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My 90,000 point Ultimate Rewards mistake

You know that sinking knot in the pit of your stomach feeling when you realize you just made a big mistake?  Yeah, that was me yesterday morning… I keep a spreadsheet of credit cards I’ve opened and closed, and I was doing a bit of housekeeping on the spreadsheet yesterday.  I had recently closed a couple of my wife’s cards, but hadn’t entered the cancellation dates into the spreadsheet.  Luckily, with her Chase Ink card,…

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Amtrak zombie links found; should you hop on?

UPDATE: Zombie links are now dead. This morning I wrote that Chase was no longer offering the Amtrak credit card.  In that post I explained why the card was interesting, even to those not interested in Amtrak travel.  A few hours after publication, Miles Whip tweeted that a user who goes by mia on Flyertalk had published two working application links: Link 1 (bonus: 12,000 points after $500 spend) Link 2 (bonus unknown) I tried…

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Chase kills the Amtrak card. Why you might care…

I was never interested in the Chase Amtrak card.  Sure, it can be used to earn Amtrak points, and those can be valuable, but there was always a better option for earning those points: Chase Ultimate Rewards.  Ultimate Rewards points transfer one to one to Amtrak (and to a number of airline and hotel partners) as long as you have a premium card such as the Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus.  So, why get an…

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Chasing Ultimate Rewards


I was bummed the other day when I logged into my Chase account and saw that my Ultimate Rewards point total had dropped to a meager 100,000 points.  In the past, I’ve earned what seemed like an unlimited supply of Ultimate Rewards points through generous signup bonuses, regular introductions of new or altered Chase Ink products, my having multiple businesses (and thus being able to sign up for the same business card multiple times –…

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Banking transferable points and keeping them alive

Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou Rewards have a lot in common between them, besides their similar sounding names.  All three are transferable points programs in which it is possible to convert points to various airline and hotel loyalty programs, usually 1 to 1.  All three make it possible to buy airfare (and/or other travel) with points and get more than 1 cent per point value.  All three require the accountholder to…

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Cancelling my favorite cards

Every time an annual fee comes due on a credit card, I make a decision as to whether to keep, cancel, or downgrade the card.  Are the benefits that the card offers worth the annual fee?  If not, the card should be ditched.  It turns out, ironically, that I’m currently planning to cancel or downgrade a number of my favorite cards… Chase Ink Plus A few months after I started this blog in 2011, Chase…

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$450 from Chase for opening a Chase checking and savings account

Valid through: December 15th 2014 Chase routinely offers cash back for opening checking or savings accounts, but I think this is the largest bonus I’ve seen in recent times.  With the right coupon, you can get $300 for opening a checking account and $150 for opening a savings account. The Hustler Money Blog has the full details here, including information about how to get those valuable coupons. Never miss a Quick Deal, Subscribe here.

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