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4% Off Your Next Meal (Sort Of)

Outdoor Dining at Nobu Malibu

If you haven’t dined at Nobu Malibu, make a note now: You should. And while it’s on the pricey side, I have a 4%-off coupon for you — sort of. I mention Nobu because they have an item whose name I forget that surprised me more than I would have thought possible: A cucumber that was scrumptiously delicious. Not just good or merely great. A delicacy. The kind of thing that’s worth flying across the…

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Toe to toe with the fauna in Shark Valley

What’s the wildlife like in Shark Valley? It might not be exactly what you expect. Author and photographer J.M. Hoffman brings us his latest adventure and he captured the wildlife in stunning detail. If the association between J.M Hoffman and wildlife sounds familiar, you probably remember his Australian Wildlife post. And then there was Melbourne and Sydney: An awful lot of magic. Now J.M. Hoffman captures something a little closer to home that’s definitely on my travel bucket list…

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