1. A while ago I had opted out of receiving targeted and pre approved credit card offers when I wasn’t interested in the miles and points game. I’m wondering how to get myself subscribed again to the targeted offers. I certainly want to apply for some of these cards in the next churn as well as some more cards that make sense for my spending pattern. Do you recommend a website that tracks good credit card offers? I don’t trust that simple google search will give me the best blog.

    I really like that you focus on the program I have been using for a while: Chase UR, but I keep wondering that there must be ways to mix and match Chase UR with the Discover/Amex program/Citi to achieve the perfect balance of cash back and points.

    • Mint Cilantro: Great question! For the cards I do list, I try very hard to make sure that I list only the best offers. For other cards, I think that Million Mile Secrets does a good job of keeping a list of the best current offers for mile and point earning cards. I don’t know who does the same for cash back cards. I agree that mixing and matching between cash back and points is a good idea too. As to how to get the pre approved offers: I don’t know this for sure, but I’d bet if you sign up with a few banks to get mortgage rate quotes (for refinancing, for example) you’ll have a chance to opt-in to mailings. Go to the big guys: Chase, Amex, Citi, etc.

  2. You can OPT IN again to the junk mail offers by going to This is an official joint venture between the major credit bureaus.

    No guarantee this will get you the desired targeted offers. Also note that banks or companies of which you are an existing customer and not bound by your OPT OUT preferences, they can always send you marketing offers of their other services.

  3. do you know if any of the cash back cards have no forex fee? i’m particularly interested in the perkstreet and discover cards.

  4. FM – I’ve been trying to find the best offer for the Delta Platinum Business AMEX. I think I gave you the link that you have in your summary above. It looks like the application for the personal platinum still works, but the application for the business version gives an error.

    Also, I’m finding that your referral links (and other bloggers too) for the Delta Reserve Personal AMEX are no good. It goes to a page that shows all three (gold, platinum, and reserve cards), but when I click “apply now” AMEX sends me to an error page.
    Do you have an updated referral link for the reserve AMEX? would it work for business version?
    I’m looking to get the reserve for myself, and the platinum for the wife.

    • Steve: The links work for me. Can you tell me more about the situation? Which link are you clicking? Is it on this “Preparing for Miles” page? What browser are you using?

  5. well. . . that’s weird.
    Your links work now. (Plat 20k+5k MQM and Reserve 10k MQM).
    Yesterday, when I went to those links, I got an error when clicking “apply now”, but not today (using Firefox 12.0 and IE 8).
    Also, you have the other link for personal and business Delta platinum cards
    “There is currently a better signup offer (for which I do not get referral credit) available here” sends you here:
    yesterday neither the personal nor the business applications worked. Today, the personal app works, but the business app still doesn’t work.

  6. @FM, My wife just got the instant approval for HH AMEX and used your link. Please update the other southwest links. I had to use Darious one instead of your non-working SW…

    • chuck: Thanks for letting me know about that (and for using some of my links)! I’ll look into fixing those Southwest links. Just FYI, neither MMS or I get referral credit for Southwest credit cards. Both of us have a policy of listing the best available offers regardless of whether we get paid from them. If you’re curious about which cards I get paid for, I keep a complete list on this page:

  7. @FM: not sure if you ever did a review or discussed about the Amex Business Platinum but wanted your insight on it. Just got an email from AMex with a 50k bonus ($5k within 3 months) and wanted your opinion on it? Or perhaps point me to a review on it? Thanks in advance!

    • Thomas: I haven’t specifically reviewed it, but I got the card myself thanks to a 100K targeted offer last year (requiring $10K spend). It’s a great card for the perks (lounge access, $200 airline credit per calendar year, SPG gold status, etc.). I wouldn’t sign up right now. Reason: if you sign up more towards the middle of the year (March thru Oct, for example), you can get the $200 airline credit twice: once in the year you apply and again in the next calendar year. If you sign up now, it might be a challenge to spend $200 within one airline before the end of 2012.

  8. Can I open an Ink Plus and Ink Bold at the same time (through the reconsideration line) using 1 hard pull by saying that I want to have 1 charge card and another card that allows me to carry a balance?

    I suppose it would work like this: apply for Ink Bold online, then immediately call the reconsideration line, answer their questions, and then say that you also want to apply for the Ink Plus because you want to carry a balance (and of course get 2 bonuses!).

    Has anyone done this?

  9. Chris: I haven’t tried it, but it might work. You could apply for both of them online and then call the reconsideration line to explain why you need both. If you try it, please let us know what happens!

  10. The American Express offers in particular always say that you can’t get a sign up bonus if you’ve had a gold/plat card in the last 90 days. What’s your success with getting the bonus while having the card, 100%? Is all it takes is a kind disposition on a phone call?

  11. Shawn: personal and business cards are treated as separate. So, you can get a new platinum/gold signup bonus if you already have the business version but signup for the personal (or vice versa). In my case, I already had a platinum business card and I signed up for 2 personal cards. My understanding is that the platinum Mercedes card is treated as a separate product from the regular platinum card so I should be OK (will find out in a month or so)

  12. The AmEx offers say that you can not get the Gold bonus if you have the platinum and vice versa. Which card would you recommend we get as you can get the bonus for only one?

  13. Cyclotron: I believe that you can get both the Mercedes Platinum and the Premier Rewards Gold bonuses, so that’s a good option. If you want to pick just one, I would go with the Gold since it has no first year fee and it has bonus points for grocery and flights.

  14. FM – do you have a link for the Biz Delta Reserve? I am going to get both reserve cards and go for $120k via the gift cards to get Platinum and would like to use your links

  15. Hi, FM,
    Please know, very likely it’s your typo, the New Barclays Arrival MasterCard 40K Miles Bonus NOT 20K, first year $89 waived.

  16. FM – found some more old info.. On the US Bank Cash+, you have “And, unlike the Freedom and Ink cards, category bonuses have no quarterly or annual caps.” Which is no longer true.. and on the Best Category Bonuses page, you have the caps listed as $2500 per quarter.. according to their website, it’s now down to $2000 per quarter.

    Still, thanks again for a great resource. 🙂

    • afterbang: Thanks for the corrections! The Cash+ card used to have no cap, but as of July it will have the $2K cap. I remembered the details incorrectly when I wrote “$2500”. Thanks again.

  17. The California version of the JCB Marukai card is also available to residents of Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. You should also mention the $25 annual fee ($15 for card, $10 for Marukai membership, both waived first year) in addition to the rewards which you’ve described accurately. It’s a really good card to have, but not as good as it sounds. They are frustrating to deal with as they seem to be very conservative about credit limits and have no internet banking, but you can check your balance by phone and pay via bill pay (including Bluebird). I have also found that the card does not always work at merchants that accept Discover, even when the card is swiped (Discover/JCB partnership does not apply to card-not-present transactions, but some online merchants like Amazon take JCB directly). You also can’t use it to buy Amex GC online, so you can actually do better buying them through TCB with a 2% card.

    Some lucky people are still grandfathered in to unlimited 5% cash back on the US Bank Cash+. I’ve been waiting for
    my letter informing me of changes to my account but it hasn’t arrived yet so I think I’m in at least until December 31 as category choices have already opened for Q4. The cap definitely hasn’t taken effect for me for Q3 as I received almost $1k in cash back (implying almost 10x the quarterly cap of 5% purchases) on my last statement alone.

    • Bill pay? What do you mean you can pay with Bluebird? What type of bill pay service? Can this card be paid with any debit card?

  18. I am looking for any comments you might have made related to transferring airline miles to hotel points. Such as transferring HawaiianMiles to Marriott Rewards. I thought I had seen such a post but can not find it now.

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