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3 lessons from my f-ed up extreme stack

Sure, here at Frequent Miler, we coined the term “Extreme Stacking,” but that doesn’t mean we always get it right.  Recently, I Extreme Stacked my way to a new grill and I f-ed up in 3 key ways.  The outcome wasn’t terrible.  I ended up with a $400 Weber grill for $400.  That’s hardly the end of the world.  The purpose of this post isn’t to whine about my woes, but rather to point out…

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$49.08 net for 2 shirts, 2 pants, 2 ties: JCPenny stack continues with men’s clothes

Last night, we posted about a great stacking deal at JCPenney. There were some amazing prices available by stacking promotions that perhaps weren’t intended to stack. Unfortunately, the coupon terms have changed and some exclusions have been added. Some of the items I ordered last night are now excluded from the sale (e.g. dress shoes and most women’s clothes). However, there are still some excellent bargains and there are a few updates on saving a bit…

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Extreme Stacking Amazon.com [New]

By extreme stacking Amazon.com it’s possible to earn up to 9X rewards plus fuel rewards with a 15% discount, or up to 4X rewards with a 32% discount. Here’s how… JetBlue makes it easy to earn bonus points for all Amazon purchases. As long as you start your Amazon shopping from the JetBlue site, you’ll earn 3 points per dollar. Sadly, they no longer offer 3X points when buying Amazon.com gift cards, but there are…

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Stacking Kohl’s + Discover: $1.93 for 12pc 16oz cooler glass set

Kohl’s currently has a number of stacking deals that provide decent savings on a range of products — including this 12pc set of 16oz drinking glasses that you may be able to pick up in-store for as low as $2.99: How to stack it For maximum savings, you’ll need a new Discover card and a little luck. Many/most Discover card holders have access to a $10 off Kohl’s coupon in their accounts. This coupon applies as…

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Real world extreme stacking in-home dining and more

I often write about ways to extreme stack deals for huge rewards or savings.  In this post I’ll document one approach that I use regularly to treat my family to great steaks, seafood, treats, and more.  First, here are some real world examples of what is possible… Stock Yards sells four 6 ounce Filet Mignon cuts for $99.99.  After stacking, I would pay $30.46 (or less), delivered. Harry & David sells their Maine Shore Seafood…

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Stacking for 39.55% off on All-Clad at Bloomingdale’s

Edit: My original math included buying discount gift cards to stack the savings a bit further. Unfortunately, TopCashBack’s terms exclude cash back on either the purchase or redemption of gift cards. That adjusts the overall math down a few percentage points and as such I have adjusted the discount to 39.55% off. Thanks to reader Jon for the heads up! Bloomingdale’s currently has a number of discounts that can be stacked for significant savings on a…

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42.2% OFF Tumi – Extreme Stack for max savings!

Yesterday, Running with Miles, One Mile at a Time, and View from the Wing wrote about a rare 20% off sale on Tumi products — but by Extreme Stacking, I will show you how to end up with 42.2% off a wide range of Tumi bags. In a nutshell, most (though not all) Tumi bags are on sale for 20% off at almost any authorized Tumi retailer through March 19th. This gives us many opportunities to…

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Extreme Stacking the Sears Amex Offer

Sears Amex Offer Stacking

UPDATE 12/20/2016: Portals are offering cash back for gift card purchases through 12/22.  See this post for details. UPDATE 12/15/2016: It appears that portals may no longer be working for gift card reloads. Amex keeps pumping out great Amex Offers!  This time its for Sears: Spend $50, Get $10.  Valid online at Sears.com only. $10 back doesn’t sound like much unless you followed my advice in the post “Holiday giving and getting: Prepare now.”  In…

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Cyber Monday: Keep Calm and Stack On

Keep Calm and Stack On

It’s Cyber Monday!  That means that you are currently being bombarded with emails and ads for Fantastic Deals!  Sales of the Year!  Just for You Discounts!  Deals that Won’t Last!  If you’re like me, you find the torrent of deals overwhelming.  But you may also worry that you’ll miss the best deals if you don’t Act Now!  This can lead to irrational purchases. My advice?  Keep Calm and Stack On. Through methods described on our…

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