual stay occur in that window.

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