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Happy April Fools Day!


Sorry if you thought this was real!

Bonus points if you tell me:

  • Why Ahcom Bank?
  • Why Dauphin County?


  1. Ahcom was a company that had a contract to buy almonds and had an alter ego thus causing a big lawsuit. (A big hoax)

    Dauphin is the region in France that this day originated from when in the 1500s when France switched New Year day from April 1 to January 1. Those who insisted on celebrating the old New Year Day of April 1 became know as April Fools and commonly had jokes and tricks played on them.

  2. After the March you had, I’m way impressed at the time and effort you put into your April Fool’s joke!

    I suspected when I saw the Kissing Booth part.

  3. LOL I was quickly going to go to MMS and was hoping he had regurgiated this into his own words and posted it lol.

  4. Well done. What was most convincing is that you managed to pull this off completely in your usual style. When goofing like this is it too easy to get clever and give yourself away.
    Very clever FM!

  5. Much better than the claim that Virgin Atlantic had a new glass bottomed plane in the works.

    I was actually planning to make this part of my April churn.

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