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Is Amex increasing exceptions to their Once Per Lifetime Rule?

Most American Express credit card offers disallow those who have had the same card before.  Language in the application offer terms usually state the following (and usually in bold text): “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.” We describe this as Amex’s once per lifetime rule. I often hear reports from people who have received targeted offers from Amex which do not include the once per lifetime rule. …

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Wow! 2.17 cents per point from Enhanced Business Platinum pay with points!

You already know that I love the Amex Business Platinum 50% pay with points rebate.  If you didn’t know, please click here to read about it, then come back to this post to finish reading. I know… that’s a lot of homework for a busy person, so if you want the short version, suffice to say that the rebate often makes it possible to get exactly the flights you want, for fewer points, all while…

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Loving Amex Enhanced Business Platinum’s Pay with Points Rebate

Amex Business Platinum 50pct point rebate

I’m increasingly loving the Amex Enhanced Business Platinum’s 50% pay with points rebate.  I originally called this benefit a minor game changer, but in practice, for me, it is major. For review, on October 6 2016, Amex added an awesome feature to their Enhanced Business Platinum Card:  Cardholders earn 50% points back when paying with points through American Express Travel for a flight with their selected airline. Cardholders will also receive this benefit when booking…

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Amex Enhanced Business Platinum Changes coming – 5X Airfare through AmexTravel

Via View from the Wing, there are some reported changes coming to the American Express Business Platinum card as of March 30th, 2017. We have previously reported on changes to the personal Platinum card.  According to Gary Leff’s sources at American Express, the Enhanced Business Platinum changes are a bit different.  New benefits (key points in bold) will include: 5X Membership Rewards points on airfare and prepaid hotels booked through Bookings will need to…

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Improved Priority Pass already rolling out with Amex Platinum

In the excitement disappointment over the new Amex Platinum card benefits, one new key benefit has slipped in with little fanfare: an improvement in the Amex Platinum Priority Pass offering. Priority Pass covers a network of airport lounges around the world — currently more than 1,000 lounges in 500 cities across 130 countries. Many of the lounges in the network are independent, but some airline-specific lounges accept Priority Pass (like Alaska Boardroom locations and the Virgin America…

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[EXPIRED] Increased Amex SPG sign-up bonuses: 35K on both business and personal!

This offer is expired. American Express has increased the signup bonuses on both the SPG personal and SPG business cards to 35k bonus points for completing the total required spend. We have only seen a 35k signup bonus once before on these cards. While the required spend was lower on the previous offer, these sign up bonuses are still excellent. Starpoints have historically been highly valuable due to their versatility, and the merger with Marriott has…

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The best rewards for $50K spend

The current signup offer for the Amex Blue for Business Card has been extended to February 22, 2017 [UPDATE: OFFER HAS EXPIRED].  The offer is different from most signup offers because rather than giving you a set number of bonus points for meeting minimum spend, this offer is mostly about increased card earnings for the first 6 months to a year.  Yes, you get a standard bonus of 10K points after first purchase, but you…

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How to avoid basic economy when paying with points

avoid basic economy

You gotta love the marketing genius that came up with the concept of basic economy.  I imagine that the first executive meeting on the topic went something like this: Marketing Guy: Let’s introduce a fare option that is crappier than regular economy.  That way we can charge more for regular economy while telling our customers that they’ll save money with our new Crappier Economy. Executive 1: That sounds great!  I love win-win scenarios.  Of course,…

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