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TopCashBack increased payouts today only: eBags 24%, Lord & Taylor 16%, Dell 10%, and more

Today only, TopCashBack is offering double cash back with increased payouts at a number of popular retailers – including 24% back at eBags. Not all retailers are quite doubled from previous rates (we know, for instance, that eBags was paying 15% on most purchases and 20% on Tumi purchases a few days ago). Still, several of these payouts are better-than-average and worth a look. Stores with increased payouts are as follows: Lord & Taylor, Was…

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Stacking for 39.55% off on All-Clad at Bloomingdale’s

Edit: My original math included buying discount gift cards to stack the savings a bit further. Unfortunately, TopCashBack’s terms exclude cash back on either the purchase or redemption of gift cards. That adjusts the overall math down a few percentage points and as such I have adjusted the discount to 39.55% off. Thanks to reader Jon for the heads up! Bloomingdale’s currently has a number of discounts that can be stacked for significant savings on a…

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42.2% OFF Tumi – Extreme Stack for max savings!

Yesterday, Running with Miles, One Mile at a Time, and View from the Wing wrote about a rare 20% off sale on Tumi products — but by Extreme Stacking, I will show you how to end up with 42.2% off a wide range of Tumi bags. In a nutshell, most (though not all) Tumi bags are on sale for 20% off at almost any authorized Tumi retailer through March 19th. This gives us many opportunities to…

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TopCashback double cash back event

Today only, TopCashback is offering double cash back (or better) at a number of popular stores. As always, it’s a good idea to check Cashbackmonitor to make sure that you’re getting the best rate and to check historical rates at the retailers you’re considering. From a travel perspective, one potentially notable deal would be 20% back for new customers at Groupon. Check the terms for which types of Groupons are eligible for cash back, but…

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The Sears double dip roller coaster

Sears double dip roller coaster

Background: Sears used to be one of the most reliable online merchants for portal “double dips”.  A Sears double dip goes as follows: Click through an online portal to and buy gift cards Click through an online portal again to and use the gift cards to buy merchandise Via the above process, it has long been possible to double portal rewards.  For example, when a portal offered 10 miles per dollar for shopping…

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Amex claws back old portal payout

Amex portal

A couple of days ago I logged into my TopCashback account and found something disturbing.  My pending cash back for Amex Gift Cards had dropped to negative $195. I clicked the dollar amount to see the details.  There, I found that I had one pending payout of $30 (which will surely be reversed soon) and a negative payout of $225.  Yikes. I hastily shot off a (nicely worded) “WTF” support ticket to TopCashback. Then I…

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Is there hope for Amex gift card rebates?

Amex gift card rebates

Buying Amex gift cards through cash back portals had been a key part of my strategy for increasing credit card rewards.  When buying Amex gift cards, it was possible to earn credit card rewards for the purchase, plus a cash profit from the portal that well exceeded gift card fees and shipping costs.  Please see “My Amex gift card strategy” for more details about how I used to use Amex gift cards. Unfortunately, in August,…

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TopCashBack limits Amex gift card cash back to $200 denomination cards [Developing…]

Earlier this morning I published a Quick Deal stating that TopCashBack was offering 2.25% cash back for Amex Business Gift Cards.  Then, I received a Tweet from Matt from Saverocity telling me to “check the terms!”.  He was referring to this new restriction: Please note: Business Gift Cards or Consumer Gift Cards over $200.00 are not eligible for cash back. (Only Gift Cards with $25, $50, $100, $200 denominations are eligible for cash back. And,…

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Trying to get Amex gift card orders to track through TopCashBack

Online shopping portals are awesome because they provide a way to earn extra rewards for stuff you buy online.  The problem is, they don’t always work.  In order to get rewarded for clicking through a portal, a lot of things have to go right: The portal has to correctly track that you clicked through The portal has to pass along tracking information to the vendor The vendor has to report the sale back to the…

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