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How to avoid basic economy when paying with points

avoid basic economy

You gotta love the marketing genius that came up with the concept of basic economy.  I imagine that the first executive meeting on the topic went something like this: Marketing Guy: Let’s introduce a fare option that is crappier than regular economy.  That way we can charge more for regular economy while telling our customers that they’ll save money with our new Crappier Economy. Executive 1: That sounds great!  I love win-win scenarios.  Of course,…

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[EXPIRED] Why we rushed to apply for the 100K Business Platinum offer before the end of the year

100K Business Platinum

Note: This offer has expired. The current 100,000 point signup offer for The Enhanced Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN is set to expire on January 25th.  My wife signed up yesterday.  We had intended to do the application earlier in the month, but time slipped away.  You know how that goes.  We realized yesterday that time is running out to eke out the most value possible from the first year of card membership,…

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