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Do Chase Business cards add to your 5/24 total?

Chase Business Cards 5/24

Unofficially, Chase doesn’t like to approve credit card applications where the applicant has opened 5 or more cards with any bank in the past 24 months.  This is known as the 5/24 Rule.  In the recent post, “How to count your 5/24 status,” I asked the question “Do Chase Business cards add to your 5/24 total?”  I wrote: Chase business cards do not appear on personal credit reports, but obviously Chase knows if you have…

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The Sapphire Reserve premature release and key findings re: 5/24, travel credits, and more

Sapphire Reserve premature release

Yesterday a Reddit user posted a live link to signup for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card: You may remember from other posts that this card was expected to go live on August 21st.  The link released on Reddit was nearly a week early.  We quickly posted a Quick Deal to let readers know about this unexpected link: Chase Sapphire Reserve Live Application Link Available & 5/24 Data Points. Later the same day, the application…

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