Chase Ink Cash Business Credit Card

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Chase Ink Cash® Business Credit Card Chase Ink Cash® Business Credit Card
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30K after $3K spend in 3 months


The Ink Cash is one of my favorite cards.  It has no annual fee, and it earns valuable Chase Ultimate Rewards points with amazing category bonuses:

  • 5X Ultimate Rewards points for office supply purchases, phone, TV, and internet
    (5X rewards are for up to $25,000 spend per cardmember year)
  • 2X Ultimate Rewards points for gas and restaurants

5X rewards for phone, TV, and internet is enough on its own to make this card worth having.  The 5X office supply category, though, is where things get really interesting.  Office supply stores such as Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax sell gift cards to other merchants, as well as bank gift cards.  By purchasing gift cards from these stores, you can earn 5X rewards in far more categories of spend.

Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed for cash or merchandise for 1 cent per point value.  Or, points can be moved to a premium card such as the Ink Business Preferred, Sapphire Preferred, or Sapphire Reserve for even more value:

  • Purchase Travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel site after moving points to the Ink Business Preferred or Sapphire Preferred card (1.25 cents per point value)
  • Purchase Travel after moving points to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card (1.5 cents per point value)
  • Transfer to a variety of airline and hotel programs (per point value varies from very low to extremely high when points are used this way)

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All of the following cards earn Ultimate Rewards points.  Those marked with an asterisk are premium cards that allow points to be transferred to select airline and hotel loyalty programs. The others are advertised as cash back cards, but they really earn Ultimate Rewards points.  You can move those points to loyalty programs indirectly by moving them first to a premium card and then to an airline or hotel program:

* Premium card. Points can be transferred to select airline and hotel loyalty programs.

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Card / NotesBonus / Annual Fee
Chase Ink Cash® Business Credit Card Chase Ink Cash® Business Credit Card
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Earning rate: 5X office supplies, 5X cellular/landline/cable; 2X gas and restaurants

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30K after $3K spend in 3 months

No annual fee

Note: This card is known to be subject to Chase's 5/24 rule.

You may also be able to get the 30K bonus by applying in-branch. More info here.

FM Mini Review: Great card for 5X categories. Excellent companion card to Sapphire Reserve!

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    • This card earns Ultimate Rewards points. If you don’t have a “premium” card also, the points can only be used for cash back (at one cent per point). If you have a “premium” Ultimate Rewards card (Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Ink Business Preferred, Ink Plus), then you can combine your Ultimate Rewards and transfer them to partners (or, if you have the Sapphire Reserve, you can use them for 1.5 cents each towards travel)

  1. Does the 5x phone category includes cell phones (ATT, Verizon, T-mobile, etc.)?

    Are hulu and netflix 5x categories (TV, internet)?

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