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[Targeted] 30K AAdvantage Mile Spending Bonus from Barclaycard Aviator Red


Barclaycard is sending out a targeted spending offer for holders of their AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard. The offer promises 30,000 bonus AAdvantage miles after $15K in spend spread out in $2,500 increments over six months. You may receive this offer either via email or in the U.S. mail. The Offer Spend $2,500 or more on purchases using your AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCard each month from December, 2015 through May, 2016 and earn 30,000 bonus miles. Key…

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AA enhanced portal bonuses up to 15X. Stack with holiday bonus and Discover.

The AAdvantage eShopping portal is offering enhanced rates for a number of stores today.  Here are a few examples: BackCountry 10X Elizabeth Arden 10X Levi’s 12X Lord & Taylor 12X Saks.com 15X At the same time, the portal is offering holiday bonus miles for cumulative purchases made through 11/26/15 at 11:59:59 pm ET, as follows: $150 cumulative spend = 450 bonus miles (3X) $550 cumulative spend = 2000 bonus miles (3.6X) $1,200 cumulative spend =…

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My crazy route to Vegas. Am I done with mileage running?

mileage running

The majority of this post was written while flying the final leg of my latest mileage run.  Last year, I decided to seek top tier American Airlines status by signing up for the US Airways Preferred Trial.  During the 90 day trial period, I flew 30,000 miles in order to secure US Airways Chairman’s Preferred status.  That status, then, converted to AA Executive Platinum status when the AA and US Airways frequent flyer programs merged. …

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Should you keep, upgrade, or downgrade your AAdvantage Aviator card? Do you have a choice?

AAdvantage Aviator card

My wife and I have four AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCards.  Yep, we have two each.  Before American Airlines and US Airways merged their loyalty programs, the Barclaycard US Airways MasterCard offered a terrific signup bonus: 50,000 miles after first purchase.  At times, the bonus was a bit lower – 40,000 miles, if I recall correctly.  And, sometimes the offer included 10,000 anniversary miles.  To complicate things a bit, sometimes the 10,000 anniversary miles were promised…

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Mileage Running for AA Executive Platinum status. EQMs vs. EQPs

Lately I’ve been suffering from mileage-run paralysis.  I need to book additional One World flights in order to re-up my AA Executive Platinum status for 2016, but I haven’t yet picked a strategy.  Should I focus on earning EQMs (Elite Qualifying Miles) or EQPs (Elite Qualifying Points)?  EQMs are earned directly from miles flown: 1000 miles flown becomes 1000 EQMs.  EQPs are more complicated: discount economy fares earn only half an EQP per mile flown…

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Up to 30X via AAdvantage eShopping Portal, plus chance to win 100,000 miles

The AAdvantage eShopping Portal is offering enhanced rates today and tomorrow for a number of merchants.  Plus, purchases will give you extra chances to win their “Blue Sky Sweepstakes” for up to 100,000 miles and $2,500.  Through Today Only (Sunday 5/3/2015) Clinique 12X Sears 10X Neiman Marcus 10X Through Monday 5/4/2015 Magazines.com 30X FromYouFlowers.com 30X Cheryl’s 16X Sephora 12X Barney’s New York Warehouse 9X Kohl’s 8X Contest Win up to 100,000 miles and $2,500.  Purchases…

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Misleading portal deal details: how to make sense of them

You would think that email promotional advertisements would be pretty straightforward, right?  You would think that the vendor would want you to know if the deal being offered was good only for today, right? With online shopping portals, though, the email ads are almost always misleading.  The ads may not be intentionally misleading, but almost everyone I know (including me) has made the same mistake I’m about to describe… Take a look at an email…

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