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Amex business cards increasingly trump personal cards

Club lounges and free breakfasts

The latest changes to the American Express SPG cards (as reported here, by Doctor of Credit) have me thinking about the way Amex handles the differences between their personal and business cards.  Most of the SPG card changes apply equally to the two SPG cards.  Starting August 11, both cards (personal and business) will offer: Higher annual fees ($95 vs. the current $65) Boingo internet for up to 4 devices Premium in room internet at…

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AA vs Delta Part 1: Intro

In frequent flyer communities, you’ll get laughed out of town if you ask which is better: American Airlines or Delta? Obviously, AA is better. Unlike Delta, AA still rewards flyers with miles based on distance flown; AA has a very generous award chart and they continue to publish it for the world to see (Delta has taken away their award charts); AA lets you put awards on hold for up to 5 days; AA lets…

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Cheaper flights through multi-city search

Earlier this week I attempted to book a one way flight from Atlanta to Detroit.  An initial search via Google Flights looked promising.  Prices started at only $131: I then filtered the departure time to late afternoon to fit my schedule.  Now the AA / US Air options disappeared and the remaining options were considerably more expensive (Note that Southwest still had a reasonably priced fare, but I forgot to look at that, and this…

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How one call led to a points bonanza and rethought plans

A couple of days ago I called Citibank to cancel one of my AA Executive cards since the annual fee was about to come due.  As a reminder, last year Citi offered a whopping 100,000 AA miles plus $250 statement credit as a signup bonus for the $450 per year AA Executive card, so many of us now have several of these cards.  Before cancelling the card altogether, I asked about retention offers and was…

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Am I done with Delta?

Delta 2015 started off nicely.  While not everything was perfect, saver level awards were more plentiful than ever before, the ability to book one-way awards was a godsend, and the award calendar actually seemed to work pretty much as advertised.  Many were upset that Delta had changed to a revenue based mileage accrual scheme, but I didn’t care.  By far, my Delta miles are earned from credit cards and the Suntrust Delta debit card rather…

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Delta sneakily adds new form of close-in award ticketing fee

American Airlines and United charge $75 fees for awards booked less than 21 days before departure.  Both airlines waive these fees for high level elites.  One of the few advantages of Delta’s SkyMiles program has been the fact that they do not charge these “close-in” award booking fees.  Until now.  It looks like they’ve found a sneaky way to charge us close-in fees without telling us… The Cranky Flier reports that, on many/most routes, Delta…

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Surviving (and thriving) Delta 2015

Delta 2015

As of January 1, 2015, Delta has been awarding miles based on the ticket price rather than the distance flown.  Under the new program, long distance heavily discounted flights result in far fewer earned miles than before.  For example, as shown in the image below, a $320 flight between Detroit and Los Angeles used to result in 7,916 earned SkyMiles for those with Platinum elite status.  Today, the same flight will earn only 2,880 miles. …

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Are Delta’s upgrade certificates as good as they sound?

Late in 2013, I posted “Why Delta’s great new Choice Benefits irk me.”  Delta had just announced that they would be introducing regional and global upgrade certificates as choice benefits for high level elites.  Here is a summary of the new benefits: Regional Upgrade certificates: Platinum Medallions have a Choice Benefit of 4 Regional Upgrade certificates that can be applied on any paid flight that qualifies for free Medallion upgrades.  Certificates may be used only…

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HOT: Amazing award availability on partner airlines using Delta SkyMiles!

This won’t last long! The blog “don’t call the airline!” has found that when searching for partner awards (e.g. Air France, Virgin Atlantic), the system is often showing extra award space when you search for flexible days.  And, amazingly, the tickets are bookable!  For example, DCTA was able to find 9 business class seats available at saver level (all partner awards should book at saver level) for flights from London to JFK!  And DCTA…

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