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The other Morgan Stanley Amex is worth a look

Amex Membership Rewards Trio plus Dog

The other day, as I was researching details for my post comparing the many flavors of Amex Platinum cards, I made a big mistake with the Morgan Stanley Platinum card.  Something I read that day made me think that they had dropped the benefit that gives you the first authorized user for free.  I was wrong (thanks to Eric and Adam for pointing that out!).  That feature is alive and well, so I updated yesterday’s…

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Wow! 2.17 cents per point from Business Platinum pay with points!

Amex Business Platinum 2.17 cents per point value

You already know that I love the Amex Business Platinum 50% pay with points rebate.  If you didn’t know, please click here to read about it, then come back to this post to finish reading. I know… that’s a lot of homework for a busy person, so if you want the short version, suffice to say that the rebate often makes it possible to get exactly the flights you want, for fewer points, all while…

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Loving Amex Business Platinum’s Pay with Points Rebate

Amex Business Platinum 50pct point rebate

I’m increasingly loving the Amex Business Platinum’s 50% pay with points rebate.  I originally called this benefit a minor game changer, but in practice, for me, it is major. For review, on October 6 2016, Amex added an awesome feature to their Business Platinum Card:  Cardholders earn 50% points back when paying with points through American Express Travel for a flight with their selected airline. Cardholders will also receive this benefit when booking a first…

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Your Platinum Card arrived. Here’s what to do next…

Platinum Card $200

Thanks to the current 100K signup offer, and the ongoing 50K upgrade offer, I expect that many readers now have The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN.  Obviously you now need to meet the spend requirements in order to earn the signup bonus or upgrade bonus.  But, the card offers many, many more perks beyond the bonus.  Here’s what to do to take advantage of those perks… Note: Except where noted, the following…

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Amex 50% bonus is a (minor) game changer . Here’s why…

Amex Biz Platinum 50% bonus

Starting today, October 6th 2016, Cardholders of The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN have access to two new benefits: Earn 50% points back when paying with points through American Express Travel for a flight with their selected airline. Cardholders will also receive this benefit when booking a first or business class ticket with any airline. Earn 1.5 points per dollar on any purchase of $5,000 or more. The first new benefit is intriguing.…

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[EXPIRED] 100K Offer for The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN

Amex Biz Platinum 100K

Note: This offer has expired. Through January 25 2017, American Express is offering up to 100,000 points for The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN: Offer Details: This offer has expired. Please find a link to this offer on our Best Offers Page, here. Noteworthy Perks: Up to $200 a year in statement credits for airline incidental fees; $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement. Airport lounge benefits. Rental car elite status. SPG and Hilton…

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Amex Platinum 5X airfare. Is this their response to the Sapphire Reserve?

Platinum 5X

Today Amex has confirmed that they will be adding a new benefit on Thursday (yes, this Thursday) to their personal Platinum cards: 5 points per dollar for airfare.  In looking at my Best Category Bonuses page, you can quickly see that the Platinum card will be the single best card for buying airfare. Those who spend a lot on airfare will no doubt be excited by this new perk.  Previously, Amex Platinum cards had no…

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Did you survive the Amex 100K clawback?

100K Clawback

Somebody at Amex must have been really pissed that a 100K offer for the Amex Platinum card was erroneously let loose on Reddit back in May.  With similar situations in the past Amex has taken down the offer, but fully honored the deal for those who got in on it.  This time it was different… The first indication that something was wrong was from those who earned the bonus right away and then tried to…

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Platinum vs Reserve vs Prestige

Amex, Chase, and Citibank each offer premium travel cards.  These are $450 per year cards (Update: Only the Chase and Citibank cards still carry a $450 annual fee. That fee no longer applies to the Platinum card.) that aim to justify their huge fees with piles of great benefits.  Which is best? The truth is that each card has different strengths.  Whether any of them are right for you depends upon your own circumstances.   Below you’ll…

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