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How to avoid basic economy when paying with points

avoid basic economy

You gotta love the marketing genius that came up with the concept of basic economy.  I imagine that the first executive meeting on the topic went something like this: Marketing Guy: Let’s introduce a fare option that is crappier than regular economy.  That way we can charge more for regular economy while telling our customers that they’ll save money with our new Crappier Economy. Executive 1: That sounds great!  I love win-win scenarios.  Of course,…

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Sapphire Reserve bonus to drop to 50K Jan 12th online, March 12th in-branch

Sapphire Reserve 100K to 50K

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card has a lot going for it, not least of which is its awesome 100,000 point signup bonus.  Soon, however, the bonus will be cut in half. As of January 12th for online applications and March 12th for in-branch applications, the Sapphire Reserve bonus will drop to 50,000 points after $4,000 spend. Those who have opened 5 or more accounts in the past 24 months have had better success in getting…

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Chase IHG was the +1 at my application spree party

Chase IHG

Yesterday I detailed my latest application spree.  I applied for 10 Bank of America cards.  Four were instantly approved and the rest are pending.  At the end of the post I mentioned that I had applied for one more card — a Chase card.  Why did I do it?  Which card did I apply for?  What was the outcome?  Here’s the story… Almost two years ago I reported that my wife and I were considering…

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