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A guide to credit card point earning. Should you focus on a single program?

credit card point earning

I earn millions of points and miles each year through credit card signup bonuses and .  My general approach is to go for the low hanging fruit.  I’ll snag those 50,000 to 100,000 point signup offers while I can.  And, I’ll max out easy 3X to 5X manufactured spend opportunities.  I prefer earning transferable points, but I’ll happily take other points and miles if the opportunity is good enough. The advantage of this scattershot approach…

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Your Platinum Card arrived. Here’s what to do next…

Platinum Card $200

Update: This post includes offers that were valid at the time of publication, but have since expired. Please click here to see the best offers currently available. Thanks to the current 100K signup offer, and the ongoing 50K upgrade offer, I expect that many readers now have The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN.  Obviously you now need to meet the spend requirements in order to earn the signup bonus or upgrade bonus.  But,…

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Manufacturing Spend: What still works September 2016?

Manufacturing Spend Options Still Alive

UPDATE: Please find an up-to-date version of this post here: Manufacturing Spend is the process of increasing credit card spend to earn rewards in ways that results in getting most of your money back.  These techniques can be useful for helping to meet new credit card minimum spend requirements, to earn big-spend bonuses, or simply to earn rewards. Unfortunately, the options available for manufacturing spend change regularly. So, here is a survey of common techniques…

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Earn miles via rent payments

Earn miles via rent payments

Update: RadPad ended this promotion prematurely on August 24, 2016 due to a lack of funds. You can find the announcement here. Via Quick Deals, we previously reported that you can now use RadPad with Android Pay to pay your rent with a credit card fee free through the end of the year. This means that rent payments can be used to earn credit card rewards, help meet minimum spend requirements on new credit cards, or…

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Visa Infinite: a path to elite status for couples?

Travel Companion Tickets

Until recently, the only Visa Infinite card available in the US (to my knowledge) was the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card (which currently has a 50K signup offer).  Unfortunately, that excellent card is extremely hard to get. Now, Chase has made a splash with two new Visa Infinite cards: The new Ritz Carlton card and the soon-to-be-released Sapphire Reserve.  Both are expensive ($450!), but they make up for that in the first year with spectacular…

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I love AwardWallet, but not for the reason you think


Background: AwardWallet is a free service for keeping track of frequent flyer miles, hotel points, bank points, and more. It offers both a web site and mobile app for accessing your information. AwardWallet lets you manage both your own and your family member’s accounts. For most accounts, it will automatically update your award balances without any extra work from you. I realized a contradiction the other day. I think of AwardWallet as a tool for…

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Get approved for the Sapphire Reserve 100K offer despite 5/24

Sapphire Reserve 100K

A new, updated version of this post has been published, please click here to view the new post: How to get approved for the Sapphire Reserve 100K offer Update 8/23/2016: Some of the recommendations in this post were motivated by the Chase Special Reconsideration Form. Unfortunately, as of yesterday (8/22), Chase has discontinued the Special Reconsideration Form for Personal Card Exceptions (but the business form still exists). Sapphire Reserve 100K Offer Previously I gushed about…

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How to get some SPG Platinum benefits without status

SPG Platinum benefits

SPG Platinum benefits include a killer feature not found in any other major hotel chain program:  “An upgrade to best available room at check-in — including a Standard Suite.”  When a guest with Platinum status checks in, the hotel is required to upgrade that guest to a standard suite if any are available.  Of course, some hotels wiggle out of this responsibility by severely limiting the number of suites they consider “standard” or by pretending…

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