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5 things I love about the World of Hyatt

World of Hyatt Free Parking

Last week Hyatt unveiled their new loyalty program slated to begin March 1 2017: World of Hyatt.  You’ve probably already read posts boohooing the changes, but lost in that noise are some big improvements over Hyatt’s old program: Gold Passport.  Here are my top 5 new features of World of Hyatt… # 5 Somewhat Meaningful Mid-Tier Status (Explorist) The old program, Gold Passport, was all or nothing.  Platinum status was near worthless while the next…

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Bet You Didn’t Know: Two Quirks in the Hyatt Changeover That Might Be Mattress Run Worthy


By Julian, author of Devil’s Advocate…   Yesterday’s reveal of the new “World of Hyatt” elite status program lit up the points and miles community, with tons of speculation about winners and losers. I’m sure Greg the Frequent Miler will have some thoughts on it going forward, especially about whether it’s worth pursing the new top-tier Hyatt status. As for myself, it’s safe to say most folks have no problem choosing which category to put me in. And it has nothing to do with my…

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New Amex Offers: Hyatt, Staples, more…


There are a number of excellent new Amex Offers available to those lucky enough to be targeted.  Probably the best of the new offers are: Hyatt: Spend $200 or more, get $60 back.  Expires 12/31/16 Staples: Spend $100 or more, get $25 back.  Expires 11/11/16 Most good Amex Offers are equivalent to 20% cash back when you exactly meet the spend requirement, but both of these offers are better than that.  The Hyatt offer amounts…

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How to get Hyatt Diamond benefits without status

Chase Hyatt credit card w/ $50K spend gives you Explorist status

Last year I decided not to mattress run to keep my Hyatt Diamond status.  It was a tough decision: Hyatt Diamond status is awesome.  But, I was simply too far from re-qualifying.  Then, a very lucky thing happened.  In November of last year, Hyatt briefly offered a Diamond status match to anyone with mid or top tier status in a competing chain.  I didn’t think I would qualify since I had Hyatt Diamond status at…

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Citi teases with 16 month old “New Points Transfer Partner”

New Points Transfer Partner

A reader today asked whether there was any news about Citi allowing point transfers to AA.  He said that when looking at his Prestige account online, he found an American Airlines transaction flagged as a “New Points Transfer Partner”. I was excited for moment.  AA point transfers would be a great new option for Citi ThankYou points.  And, it seems reasonable that Citi would add American Airlines as a transfer partner.  They do already partner…

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