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FlexPerks kills Kiva 3X

For years I’ve regularly paid for Kiva microloans with my FlexPerks Visa card.  The US Bank FlexPerks Visa card has long offered 3 points per dollar for charitable donations.  Even though Kiva loans are not technically charitable donations, the credit card coded them as if they were.  And, considering that FlexPerks points have been worth up to 2 cents per point towards airfare, this has been a fantastic way to earn up to 6% back…

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Is the end near for manufacturing Delta Diamond status?

Delta One Suite

For a number of years now, I’ve been using Delta credit cards to manufacture elite status for my wife and me.  I used to to get my wife to top tier Diamond status while I was satisfied with near-top-tier Platinum status. In recent years, though, Delta has added valuable benefits to their Diamond tier and so I stepped up my ms game to get both of us to Diamond.  For background, please see: Pushing the…

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Amex Offers: &

Amex has a couple of new offers out this morning for and Note that both of these expires on July 31, 2017. You’ll only have about two weeks to use these offers, but they should be pretty easy to maximize. The Deals Spend $50, get $10 back Spend $125, get $25 back Bottom Line As and sell such a wide assortment of goods, it will surely be pretty easy to find…

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Not Targeted: $100 Toys R Us for $90 or less

This one is open to everyone, it is not targeted: Groupon is offering a $100 eGift card to Toys R Us for $90. Furthermore, you can earn 6% cash back from a portal for a net cost of $84.60. Those with the Citi AT&T Access More card can additionally earn 3X at Groupon as I believe it codes as an online purchase. The Deal $100 Toys R Us eGift card for $90 Go through a shopping portal to save another 6% Direct link to the…

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Buying a car: Used or new? Miles, money, or both?

Sooner or later, most of us face the prospect of needing a new set of wheels. That time has come for me — and so I’ve been trying to figure out the most advantageous play for getting the vehicle we want for the most attractive net cost. I’m not sure that I’ve come to a firm conclusion yet, so I figured I’d lay out my thought process and ask for reader input on the best…

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FlexPerks to ditch its backup status

Currently, FlexPerks points are worth up to 2 cents each for airfare, up to 1.5 cents each for hotels, and up to 1.25 cents each for car rentals.  The best use of these points has been to try to snag flights at the top of each price band in the Flexperks award chart.  For example, ideal flight prices were $390 to $400, $590 to $600, etc: However, a Reddit user reports learning from a US…

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Venmo: Amex gift cards no longer an option

Until recently it was possible to liquidate Amex gift cards for free through Venmo.  Venmo normally charges 3% for credit cards, but they identified Amex gift cards as debit cards and charged no fee. As of about a week ago, Amex gift card payments through Venmo stopped working altogether.  Details were reported on Reddit.  And then Miles Per Day declared the deal dead.  For a while, I held out hope that this was merely a…

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[Expired] ALMOST GONE: $100 for $80

Amazon has a $100 gift card on sale for $80 via Lightning Deal. This deal is 86% claimed as of this writing and ends around 3pm Eastern time or when fully claimed, which will happen first and soon. Don’t wait — if you want this, jump on it now. Remember that gift cards can easily be combined online. The limit is 1 per account. Note that there is a direct link below, but you…

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Increase credit card spend (and get most of it back). What still works June 2017

I had been planning to publish the next installment of this series in July, but there have been so many recent changes that I decided to publish now… Whether you need to increase credit card spend to earn a new credit card signup bonus, or to earn elite status, or simply to earn credit card rewards, it’s important to keep up with the latest news of what works and what does not. Complete descriptions of…

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