Free Credit Score

If you’re considering signing up for credit cards, it’s a good idea to first make sure that you have an excellent credit score.   You can check easily by signing up for one or more of these services:

These sites offer an estimate of your score (often called a “FAKO” score).  Some also offer free credit monitoring (they’ll alert you when a hard inquiry is added to your report, for example).

Credit card companies are more and more commonly offering free credit scores to account holders.  Check to see if any of your credit cards offer this service.


    • Grant: The services are very similar. Each of the services estimate your credit score. Since each one is just an estimate and since each is free, it makes sense to have two “opinions”.

  1. I believe Credit Karma has a linear graph feature that tracks your “credit score” every month. Is that true?

  2. Is it ok to look at the score before immediately before you apply for a card. I heard that your score gets a hit everytime you fetch your credit score.

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