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Citi Thank You Rewards 50% transfer bonus to JetBlue

jetblue mint

Citi Thank You Rewards is offering a 50% bonus on transfers to JetBlue through April 30, 2017. Citi transfer rates differ depending on which Citi card you hold.  The normal transfer rates are as follows: 1,000 Citi ThankYou Points = 800 TrueBlue points for Citi ThankYou® Premier, Citi Prestige® and Citi Chairman® 1,000 Citi ThankYou Points = 500 TrueBlue points  For Citi ThankYou Preferred or Citi Forward  After the 50% bonus, points will transfer at…

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How to avoid basic economy when paying with points

avoid basic economy

You gotta love the marketing genius that came up with the concept of basic economy.  I imagine that the first executive meeting on the topic went something like this: Marketing Guy: Let’s introduce a fare option that is crappier than regular economy.  That way we can charge more for regular economy while telling our customers that they’ll save money with our new Crappier Economy. Executive 1: That sounds great!  I love win-win scenarios.  Of course,…

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Credit Card Changing Fortunes

Credit Card Trends

The past few months have been full of surprises and changes in the points & miles world.  Many of these changes centered around high-end $450 per year credit cards… Citibank announced a huge devaluation to their Prestige card.  Soon after, Chase released their new blockbuster Sapphire Reserve Card, with its 100K signup bonus, 3X earnings for travel & dining, 1.5 cents per point value towards travel, and $300 travel reimbursements.  At around the same time,…

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Citi’s new speed limit: 135,000 points per year from signup bonuses

Citi's new speed limit

As reported by Doctor of Credit, Citibank has changed their signup bonus rules.  Previously, you had to wait 24 months after opening or closing a card in order to get the exact same card again (with the bonus).  Now, you have to wait 24 months after opening or closing a card in order to get a bonus on any card within the same brand. This change has severe consequences for those who repeatedly sign up…

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Prestige 50K offer hanging on by a thread. Still possible to get up to $1300 in flights for $450.

Prestige 50K Offer

A couple of weeks ago I reported that the writing was on the wall for two great Citibank signup offers: the Citi Prestige 50K offer and the Citi AT&T Access More free phone offer (See: Two great Citi offers may soon be gone. What to do?).  I was right about the AT&T offer.  The last known link to that offer disappeared last week (congrats to those who got in on it before it disappeared!).  The…

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