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Can you game the World of Hyatt with your Citi Prestige card?

Game World of Hyatt Prestige

Beginning March 1 2017, Hyatt will dump their Gold Passport loyalty program in favor of the new World of Hyatt.  To get caught up on the changes, please see: 5 things I love about the World of Hyatt 5 things I hate about World of Hyatt In a nutshell, top tier Globalist status in the new program will be even better in many ways than the current top tier Diamond status, but it will be…

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Platinum vs Reserve vs Prestige

Amex, Chase, and Citibank each offer premium travel cards.  These are $450 per year cards (Update: Only the Chase and Citibank cards still carry a $450 annual fee. That fee no longer applies to the Platinum card.) that aim to justify their huge fees with piles of great benefits.  Which is best? The truth is that each card has different strengths.  Whether any of them are right for you depends upon your own circumstances.   Below you’ll…

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Prestige 50K offer hanging on by a thread. Still possible to get up to $1300 in flights for $450.

Prestige 50K Offer

A couple of weeks ago I reported that the writing was on the wall for two great Citibank signup offers: the Citi Prestige 50K offer and the Citi AT&T Access More free phone offer (See: Two great Citi offers may soon be gone. What to do?).  I was right about the AT&T offer.  The last known link to that offer disappeared last week (congrats to those who got in on it before it disappeared!).  The…

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Do you have to pay with the Prestige card to get the 4th Night Free?

Prestige 4th Night Free

The Citi Prestige card has many great perks.  One of those perks is the ability to get a rebate of the full cost of the fourth night of a hotel stay booked through the Citi Prestige Concierge.  Full details about this benefit can be found here:  Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free.  And, here’s a review of the card’s primary perks: Earn 3X points for airfare, hotels, and travel agencies; and 2X points…

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The best 4th Night Free finds

Last week I challenged readers to beat my best 4th Night finds.  The idea was to find hotels and dates in which the 4th night of a stay was astronomically more expensive than the first three nights.  Why?  Because one of the Citi Prestige card’s benefits is a rebate of the 4th night price for a multi-night hotel booking.  Since Citi rebates the actual price of the 4th night rather than simply offering a 25%…

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Crazy 4th Night Free deals, and the $100 e-gift card challenge

merchant gift cards, best options

The Citi Prestige card’s 4th Night Free hotel benefit always struck me as kind of crazy.  When you use this benefit to book a four night stay, you get reimbursed for the entire price of the 4th night.  What were they thinking?  What if the fourth night is astronomically more expensive than the first three?  Surely, someone is going to get fired.  Or, so I thought. In practice, I haven’t seen many situations where the…

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You DON’T have to pay with your Prestige card for 4th Night Free (but you should)

UPDATE 6/15/2016: Recent evidence suggests that people do, at least sometimes, check to make sure that charges are placed on your Prestige card before credits are awarded.  I recommend always paying for 4th Night Free stays with your Prestige card. Yesterday, I published a post with an opposite headline to this one.  I wrote: You DO have to pay with your Prestige card for 4th Night Free. Here’s why I’m surprised. It looks like I…

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My failed (but profitable) Prestige 4th Night Free experiment, and an accidental redo


One of the Citi Prestige card’s many perks is its 4th Night Free hotel benefit.  Cardholders can book a four night (or longer) stay through the Citi Prestige Concierge, and about four weeks after their stay they’ll get reimbursed for the price of the 4th night.  For complete details about this benefit, please see: The Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free. Technically, you’re supposed to pay for your stay with your Citi Prestige…

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A new comparison of Citi Prestige, Premier, and Preferred cards

Citi Prestige, Premier, and Preferred

Note: This post is a re-write of a previously published post: Citi Prestige vs Premier vs Preferred. Since that post was written, there have been big changes in the ThankYou program… Lately I’ve had a bit of a crush on my Citi Prestige card. I signed up for the card in September 2014 in order to take advantage of both expiring and new benefits to the card (see “Citi Prestige experiment failed, yet I’m way…

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