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[Expired] $500 easy spend: $3 off Visa Gift cards + 1% back

Through October 26th (or perhaps sooner — never know when something like this may end early) GiftCardMall is offering $3 off on Visa Gift Cards with coupon code SWEET17. That should stack with 1% portal cash back, meaning that a $500 gift card will cost about $498 — good for a $2 profit and free rewards from your credit card. This may not necessarily be “easy” spend as Gift Card Mall cancels many orders — but…

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Quick Tip: Don’t buy GiftCardMall Visa cards (except as a gift)

GiftCardMall Visa

I received an email today from SimplyBestCoupons advertising 2% cash back on Visa gift card purchases.  That sounds pretty good, right?  Even now that GiftCardMall has begun limiting Visa card values to $250 each, a case could be made that they’re worth buying if you get 2% cash back. Unfortunately, as reported by Doctor of Credit, Visa gift cards from GiftCardMall are no longer PIN enabled.  This means that they can’t be used to load…

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How to buy $500 Visa gift cards online with Amex gift cards [No longer works]

Update 8/5/2015: Unfortunately, GiftCardMall no longer accepts Amex gift cards for payment I have written quite a bit lately about buying Amex gift cards for points or for cash back.  For a nearly complete guide, please see the recently updated post “Everything you ever wanted to know about Amex gift cards.” The problem with Amex gift cards is that they’re not as convenient as MasterCard and Visa gift cards.  Amex gift cards don’t have PINs…

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GiftCardMall returns to cash back sites

A couple of days ago, GiftCardMall suddenly disappeared from cash back portals.  I had listed GiftCardMall as one of the best ways to buy $500 Visa cards in the post “Best options for buying $500 Visa gift cards,” but they pulled out of their affiliate channels the same day I posted.  Luckily, they’re back! FatWallet: 1% cash back, but terms exclude Visa gift cards: TopCashBack: 2% cash back for regular gift cards. 1% cash back…

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Visa Gift Cards 2% cash back. Today only

UPDATE: During the day, GiftCardMall changed the upper limit of their gift cards from $1000 to $500.  This can still be a money maker at 2%, but it’s not as good of a deal as it was. Today only (Monday, April 29 2013), the cash back portal, TopCashback, is offering 2% cash back when buying gift cards after clicking through to GiftCardMall.  TopCashback usually offers 1.5% cash back for GiftCardMall, but the rate is going…

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How to use Amex gift cards to buy GiftCardMall gift cards and earn a profit

In my recent post “Better than free manufactured spend” I showed that it is possible to make a slight profit when buying Visa gift cards at by first going through the cash back portal, TopCashBack.  I suggested, too, that you could earn even more money by first buying American Express gift cards to get cash back and then using those American Express gift cards to buy Visa gift cards.  Here’s how… 1. Go through…

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Gift card PINs

The miles and points community is abuzz with talk about the fact that some Visa and MasterCard gift cards now allow you to setup PINs so that they can be used as debit cards.  Here’s why we care…  Background Last week a reader reached out to me with exciting news.  He had bought a $500 Visa gift card at Safeway, and along with the receipt was a piece of paper saying that these cards can…

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