Free Or Fast Tracked American Airlines Status – Targeted

American Airlines is sending out targeted offers to some AAdvantage members offering free or fast tracked status.

American Airlines Platinum Pro status

The Deal

There are various different targeted offers being sent out. Some emails are offering free American Airlines status until May 25, 2018, while others are offering a fast track to status.

My wife received an offer for Platinum Pro status until May 25, 2018. Registration was easy – she simply had to register by February 1, 2018 by clicking on a link in the email from American Airlines and enter the promotion code provided in the email.

That only took a few seconds and voila:

Temporary Platinum Pro Status

Although we’re on a permanent road trip, she’ll be taking an as-yet unbooked flight on American next month, so at least she’ll get to take (A)advantage of some of the benefits before the status disappears.

I’ve no idea why she was targeted for this promotion, particularly for the Platinum Pro level. She only flew one segment with American Airlines last year, and nearly all her AAdvantage miles have been earned through credit card signup bonuses.

Other Offers

Josh in the Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group reports that he was offered free Gold status. OMAAT is also reporting that some people are receiving fast track status offers, such as only requiring 35,000 EQMs and $4,000 EQDs by May 25, 2018 in order to earn Executive Platinum status.

Quick Thoughts

Be sure to check your emails to see if you’ve received one of these offers. If you use Gmail and have never configured your inbox, the email might appear in your ‘Promotions’ tab.

If you’ve received this offer but don’t have any immediate travel plans with American, it’s worth registering anyway. Registration expires on February 1, 2018, so it’d be a shame to book last minute travel and have miss out.


Have you received one of these targeted offers for American Airlines status? Let us know in the comments below.

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Stephen Pepper is on a 5 year, 50 state road trip with his wife and their dog Truffles. Finding opportunities to earn miles and points is one of the ways they can afford to do this, so he'll try to help you do the same for your own travels.

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    • In theory, I’d assume it could. There are two possible issues that I can think of though, but these would depend on how status matches are assessed:

      1) If they requested a screenshot of your status including the expiration date, the other airline might be able to work out that you’ve been granted temporary status as May 25 is an unusual date.
      2) If they need evidence of x number of recent flights, it might not be possible to provide that (it wouldn’t be possible for my wife anyway).

  1. My son was offered Platinum status … “Plus, we’ll give you twenty 500-mile upgrades just for registering — no strings attached.”

  2. Dang, I haven’t gotten anything yet. I started traveling a tiny bit for work last year and was an eyelash away from Gold, so getting it for free would be pretty sweet! Anyone care to post the subject line of their email? Just wanna be sure I don’t accidentally delete it (or that I didn’t already!).

  3. I just received the American Airlines platinum pro status for free. Is there any way to parlay that into free status with other airlines specifically British airways?

  4. I received the “ temporary Platinum status” offer good until 5/25. Might not be able to use it but it also includes (20) free 500-mile segment upgrades. They’re making it very attractive to fly American – something that hasn’t happened for a long time.

  5. I received the email for free platinum status and booking a ticket for travel next month. I’ll be in Main Cabin since Economy seats were already booked. What does this mean for me now with this status?

    • If your flight is less than 500 miles, it looks like you’ll get a complimentary upgrade. If it’s more than 500 miles, you’d need to use 500-mile upgrades – did your email mention if you’d also received ten of those?

      • “If your upgrade request on your American Airlines flight cannot be confirmed prior to check-in, you will be added to the American Airlines airport standby list. In order to be added to the American Airlines airport standby list, please ensure you have the appropriate number of upgrades in your account prior to check-in.”
        I’m glad I waited to book this flight after getting the email, sounds like I might have a chance at least to be upgraded.

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