RIP Sears Ultimate Rewards Bonanza

I’ve written numerous posts about how to take advantage of the Sears 10 points per dollar bonus award through the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall. I’m sad to report, however, that at approximately midnight last night, the deal died a quick and unexpected death. Instead of 10 bonus points per dollar at Sears, buyers now get only 6 bonus points per dollar. Yes, I’m sure you can still do the double dip (buy gift cards through the mall and then redeem them through the mall) to increase your total bonus points to 12 per dollar, but that pales in comparison to the 20 points per dollar that was possible before.

Personally, I’m heart broken by the loss. I was planning to treat my 10 pt per $ friend to very large purchases (in order to meet minimum spends, of course). Wakes will be held at FlyerTalk, MilePoint, and anywhere else travel hackers gather. But, please, do not send flowers to the Ultimate Rewards mall. Instead, send flowers to someone you love or donate magazines to a local library or school.

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Yep it seems it was just an October promotion. Good thinking though for outlining this all the way. also came down to 8pts (has sears gift cards) from 10pts.


If you buy third-party gift cards from, you have to pay a high handling fee of $4.95 per card. Moreover, they come really late. It took 9 days to arrive at my mailbox for my last order in January.


TJ: By the way, I remember you mention in another blog post that you want to discuss these big deals via emails. Would you mind writing an email to me? My email address is s_a_m_w_k_c_h_a_n_@_g_m_a_i_l_._c_o_m with all underscores removed. Thanks for your communication!


So I loved your post about the ultimate perpetual machine. It’s a shame this deal with Sears died, I was just going to start trying it out myself. I’m wondering though, if you can’t just do the same thing on Black Friday with all the deals the UR is offering.

MommyPoints outlines here that Apple, BestBuy and Target will all be 10 points each. Can’t we just do the same thing here for a double dip and 20 points each?