[DEAD] Earn $20 / $30 GroundLink Credit For Every Visa Signature / Infinite Card You Own

UPDATE: This offer appears to be dead.

GroundLink is a company that offers chauffered car service in major cities worldwide. Thanks to a partnership with Visa, you can get a (presumably unintentioned) $20 or $30 GroundLink credit for every Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card you own.


The Deal

  • Register your Visa Signature card here and get a $20 GroundLink credit and 10% off every booking.
  • Register your Visa Infinite card here and get a $30 GroundLink credit and 15% off every booking.

GroundLink have a referral program where both the person referring and the person being referred earn $25. If you’d like to use one of our links, these are below:

Quick Thoughts

Miles Briefs (who discovered this deal) notes that you can register every single one of your Visa Signature and/or Visa Infinite cards to the same account. I’ve started registering some cards and already have a $85 credit.

Groundlink $20

Miles Briefs created a list of some eligible cards which Doctor of Credit has added to. Personal cards are eligible, but I wasn’t able to register any of my business cards (e.g. Chase Ink Plus, Marriott Rewards Business, etc.)

Miles Briefs also noted that none of the terms (e.g. “Eligible Visa Signature cards must be used as payment for the ride to qualify for the discount or use the promotional credit.“) seem to be enforced.

I did a dummy booking to to see what the process would be like and it’s very straightforward. I figured I’d check the cost to get from San Francisco airport to the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf seeing as that’s a category 4 Hyatt that can be used with the anniversary certificate from the Hyatt credit card.

The cost for a luxury sedan came out at $69 (an economy sedan would’ve been $63).

GroundLink SFO

This is the price before any discounts and/or other fees. The final cost was displayed as $65 which included a $7 discount for using the Visa Signature link but with a $3 ‘Safety Assurance Fee.’

GroundLink SFO to Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf

You can find GroundLink on several cashback portals, so click through from one of those when making an actual booking.

It’s unlikely that this loophole will last for long, so register your cards ASAP – I’m off to register the rest of ours!

Sign-Up Bonuses

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    • I tried that, but although the names are different, and the CVVs are different, my card numbers for authorized users on two cards are the same as the primary cards. System said the cards were already registered. 🙁

  1. This is NOT a great deal – don’t fall for it! Uber is $33 (almost) anytime from SFO to downtown (same price as Fishermans Wharf).

    Lyft Line is the cheapest at $11 from SFO.

  2. Just tried this and it’s not allowing me to get past step 2 on the second card. Just keeps returning me to the “Great! You are eligible” screen where I can put in my exp date/zip/code and then click the “sign in” button and enter my username and password. Anyone else seeing this?

    The card in question is the Hilton Citi HHonors card which just got flipped to Amex 2 days ago. But it’s still showing as working and eligible on their qualification form.

  3. Has anyone tried to get it to take the credit for payment? When I click on it it still looks like it is going to charge one of my linked cards, I can’t get it to keep the square marked that says pay with credit balance.

  4. Pro Tip: GroundLink has a minimum charge amount so if you are going short distances there will be a big price discrepancy between Uber X and GroundLink. Over longer distances, it’s more equitable so that’s where the most value may be.

  5. Tried to book for our trip to Hong Kong in July. Got all the way to the end, but it won’t let me select the PAY WITH MY CREDIT BALANCE option and wants to charge me instead. If anyone can get this to work please post. Thx

  6. in the example it only took $7 in credit, or roughly 10%…it could be another case of limits on applying the credit..like when I signed up for lyft and got $40 in credits, but could only apply $10 per ride….I agree instead of playing the shell game with credits, discounts, and jacked up fares…..just get a ride from Lyft if they are the cheapest overall.

    • If I can get a free ride from the airport to hotel in HKG for me and the wife, why not try it? Isn’t the point of this site playing the shell game with credits & discounts?

    • The $7 credit in the example is the 10% for paying with a Visa Signature card. The credit balance is applied after that total is calculated, and not shown in the example.

  7. I registered my 7 Visa cards plus the referral for $165 in credit. Free ride to the airport Saturday morning at 4:45am.

    Mom gets to sleep in!

  8. Wife and I got $650 collectively. I am finding in some case that the rates are 10x Lyft.

    I’ll let them give us one or two free airport transfers for their $650 and then that’s it.

    Really stupid prices. Hope we can use our $650 before this company goes broke.

  9. This is black car service and people compare it with UberX. SMH LOLOL
    I’ve found Groundlink Luxury/SUV (with 15% discount) have the same price as Uber Black/SUV in many cases. The cars are usually newer than Uber and the drivers are way way way more professional.

  10. I’ve marked the post dead. It looks like Groundlink cancelled my account altogether as well. I’m not sure if that’s because I referred lots of people or because I registered so many cards. Anyone else unable to log in this morning?

  11. My credit was still there this morning and now I was actually able to book my HKG ride for July for free ($68 value but more like $30-40 actual uber savings). Thanks for sharing.

  12. Their site won’t let me reset my password claiming that there are multiple users with my email account (which there aren’t). I had $190 in credit on there so hope it’s not all gone!

  13. I had more than $100 in my account, and it seems i am not able to login. Tried resetting the password, and they say no account with this email. I don’t think its fair of them to cancel the account like that without any notice ?

  14. Same issue here.
    Called CS and they searched by Name, Phone number and email. nothing there.
    Someone else said he logged in on the app and saw that they had changed all his info to random name, random email and random phone number…

  15. Looks like they have voided both my and hubby’s accounts. Won’t let us login online. Forgot password says invalid email address. I still have the app installed on my phone from yesterday which is logged into what is left of my account. Still shows all of my credit cards. Available credit is listed as $0. The ride I booked yesterday is now listed as canceled. And my profile page now shows that my name is Gary Johnson with a Gmail email address and 202 area code phone number (I am not Gary Johnson).

    I think this is pretty poor customer service to do this without notifying anyone. If they did not intend for customers to receive multiple credits or referral bonuses, then it would have been more appropriate for them to send out an email apologizing for the error and giving us options for any rides that might have been booked. Not canceling everything without notice. I also don’t appreciate that they deleted my name and contact info from their system but not my credit cards. Pretty shady on their part.

    Frankly, I’m not sure how they stay in business. Especially since they charge 3x as much for what you would pay to Uber for the same service. End of rant.

    • At this point, i am less concerned about the lost credit, than my credit card information being available in some random account which i don’t even have access to. I guess they can be sued for the part of keeping credit card information while obfuscating all other customer information and login.

    • The ride you booked yesterday…it shows up in the Canceled (No Charge) section but does it have a little box that says “Scheduled” on the left? That’s what mine looked like an hour ago. My ride was actually in this section since yesterday but I figured it was because it had a $0 balance and hence “(No Charge)” lol. Unfortunately I have now signed out of the app and I can’t get back in again.

  16. They just posted on Facebook and twitter: We’re aware that some people are having account issues around promotions; we are working on this now. Thank you for your time.

    • That’s so helpful from them. Did they mention everyone is named Gary Johnson now. I can get into my account on the iphone app but can’t change anything in my profile.

      • Well, the Ground Link driver just showed up even though the trip was “cancelled”. The iPhone app tracked him coming to the house so I could get ready. I deleted all my credit cards yesterday so shouldn’t be charged.

  17. I thought I should probably mention that it seems like people whose accounts had $100 or less (I haven’t had enough datapoints to determine the actual threshold) of free credit are still able to get into their accounts just fine, and everything is intact. They’re clearly regretting letting these credits stack into the hundreds and flagged/deleted all of those accounts first. People who managed to fix their email addresses (it had @@@ added to the front of it) and then reset their passwords before they deleted the accounts are able to get into their intact accounts too.

    That’s all the info I’ve noticed so far.

  18. The company should at the very least honor their public referral promotion, and at minimum one bonus for each of the infinite Visa and signature Visa promotions. Could have taken the situation and made the most out of it. Now they’ll have a bunch of bad will going on. Unless they fix it I’ll prob never use them again…

  19. I emailed their customer service to ask for them to reset my password since I couldn’t get in. They told me that I never registered … which is BS considering I had over $170 in credit in my account. This is terrible customer service.

  20. Has anyone whose email was changed to @@@emailaddress by GroundLink figured out how to reset your password?

    I was able to do it for an account that was already logged into the GroundLink app, but I can’t do it from my spouse’s account.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.

  21. I was able to sign up using Greg’s referral here and register 7 Visa cards; got the full $[(7*20)+25] credit. Scheduled a ride for the next day(using a 20% off promo code as well), which came on time and was uneventful and very pleasant; nice car, good service, professional driver. Got the email receipt this AM; total cost of the ride including gratuity was covered by credits. My only bitch is that they charged an additional $10 for “wait time”, even tho we were ready when the guy showed up, and he didn’t wait not even a second. Kinda cheeky, still; fully covered by credits, according to the receipt. I’m actually pretty happy with the service

    Now, I try to log in, and the userID/PW is no good. I try the PW recovery, and I’m told that there is no email for me in their system … which is odd, because I have a receipt from them sent to my email! 😀

    I’ll call and talk to a human later. For now, it looks like I got a free ride out of it, but nothing more going forward. Hard to bitch about that tho: Thanx Greg!

    • I emailed them about this clearly intentional “issue.” Here’s what they said:

      “We’re aware that some people are having account issues around promotions; we are working on this now. Thank you for your time.”

      Does not sound promising 🙂

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