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Big Hertz / United 5K+ per rental offer returns [Targeted]

United and Hertz have brought back a popular promotion worth more than 5,000 United MileagePlus Miles per rental for those targeted. The Deal 1,500 bonus miles per mid-size or larger rental (available to everyone) 3,000 bonus miles with every rental through January 31, 2018 (targeted) Additional bonus based on Elite or Cardholder status (I’m a MileagePlus Explorer cardholder, so my offer is for an additional 750 miles — you may get up to 1,250 based on status The terms state…

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When is your free checked bag free?

Free Checked Bags

In response to yesterday’s post about Sapphire Reserve Travel Insurance, one reader noted that they had to pay for flights with their airline credit card rather than their Sapphire Reserve card to get a free checked bag.  Is that true?  The answer depends on the airline. I created a new resource post, “Free Checked Bags via Credit Card Complete Guide,” where I listed the policies of the major US airlines with regards to free checked…

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United MileagePlus Lots of Fees Prepaid Debit Card

A couple of months ago, Greg wrote about a rumored new prepaid debit card: The United MileagePlus GO Prepaid Visa Debit Card. We wondered whether this new card would provide a new avenue for MS via mileage-earning PIN transactions. The verdict is in: this card won’t earn miles on PIN-based transactions and isn’t worth the fee for the vast majority of people. The Deal United prepaid debit card that earns 1X per dollar spent with a monthly cap of 2,500 miles…

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Great fare: US to China to Canada from $273

Secret Flying reported a great fare this morning from New York, Chicago, and San Francisco to China and returning to Canada with prices from $279 round trip. The fare works only with double open jaws — meaning that it will involve a couple of positioning flights since you’ll fly in and out of different airports and return to a different city from which you started. For example, you could fly from New York to Guangzhou, China…

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United creeps towards revenue-based awards

United announced today that they are making a long-expected yet still disappointing move in the direction of loosely revenue-based award pricing for some awards and are raising the prices of other awards (both on United metal and on Star Alliance awards). New “Everyday Awards” to replace “Standard Awards”. Beginning November 1, 2017, they will offer new “Everyday Awards” in place of “Standard Awards”. These new Everyday Awards will feature variable pricing that will fluctuate in…

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How to avoid United Basic Economy

avoid United Basic Economy

Avoid United Basic Economy In the time since I published “How to avoid basic economy when paying with points,” United rolled out their Basic Economy product to virtually all domestic routes.  And, it turns out that United Basic Economy is the worst.  They offer no advanced seat assignments, no ability to upgrade, no same day changes or refunds, no overhead carry-ons, and no elite qualifying earnings. And, just to really make your life miserable, if you…

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Mileage Run? $308 RT to Hong Kong AND China on United

There are some hot open-jaw airfares available from Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to both Hong Kong and Shanghai or Beijing and back to North America. Secret Flying is reporting prices from $333, but I have found some of the dates start from just $308 – and these can be booked through United.com. You can also upgrade the transpacific legs to economy plus for a reasonable upcharge. The catch is that the return leg ends in either Toronto…

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More than 5K United miles per rental with Hertz [Targeted]

Last month, we reported on a promotion launched between SAS and Hertz that was awarding 5K SAS miles per Hertz rental. It was short lived — not long after, the terms were changed to require at minimum a 3-day rental (in the US) in order to earn the bonus. However, there is a new targeted promotion out with United and Hertz that has been sent via email. It targets some members to earn more than 5,000 United…

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Hot: $82 round trip Charlotte to Las Vegas or vice versa on United [Very limited dates]

TravelCon, FTU

Update: Also $85 round trip flights between Miami and Phoenix. United has some super cheap dates between Charlotte and Las Vegas scattered in late May, June, and July at just $83 round trip in either direction (one stop at IAH – Houston). This sale is unlikely to drag out for long. If interested, head over to Google Flights now. Note that you may have to click on the departure date first to see the $83 prices…

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