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Best Buy gift card deal, extra fuel points, many more @ Kroger

The Kroger family of grocery store brands is running a bunch of gift card deals through 11/27/17 – such as saving $15 on your grocery purchase when you buy $100 or more in Best Buy gift cards — and those deals stack with 4x fuel points on gift cards, which is separately available through 12/12/17. There are some great opportunities to save on gift cards for your holiday shopping and some may even be good enough to resell.…

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[Expired] More fuel points on gift cards at Kroger this weekend

This weekend, Kroger is offering 4x Fuel Points when you buy gift cards. According to Doctor of Credit, there are two coupons: one for 4x Fuel Points on “participating gift cards” (third party gift cards) and a second coupon foe 4x Fuel Points on Visa and Mastercard gift cards. That second coupon (not pictured here) should work on fixed-denomination Visa and Mastercard gift cards (not variable loads). The Deal 4x fuel points on 3rd party gift cards at…

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[Expired] Unlimited 4X fuel points through 9-30 at Kroger

Through September 30th, Kroger is offering 4X fuel points on participating gift cards, with unlimited use. This should be valid on most third-party and fixed-denomination Visa/Mastercard gift cards, but is not valid on variable-load cards. This can be a great deal when combined with a card that earns a good category bonus at grocery stores. The Deal 4X fuel points on third-party and Visa / Mastercard gift cards (in $25, $50, or $100 fixed denominations) through September 30, 2017…

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Kroger 4X fuel points on gift cards through tomorrow

  Kroger is offering 4X fuel points on gift cards through Sunday, May 14th, 2017. The Offer 4X fuel points on gift card purchases Unlimited use Key Terms Valid through 5/14/17 Must use your shoppers card Quick Thoughts According to Doctor of Credit, some gift cards are on sale this week, increasing your savings. Make sure to use a card that maximizes your return on grocery store spend and earn fuel points and rewards. H/T:…

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Best options for buying $500 Visa gift cards

Recently, Visa and MasterCard gift cards became great tools for earning points and miles thanks to the new ability to assign PINs (see “Gift card PINs“).  It’s now possible to buy gift cards and cash them out easily by loading them to your Bluebird card or other means.  In other words, buying debit gift cards is now like buying cash and paying with a credit card.  One can earn points and miles and pay only…

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What is a fuel point worth?

  Several grocery store chains have rewards programs in which you can earn “fuel points.”  Fuel points are used to get a discount when filling up your car’s gas tank.  Kroger, for example, awards shoppers as follows: Grocery purchases: 1 fuel point per dollar Pharmacy Prescriptions: 50 fuel points Gift Cards: 2 fuel points per dollar Every 100 fuel points gives you 10 cents off per gallon for one fill-up at a Kroger gas station…

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