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Citi AT&T nixes 3X manufactured spend

“A change to your ThankYou® Points.” That was the subject heading of an email sent today to AT&T Access More credit card holders.  The email goes on to state that, as of July 22, 2017, the card will no longer earn 3 points per dollar for “the purchase or reloading of gift cards or on rental and real estate payments.” The full text of the email reads, as follows: Hi, Greg. The categories eligible to…

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Imagining the BOA Infinite Travel Rewards Card

An industry insider leaked a bit of interesting information to me the other day.  Apparently BankAmericard is planning to release a premium card to compete with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.  Here are the bits that he revealed: $450 annual fee Travel fee reimbursement (he didn’t know how much) Redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards travel No transfer partners To be released September or October 2017 My first thought was that this was simply another…

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Planning my Amex Offers portfolio

In my post “Awesome Amex Offers and how to get them,” I argued that the way to get the best Amex Offers is to get every type of Amex card (Membership Rewards vs. Other; Personal vs. Business; etc.) and to get lots of those cards by adding lots of authorized users.  I intended to follow my own advice, but I dragged my heels for a while.  Then came the amazing Amazon offer: Spend $50 or…

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Easy Amex Referral Links + 7500 Starpoints per referral

American Express has finally made it possible to generate short referral links via text message, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, you can now earn 7,500 Starpoints per referral on both the personal and business versions of the Amex SPG cards. In the past, you have needed to enter your friend’s first name and email in order to generate a link. If you emailed that link to yourself, you could copy the link address from the email and share it…

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Citi Hilton Honors 50K Link

Citi Hilton Honors

As we reported yesterday, it seems that this may be a last call for Citi’s Hilton cards. With Amex set to become the sole issuer of Hilton’s credit cards in January and Citi planning to migrate existing cardholders to something else (we don’t yet know what that will be), these cards have been removed from Citi’s website. We don’t know for sure if this is permanent, but suspect it to be an indication that these…

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Membership Rewards Questions Answered

Following my post “Ultimate Rewards Questions Answered,” I figured that it would be helpful to do the same with Amex Membership Rewards questions and answers.  Here’s what you need to know… Membership Rewards Credit and Charge Cards American Express offers a huge lineup of cards that offer Membership Rewards points for spend.  Many are charge cards (in which the balance must be paid in full each month) and others are credit cards. American Express limits…

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Last call for Citi Hilton cards?

Citi Hilton Reserve

UPDATE: ALL LINKS ARE DEAD Last week, Hilton announced that starting January 1st 2018, American Express would be the exclusive issuer of Hilton’s co-branded credit cards.  So, what happens with Citibank’s two Hilton cards?  Can we still sign up for those cards for the sign-up bonuses until the end of December?  It’s unclear, but my guess is no. At some point today, Citi’s Hilton application links have stopped working on some browsers.  For example, the…

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