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Merrill+ application may still be available by phone

We had recently reported that upon launch of the new Bank of America Premium Rewards card, the Merrill+ card would cease to be available. However, reader tinytavosa commented that he applied this morning and was approved after a recon call (he had frozen his Experian credit report, which necessitated a phone call to the recon department). He further reported that on recon, he had to verify personal information from his credit report and was then…

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Which BOA cards earn bonus points via Preferred Rewards?

Bank of America’s new Premium Rewards Card (details here) is expected to be released any day now.  The card is most interesting to those who have enough money managed by Bank of America / Merrill Lynch / Merrill Edge to qualify for Preferred Rewards Platinum Honors.  Those with $100K or more in investments and deposits earn 75% more points with select Bank of America credit cards (including this new one).  That means that those $100K+…

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How I messed up my 75K application (BOA 5 card limit?)

BOA 5 card limit

Every now and then, in my pursuit of points and miles and/or great deals, I mess up.  And, usually there’s a lesson or two to be learned.  That’s why I like to share these stories with readers like I did recently when I bought a new grill (see: 3 lessons from my f-ed up extreme stack).  Today’s story is about my botched Virgin Atlantic credit card application… Since writing the post “Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard…

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Results of my end of year application spree

BOA cards

A couple of weeks ago I reported my end of year application spree.  With a single card issuer, I started with one application, then did another, and another, etc.  In total, I applied for all of the following cards: Instantly Approved: 147K In total, four cards were instantly approved: Amtrak 30K after $1K spend Virgin Atlantic 75K after $12K spend + add 2 authorized users Amtrak 12K after $1K spend Alaska Business card 30K after…

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